June 2005

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June 27, 2005: Just a quick update. I'm all moved in, YEAHHH!!! I couldn't have done it without the help of Alex, Michael, Simon, and Mark. They spent the entire afternoon helping me schlep my stuff from Dublin to Santa Clara and I'm truly grateful for their help. Thanks guys!!!

Oh yeah, I'll write about this more later, but DON'T EVER RENT A TRUCK FROM U-HAUL! Those bastards totally screwed me by not having a truck for me on the day of my move. Luckily, I was able to get one from Budget Rent-A-Truck in Pleasanton, and those awesome folks saved the day!

OK, more updates to follow soon!


June 21, 2005: Well, I'm pretty much all packed up and ready to go! Now, just waiting until Saturday until I can move!!!!!

June 15, 2005: Well, it's been a busy two weeks! Hehehe, and I had a blast back on the East Coast. I got into Logan Airport in Boston around 5:00 PM on Wednesday June 1. My good friend Johnson picked me up and took me over to my brothers house. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay for dinner due to having to work late into the night, but that would be OK as I'd get to see him a couple more times during my trip :)

The night was a good one! My Aunt Bernice joined us for dinner at Tim's house and we all enjoyed a really tasty ham dinner that he cooked up. We all spent a nice evening together catching up, telling stories and putting down a couple bottles of wine. A nice way to start off the trip! Suzanne looks wonderful! She is carrying my nephew and just looks totally radiant! She can't wait until Seth is born and neither can the rest of us :) Hehehe, Uncle Scott is very excited!!!

On Thursday afternoon, Paul Barnes came down to Wakefield and pick me up and we began our journey up to Port Clyde, ME. Hehehe, yes, even though his parents sold the place last year, we're still going up there to enjoy that little piece of paradise. The new owners were kind enough to allow us to rent it back for the weekend, so we did :) We stopped off for dinner at Moody's diner and were met by Paul's good friend Phil. After finishing up our meal and picking up about 5 pounds of whoopie pies, we continued our journey, arriving at the house in the early evening. We'd spend the rest of the night unpacking enough food, drink and supplies to survive about a month up there (or a weekend by our standards). Hehehe, the night was spent drinking and watching the stars by the water :)

On Friday we awoke to gorgeous weather :) I decided to mow the lawn, and after unsuccessfully trying to get the power mower started, I ended up using the old hand mower that was in the garage. Well, it took me two hours to mow a piece of lawn that would have taken me 15 minutes with a power mower, but hell, it was a nice day out and what else was I gonna do? Hehehe, well, with that accomplished, the rest of the day was spent wasting away enjoying the sun and some tasty beverages. We grilled up a whole turkey on the BBQ for dinner! That night, Paul's friend Brian would come up and join us as Phil would leave us to head up to see his family in Northern, ME. It was another awesome night by the bonfire, on the beach, by the water, watching the stars :)

On Saturday, more of the same! We did get up early and head down to town to pick up some fresh lobsters. Mmmmm, $72 later ($6 a pound) we brought our catch back to the house and spend the day relaxing. That night, we ate like kings and more of that bonfire, star watching, drinking by the water stuff :D

On Sunday morning, Brian headed back home and Paul and I headed up to Bar Harbor (about 2 hours North) to got and see Matt, Heather and Ryan Davis. We met Macky in town and headed down to the boat. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car, so I didn't get any cool pictures of his boat or me scooping chopped up herring into the bait pails! LOL, juicy fish guts!!!! Heheh, afterwards, it was back to Macky's home where we enjoyed a great lunch w/the rest of the family. Here are some pictures of the visit:

Matt and Ryan Davis :) Aren't they adorable!?!?!? :D

Heather, Ryan and Matt :)

Ryan and Uncle Penz :)

We had a really nice steak lunch that Matt BBQ'd up and after hanging out for a while, we headed into Bar Harbor for some homemade ice cream for desert! He's a shot of Ryan taking his first taste of ice cream (yeah, he loved it!)

More ice cream Dad!

Matt, Heather, Ryan, Penz and Paul down by the water in Bar Harbor

Around 6:30 or so, Paul and I headed back to Port Clyde. We had a great visit with Matt, Heather and Ryan and I look forward to seeing them all again SOON! Thanks guys for a great visit!!!

That night, Paul and I made some tasty lobster rolls with our leftovers and enjoyed a quiet night by the water :)

On Monday, the weather moved in as we began the slow process of cleaning up the house and packing up our stuff. We grilled up the swordfish for lunch and had a tasty last meal before leaving our sanctuary and heading back down to Dover, NH. Once again, Port Clyde provided us with another memorable weekend by our one particular harbor :-) Boat drinks!

On Tuesday morning, Paul brought me down to Woburn, MA where I would pick up my rental car and then spend the day at the office. That night, I met up with my sister Gini and 10 of her closest friends down in Salem, MA for a great night! Heheh, of course, Johnson was with us and after hanging out for a bit, we went out to Finz in Salem for a tasty dinner and then out to a small floating bar on the bay for drinks. Afterwards, it was back to Gini's place where were were joined by Alex McCabe who hung out w/us for the rest of the night

Gini and Alex looking all cute together at her place in Salem, MA

The next day, it was back to the office for work and that night, I spent it with Tim and Suzanne. Tim grilled up some tasty steaks on the grill and we spent a very nice and relaxing evening at his place, relaxing :-)

On Thursday afternoon, I headed down to Marshfield, MA where I'd meet up with my good friend Leo Delaney. LOL, we would end up having a crazy fun night of drinking. To give you any idea, we started off by visiting the local liquor store and picking up some beer and a bottle of Basil Hayden's Bourbon. Well, we finished up about 1/2 of that bottle before we'd eventually go down the street to meet up w/the rest of friends at the local watering hole. LOL, the rest of the night was a blurry haze, but I seem to remember it as being a lot of fun :-) Always a good time when visiting Leo :)

On Friday morning, I woke up and headed back to my brothers place where I would spend a few hours resting up and relaxing. That afternoon, it was off to Center Ossipee, NH to see Ady Theberge. Ady had come out to visit me in March of this year and I was looking forward to seeing his new house. Well, 3 hours later, I arrived at his place. LOL, talk about being off the beaten path! He's still living up in the woods, much like when in Gorham, NH, but his new place was sweet! We would spend the night hanging out, drinking a few beers and watching some great movies: The Crow, Tombstone and Conan the Barbarian! LOL, some classics for the both of us :) It was a great night and I had a blast seeing him :)

On Saturday morning, I'd head back down to Nashua, NH where I'd meet up with Gini and Alex for lunch. Afterwards, we picked up Stacie and headed off to Salem, NH for Scott and Mary Patno's wedding! LOL, talk about an adventure. The freaking wedding was held in an un-airconditioned church (did I mention it was about 90' out and the humidity was about 99%!?!?) Uggh, and to top it all off, it was a Roman Catholic service with a full mass!!! Hehehe, well, at least I was the only 'smart' one there, dressed in shorts, a white Hawaiin dress shirt and Teva's. LOL, yes, I know, it was supposed to be a formal occasion, but the bride and groom were expecting me in my 'normal' attire, so I didn't disappoint!

Sean Joyce and Stacie Talbott, also in town representing CA.
Hmmm, what a cute couple... foreshadowing anyone? :-)

The beautiful bride being led down the isle :)

The happy groom and his new wife trying to escape to the limo :)

Penz and Michael "Tab" Waciscko, studs :)

Gini, Alex and Johnson all enjoying themselves!

Stacie and Penz looking good!

Tab and Penz, brothers reunited.....

Yeah, guess who ended up with the garter!?!? LOL, the irony :D

Penz and Gini tearing up the dace floor, truly dancing as if no one were watching :D

:LOL, it was a crazy fun day and night, but who would expect anything less from attending Patno's wedding!?!? :-) My best wishes to the bride and groom for many many years of happiness together!

Let's see, on Sunday morning, I went to breakfast with Alex in Nashua at our favorite little cafe before I headed off to Rhode Island to see Eric and Crissy Larson. It was a 2 hour drive down there and it went quickly.

I had a great time seeing E and Crissy. The last time I saw them was when they were out here in January and I sure have missed them! Their house is coming along quite nicely. E has been working on the basement and it's almost finished! It's really nice to have that part of the house finished off, because it basically doubles the space! That day, E and I went out and did some grocery shopping for dinner and we came back with 3 1.5" thick rib eye steaks that we had the butcher cut up for us. We also got some corn and red peppers for the grill. Well, after spending a lazy afternoon chilling on the couch drinking a few beers, it was time to fire up the grill and get the party started. As the food was cooking, E shared a bottle of his homemade oatmeal stout with me. It was awesome! This boy has some talent when it comes to brewing alcohol. After dinner, we'd sip on an ice wine that he made and it was tasty!!! Hehehe, just one more reason to visit my brother more often :)

Brewmaster E and a tall dark tasty glass of stout!

"devil inside, devil inside, every single one of us the devil insiiiide" LOL, Crissy being devilish!

Sam at the table looking for some scraps :)

Dinner is served!

and so the rest of the night was spent hanging out and enjoying each others company! A great day with great friends. Doesn't get much better than that.

On Monday, I spent the day working and that night with Tim and Suzanne. We all went out for a nice dinner together and just spent a quiet night at home. The next morning, Tim would drop me off at the airport and JetBlue would do their job and get me back to Oakland, CA safe and sound.

All in all, it was a terrific trip back East. LOL, not the most relaxing one, but certainly a fun filled one!

This weekend, I'll be packing up my apartment and getting ready for my move down to Santa Clara next weekend. <grunt> Did I mention I hate moving!?!? :) Well, at least I've got 4 good friends who will be helping me out, so it should go nice and smooth!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


June 1, 2005: Ok, well today I'm heading back to the East Coast for 2 weeks, so I probably won't be updating my journal much until I get back :) Expect a bunch of updates about mid-way through the month :)


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