June 2006

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June 31, 2006: Well another month is behind us :)

I'll update this entry in more detail. Just wanted to get something up here so I don't forget:

This past weekend was a great one. I went down to Los Angeles to attend the wedding of Adam and Meredith :) I drove down there Saturday morning (only takes 5 hours) and met up with Adam at his place. After hanging out for a couple of hours, I went to my hotel, clean up and them met up with everyone at the rehersal dinner at Bucca de Beppo's. It was so good to see so many people I hadn't seen in a while (Althea, Greg & Michael Clarke, Katie & Scot Servis, Jon Hannbus, Mike Dardis, and lots more) plus meet a lot of new nice people!

On Saturday morning, we met up for breakfast and then Scot, Katie and I took off and spent a few hours down in Santa Barbara walking along the beach and catching up. We'd then head back to our respecitve hotels, get dressed, and head over to Adam's place where we met up with the rest of the crew. All of us would board a shuttle bus and were then taken down to the ocean (across from Pepperdine University) where we had our pictures taken and then it was across the street to the chappel (at Pepperdine University) for the ceremony. The location was beautiful, but it paled against the gorgerous bride who would walk down the aisle to marry one of my closest friends. It was a perfect setting. The ceremony was really nice (Adam and Merideth wrote their own vows), was performed by her uncle, and two readings were done (one by me :). After the ceremony, it was off to the reception dinner at the Seventh Ray, a sweet restaurant nestled up in the mountains. There, everyone gathered for a fantastic evening filled with great food, music (lead singer and guitarist from "Which One is Pink") and of course some great people! Truly a memorable experience :)

Meredith and Adam Arnold!

Meredith and Adam Arnold again :)

Scot and Katie Servis :)

June 20, 2006: Just a quick HELLO to let ya know I'm alive and well :) All's good. Just been keeping busy :)

This past weekend was a good one. On Saturday morning, helped Benny for a few hours move into his new apartment (he is so psyched to be living on his own and I'm really happy for him!). Spent the rest of the day over at Ashish and Jill's house enjoying an awesome BBQ with the family!

On Sunday, ended up taking a drive up to SF where I'd meet up with Matt Consola for a bit and then head out into the city for a few drinks. Spent the rest of the evening relaxing and finishing my book "Kite Runner" (yes, it was really good).

This coming weekend, I'm heading down to Los Angeles for Adam and Meridith's wedding. I'll be heading down on Saturday morning and coming back Monday. On Friday I'll probably end up heading into SF as it's "Pride" weekend and I'm sure it'll be fun to go out for a bit.

Other than that, work at Avaya has been keeiping me busy. I've also been working at Rosenblum Cellars part time on Sunday's and that has been a lot of fun!

OK, short update, I know, but just wanted to get something down before June is over :P


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