June 2008

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June 30, 2008: Haha, well it was a fun month that passed by way too quickly! Towards the mid part of the month, I'd fly back to the East coast (AGAIN!) for Paul and Kara's wedding. I flew in on Saturday the 13th and spent the night at Tim and Suzanne's house. The next day, Tim and I went out and did a little grocery shopping for a father's day BBQ that he was hosting at his house. We picked up some supplies and on the way home we stopped by the local Jewish deli for some smoked lox, cream cheese, fresh bagels and knishes! It was then back to the house for some breakfast with Suzanne, Seth and the dogs :)

After breakfast, Tim and I took a walk around the house. He's had a lot of work done to it over the past 6 months and it's really all come together nicely. He had all new siding put on (which makes a huge difference) along with a new roof. He's also done some landscaping out front (including planting a couple of japaneese maples) along with putting in a new cobblestone walkway and adding on a covered porch to the house. Everything has just come together perfectly to give his house the look and feel of a home :) It's really a great feeling to see the home he has put together for his family, and I'm really proud of all he's done :)

Tim's house in Wakefield, MA from the front

View from the back deck

View from the end of the lawn looking back at the house

Around 1:00 PM, Suzanne's family arrived and we'd spend the next few hours noshing on some tasty bbq and vittles while catching up. It was a very nice start of the afternoon and it sure was good to see everyone. Around 3:30, it was about time to head North, so I bid my farewells and headed up New Hampshire for the second BBQ of the day :)

Around 4:15 I pulled up in front of Mike "Tab" Waciscko's new house! It's a really nice split level cape that he just got and has been having fun furnishing and working on (I have to say, I'm quite proud of him on this accomplishment. LOL so far, I'm last on the list to get a house or get married! WTF!?!? :) Spidey, Alex, Red, Paul, Kara and the rest of crew where there and we'd spend the rest of the night eating and drinking to the wee hours of the morning, and that suit me just fine :) It was really nice to get to see everyone and I was quite thankful for Tab hosting the event (like I had to twist his arm to have a party :)

The next morning, it was back to Wakefield where I'd spend the day with Tim, Suzanne and Seth. We kicked around Salem for a bit before heading to Legal Seafood for a nice lunch. Later on that afternoon, I'd pack up and head over to my sister Gini's house where I'd spend the night and get to have a great time with her, her boyfriend Mark and her friends. It really made for a nice evening.

On Thursday, it was off to New Hampshire. On my way to the airport, I made a quick detor in Bedford to see Scott and Tanya Seidel. They just moved back to the area and have purchased a beautiful house in Bedford. I got a tour of the place a chance to do a lilttle catching up before I had to run to the airport. It was a short visit, but sure was nice to see them! At 11:00 PM I'd pick up Kevin Barnes from the airport. We'd grab lunch with his friend KJ before heading up to Paul and Kara's place in Dover. Upon our arrival, we got the tour of the backyard where we got to see the new patio (which looked great!) and then we'd head into town for a few drinks and to pick up some tasty BBQ for dinner.

On Friday morning, I swung down and picked up Tim "Porky" Watkins from the airport and we all met back at the house. We'd hang out for a bit and do some catching up and then later on that afternoon it was off to the church for the rehearsal. That went pretty smooth (hard to screw it up) and then it was off to the culinary school where the rehearsal dinner was hosted. Suffice to say, it was freaking amazing. Tons of good food (oh, that seafood chowder was so tasty and the mango majito's where to die for!), great company and lots of laughter made for a fun evening. Afterwards, it was off to the Governor's Inn where we checked in (it's the place where the reception would be held) and crashed out.

Saturday, the big day, was upon us! We started the day with some coffee (thank you Brian) and then ventured out and about for a bit. Around lunch time, we grabbed some tasty vittles from a local tasty burger joint and then it was back to the inn to change. We donned our monkey suits and then headed up to the church. From that point on, I'll let the pictures tell the story :)

The soon to be groom all dressed up!

Best man & groom, brothers, Kevin and Paul :)

Paul, Kevin, Penz, No Personality, and Porky waiting for the bride!

Omg, what did you just say!?!?! :)

Yeah, that is a good looking bridal party :)

Kevin, Barbara, Paul, Kara, Stanley and Scott

Yes, that is a huge piece of bacon! Lady & the Tramp ain't got nothing on this!

Mr. and Mrs. Barnes!

The groom and bride arriving at the reception!

The first dance

Dancing to "Little Blue Boat" by Scott Kirby

Careful Kara! You'll lose a finger!

Kevin giving the best man's toast. Is that a tear in your eye Paul? :)

Penz pouring some good red wine into the tin cup chalice's for the toast

With a tin cup for a chalice and fill up with some good red wine.... :)

Yes folks, they are parrot heads to the core :)

It was such a good time! It was great to see and party with Dana Johnson, Eric and Crissy Larson. LOL and as the night went on, so did the fun! Around 10, the reception was crashed by a very large dog that had been lost for 17 days!!! He ended up walking right into the reception hall and hanging out with us until the local police came by to pick him up. Would you believe that this story actually made the local news?!? Check it out! Hahaha, the reception would end just after 11 but then it was off to the cafe for more drinks, some fish chowder and fun that would go on into the wee hours of the morning. and about 3:00 AM everyone was finally passed out. That's when I packed my bags, got into the rental and drove just over an hour back down to Boston where I returned the rental car and caught my 6:00 AM flight back to San Francisco. What an awesome trip!!!

Oh yeah, and on Monday morning, the newly wedded couple headed off to Saint Martin for a week long honeymoon!!!

View from the back deck

Paul paying hommage to mother ocean



Doesn't get to be much more of a fairytale than this :)


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