June 1997

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June 30, 1997: Well, I missed updating the journal last week due to the fact that I was busier than all hell! Heheheh, it happens sometimes.

To begin with, the past week has been really really good. If all goes well, you will soon see a big change up here on the WWW site, and it all has to do with my 'pooch' which was introduced two weeks ago. I'm not going to tell you what it is until the end of this week, because by that time, all the pieces to the plan should be in place…. Curious? Good! Stay tuned… It's good to B.A.Daug….

On a less mysterious note, last night Paul and I went down to Newport, RI to see Eric Larson, USCG. We had an awesome day together! Paul and I got down there around 10:00am. We all hung out for a bit and then headed out to lunch at a pretty good Mexican restaurant named Titto's. After that, we went onto the naval base and visited the PX and bought ourselves a fairly large bottle of Jim Beam, a bag of ice, and two bottles of ginger ale. Well, we took our drinks and went and sat by the pool for the entire afternoon. Heheheh, let's just say the sun wasn't the only thing that was keeping us toasty! I'd like to tell you about more of the night, but it's kinda blurry. <chuckle> Good thing this doesn't happen to often. Much to my surprise (and partly due to the gallon of water I drank before I went to bed), I awoke feeling pretty good. Paul on the other hand didn't make out too well. He spent most of the night visiting the porcelain god. This morning, well, if he was an old dog, I would have had to take him out back and shoot him! Hehehe, but he'll recover.

Last weekend, I took Friday off from work and drove down to Webster, NY (right next door to Rochester) with Spidey. His dad had a nice graduation party for him and I was invited down. I had an awesome time visiting with his family, and was especially pleased that I got to see his grandparents again. These two people are a wonderful couple and though their bodies are getting up there in age, their spirits are those of teenagers. Also got to see Spideys' best friend Sue Fulton. She looked and is doing wonderful. Among other things, she just got back from a school trip to Costa Rica. Ahhhhh, after seeing some of the pictures, I think I know where I'll be headed on my next vacation.

Well, much more to tell, but it's time to run, so until a bit later, be well! ~ Penz

June 16, 1997: Well, the biggest change that most of you should have seen in the introduction of my new pooch, Penz (for lack of a better name right now!) He was created by me and Adam Arnold. Adam did an awesome job of taking the image from my mind and bringing it to life. Also a special thanks to his fiancee, Gini, for feeding us incredible meals and giving us the time needed to work on the pup. Tonight I'll be going down to add the finishing touches to the pooch. T-shirts and posters will be forthcoming in July. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing one. I'll sell them at cost.

In the photo album, you will finally find a recent picture of me.

Spent all day Sunday with Father. My sister, Gini, and I drove out to see him and met up with my Aunt Susan (who looked wonderful!) and my grandparents. Had an excellent day out in the Berkshire visiting them.

Friday night was spent down in N. Easton, MA with Adam, Dean, and Mike Dardis. All three performed at a local coffee house and they sounded great. Even though there wasn't a large crowd, it was certainly a lot off fun. Your truly even got up and sang a few songs. I can't wait for their first album. Mark my words, these guys have talent and one day you'll be able to hear them on the radio.

A very Happy Birthday to Michael Evans! This pup just got another year older.

And since I've got a ton of work to do for Alexander LAN right now, that's all I'm gonna write at this moment.! ~ Penz

June 9, 1997: <YAWN>, when is that coffee gonna kick in?? Good morning, hope your weekend was enjoyable! I spent mine up in Port Clyde, ME again with Paul and his family. We were attending a memorial service for his grandparents and also spending a few quality hours by the ocean relaxing. Had a very nice time up there this weekend, and as usual, ate way to much! "Beware the rare Sea Bat which eats annoying barking beagles. Beware..!"

If you read the June 4 entry, you'll see that I went down to Skinny's last week. Tried to get some work done on the new mascot from my WWW site, but we had an unexpected surprise visit from Leo Delaney, so that got put on hold. We are going to work on it this week, and hopefully, you will see some results in a couple of weeks.

Added some new pictures to my album. More are forthcoming this week. The home page has been changed. You are going to start to see more of a "Back Porch" theme throughout the site. I will be developing a new section dedicated to the Margarita way of life, so don't worry, the Jimmy Bird is going away. Added a new page for Jon "Scooby" Burns. The Back Porch will be hosting this dogs WWW pages for a while until he gets his own domain. Always good to have a shady dog join the pack… Got a couple of new sections that you'll be seeing up here shortly. You'll just have to wait to see what they are going to contain.

Went to breakfast with Ric this morning. Hehehe, just a couple of dogs eating some kibble and rehashing the past week. Sure is good to do that on a Monday, and I can't think of a better dog to do it with.

Not a lot planned for this week. Going down to Skinny's on Friday to hear him play at a coffee house in MA. Can't wait for that. He's gotten very good with his guitar! This weekend is fathers day, so I'll be heading down to the Berkshires to see the big ol' dog I call my Dad. Should be a fun weekend!

And in a small dog bowl, that's all for now… (where's my coffee???)

June 4, 1997: Well, last night turned out to be a very cool night. Went down to MA to visit Adam "The Skinny Dog" Arnold and had an awesome dinner cooked for me by his fiancee Jeannie. Mmmm, she made a Portuguese dish called Paella (pronounced Pie-ae-la) for dinner and baked me a banana bread for desert. It was great! Adam and I spent part of the evening jammin' away on the guitar and desinging the new mascot for my WWW site. I think it is gonna be awesome when finished. Then, out of nowhere, we got a call from Leo Delaney, of whom I went to high school with and haven't seen in a dogs age (literally!). Leo showed up an hour later with a bottle of Jim Bean and a small bottle of Yeigermeister, and the evening went on from there. It was awesome to see Leo after all these years. It's funny how sometimes, you can just 'fall back into the groove' with someone. Leo has got to be one of the easiest people I know to get along with and seeing him again was definitely a good thing. I hope that out paths cross again before another 7 years fly by.

Due to the drinking and such, I decided to crash at Skinny's last night. I was up early this morning and made it back to Nashua in time for a shower before work (isn't that nice!)

All in all, it was a very, very cool night……

June 1, 1997: Wow, I can't believe that it is June already. Where is 1997 disappearing to?

Well, last week was pretty fun. Well, even though it was a four day work week, it sure felt like five days. Life is busy at Alexander LAN. We are getting ready to release a LONG awaited update to our software and we are cranking to try and make this release as profitable as possible. I certainly hope it works!

On Friday, Jeremy "JJ" Perusse, my soon to be new roommate, came down for a visit. J.J., Spidey, Macky, Jose, and I went out to the Lilac Blossom for an excellent if not tragically embarrassing meal. Let's just say that Macky, JJ, and Spidey had a few drinks before we left home, that they regressed a few years. Heheheh, it was too funny. After dinner we rested up and headed out to the local bar for a few beers and ended up back home around 2:00 am.

Saturday, we woke up late, and just tooled around for the day, spending most of our time playing Sega PGA Golf. We did head down to the mall where J.J. picked up some tickets (including one for me!) to the "Another Roadside Show, July 27, up in Highgate, VT. Cheryl Crow, The Tragically Hip, and other will be playing. Should be a fun time. That afternoon, Junior and Stoop showed up for a few beers and later on, so did Spidey. Saturday night I was going to head up to Gorham to see Add, but he had to cancel at the last minute, so I took off and headed out to a very cool bar/club up in Manchester for a night of beers and dancing around, and having a gay old time out on the town.

Today (Sunday) it's kinda gloomy out and it's been drizzling on/off. I was going to go hiking up Mt. Monadnock this morning, but the weather is kind of crappy, so I decided not to go. I'll probably head out to the bookstore or the library and pick up some reading material. Tonight, Macky is cooking up some venison, so I'm just going to chill this afternoon and wait until dinner is ready.

On Tuesday June 3, Macky moves out and back up to ME for the summer to work with his dad on the lobster boat. I can't say that I'm happy to see him go. We've had a pretty fun time together as roommates. I'm certainly going to miss him.

Heard from my brother Tim. He's doing great down in Florida.

Talked to Dave "Dacchi' McGullam this Friday. I haven't spoke with him in quite a while, and it was great to hear from him. We are going to try and get together some time in the not to distant future.

I'm going to have some new pages going up on my site soon, including some new pictures. I should have them up here by the end of the week. Also, I'll be working on a new look for The Backporch over the next few weeks, including the creation of a T-Shirt and a site mascot. Heheh, curious, good. Stay tuned!


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