June 1998

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June 29, 1998:  My, my, my, I can't belive that the end of the month is here already.  Where in the world did June go?  Heheheh, time certainly does fly when you are having fun, eh? 

Had a really cool weekend. On Saturday a new friend of mine decided to take a little road trip to come out to see me.  Heheh, only drove from Torontoa, Canada to Nashua, New Hampshire!  Heheheh, pretty cool!  We hung out Sat. night and most of Sunday (until I had to go to work).  We both had a really cool time. 

On Friday night, Paul and I went to dinner at the Midori Sushi Bar.  Mmmmmm, awesome night of feasting on Sushi.  Can't get enough! 

Not too much last week.  This coming week, Thursday - Sunday, Paul, Jon, and I will be down in Newport, RI for the holiday weekend.  Should be a really cool time.  Gonna hit the beaches and the bars.  Hehehe, should have some awesome stories Come Monday.... 

I'm working on a new section of my web site that will be totally dedicated to FOOD!   It will list my favorite restaurants and recipies.  If you have a favorite eating establishment or reciepie (either can be from any part of the world, send them to me!) 

Talked to Travis "Shoebox" Nelsen this weekend.  He's doing well down at Dyess, AFB in TX.  He sends a big HELLO! to all the Cellar Dwellars out there.  Travis will be getting married on Sept. 5 this year and I will be there as his best man to make sure all goes smooooooth! 

That's about it for now.  Take care!  ~Penz 

June 18, 1998:  NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!! 
Please update your address books!  >:-) 

June 16, 1998:  Well, had a pretty cool weekend.  Spent Friday night over at Jr.'s house playing a little Euchre (a very cool card game that we've been playing for about 5 years now).  Did that while we drank ourselves into a comfortable little buzzzzz :-)   Saturday, just kinda hung out and relaxed all day.  Sunday I ended up going to watch one of Paul's soccer games and ended up playing Div. 3 soccer.  Hehehehe, oh my, talk about funny!  I'm in no kind of shape to play soccer for a team (no real skills either), but I was out there for the full 90 min., playing right fullback.  It was either that or his team would have to forfeit.  <grunt>  Considering the amount of pain that my body is in now (after two days) I question my decision to play.  Hehehehehe, no really, I had a great time. 

On the work front, all is going well.  I'm finding my new job quite challenging and stimulating.  It's also great working with such a great bunch of people, from my manager down to each individual in my group.  Always nice to look forward to going to work in the morning. 

On Friday, I must say that I am looking forward to the new X-Files movie.  Can't wait to see what they have planned for us! 

No too much else going on right now.  Just kinda taking it easy while my body heals up. 

June 11, 1998:  Minor update just to let all of you who were concerned about me that I am doing well.  I sincerely do appreciate your kind words of comfort >:-)  ~Penz 

June 8, 1998:  Well, this past weekend was almost perfectly awesome.  It all began with my sister, Vigrinia Catherine Penziner, graduation from Bishop Fenwick highschool on Friday.  I am so proud of her!  Gini will be attending Rivier College in Nashua, NH (that' right, same town as where her big brother lives) in the fall of 1998.  She will be working towards her Bacholor of Art in Artisitc Drawing.  I can't wait to have her up here!!!  It made for a preetty interesting night having me, my brother, my father, my mother, my step-father, and the rest of his familiy around.  <sigh>, never a dull moment... :>  It was really good being with my brother and my sister though.  I really love those two a lot! 

On Saturday, Michael "Tab" Wacisko and I flew to NYC so as to pick up his new car (actually it's an 84 Toyota, but I'm not telling :).  He and I spent the weekend with his mother and her boyfriend and we had an awesome time together.  One of the highlight of our visit was heading down to Aurthur Avenue in the Bronx.  It's a little "North End" district with some of the best Italien food shops around.  Mmmmm, our visits to the meat, pastry and bread shops made for an awesome dinner that night. 

On Sunday, we all had breakfast together (another incredible meal) and then we took the train to New Hamburg, NY where we met up with his aunt and uncle, picked up the car and drove back to NH.  Considering it was Mike's first time driving on a major highway, he did damn well.  HEhehe, he only 'almost killed us' once  >:-)  We had a great time togehter. 

Later on that night, I got some depressing news.  A close friend of mine who was supposed to be moving out here towards the end of this month, has decided not to come out.  He will be staying where he currently is, in Los Angeles, CA.  I am very disappointed that he will not be coming out since the potential for us to be so much more than friends existed, but at the same time, I'm happy that he is doing what 'feels is right'.  No matter what, I want him to be happy, so everything happens for a reason.... anyway, for me, there is a lot more to this, but I'm not going to get into it right now.... 

Not too much planned this week.  Just gonna try to keep a smile on my face.  Oh yeah, and resume my seach for a boyfriend.....   No worries eveyone, I'm alright.....  >8-\   ~Penz 

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