June 1999

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June 19, 1999:  Well, the past week flew by, which is kinda nice!  Last night, I watched a really powerful movie, American History X, starring Edward Norton & Edward Furlong.  Here is a summary of the plot "Hard-hitting drama of a young man who's seduced into a white supremacy movement in Venice, California, goes to prison after committing a heinous crime, and has his head straightened out. When he's released, his only thought is to steer his younger brother away from that same existence. Frighteningly powerful--and believable--performance by Norton sparks this intense drama of a family torn apart."  Norton was incredible in this movie.

On Saturday, I spent the entire day in San Francisco (aka The City) and had an AWESOME time :-)

Sunday, Rob/Susan and I went to the Palo Alto Concourse (car show) at Standard Univ.and had the opportunity to view some BEAUTIFUL cars.  One of my favorites was a 1965 Oldsmobile 442 W-30, of which only apporx. 2700 were made.  With a 404 and 370 (underrated) HP, AC, leather button and tucked seats, it was a true muscle car w/ a touch of class!  Of course, there were many other gorgeous cars, including Packards, Ferrai's, Lambourghini's, Mercedes, etc.....  after the show, we did a nice walking and driving tour of the campus.  God, what a gorgeous university....

Sunday night, I took Rob out to dinner at Zibibbo's in Palo Alto for a 'congratulations, I'm not a father' father's day celebration :-)

June 12, 1999: 
DeForest Kelley, the beloved "Doctor 'Bones' McCoy" on the original Star Trek series, died on Friday June 10, 1999 at 12:15 p.m. (PT) in Woodland Hills, California. He was 79. 

Kelley had been hospitalized at the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital for several months with a lingering illness. 

Mr. Kelley is the first regular cast member of a Star Trek series to pass away. 

Leonard Nimoy, longtime friend and fellow cast member, said, "He represented humanity and it fitted him well. He was a decent, loving, caring partner and will be deeply missed." 

Brent Spiner ("Data"), who briefly worked with Kelley in the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation was saddened by the news. "I hadn't heard. What a loss. Maybe the nicest [people] of all involved with Star Trek. I was honored to share a scene with him." 

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, was also stunned by the news today, saying "He was truly one of the most remarkable and talented men to walk the face of the earth. This is the biggest loss that Star Trek will ever have, excluding Gene." 

Kelley was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 20th, 1920. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Carolyn." ~ By Guy Vardaman

Well, other than the death of this great actor, my weekend went well.  I watched a couple of cool movies.  One is called "Lilies" and you can read a bit about in on the updated "Gay Resouces" section of my web site, under the favorite movies section.

The other was a kick ass Japanimation called "The Ghost in the Shell".  Check out their web site to view more in this incedible work of animation.

On Sunday, went to church with Rob and Susan. This is my second time going to this church. It's a very positive and 'guilt free' enviornment.  SO UNLIKE CHRISTIAN churches.  I'm not being 'born again', but I am enjoying this community.  To make the day even more fun, we went in the '57 Chevy!  Heheh, kick ass automobile!!  After spending a nice afternoon together, consisting of lunch at the Left Bank, a trip into Palo Alto, swung by the horse stables at Stanford Univ., we came home and  I made dinner.  We had two different types of delicious sausage (thai and garlic w/artichokes) over a bed of garlic mashed potatoes.  I served up a side of red/green peppers w/onions and fresh bread.  Mmmmmm, a good ol' stick to the ribs meal!

Oh yeah, I came across a really cool web site by Jason Griffith aka Pharamond.  It has some really cool essays on life and religion and was a very honest and candid look into this lads life.  Hard to believe he is only 19 years old.  If you get a chance, take a peak at some of his essays.  My favorite is the one on him becoming an atheist....

And that, in a nutshell, is my week in review...

June 4, 1999:  Well, I'm finally beginning to recover from a bit of jet lag, so it's time to update the journal :-) 

Last week I flew back to New England (notice how I didn't say 'home' :-) to visit my friends and family.  I flew in on Wednesday, arriving @ Logan at 4:30 pm.  After renting my Oldsmobile Intrigue (powerful and fun 4 door), I headed up to Nashua, NH where I met up with Paul Barnes, Jon Godbout and Tim "Porky" Watkins.  Paul made an awesome venison dinner for us, so of course, we feasted!  After doing a bit of catching up, I visited with Patno and Trevor for a bit, and then met up with Macky and Backfat.  The three of us decided to head down to TGI Fridays in Burlington, MA so that we could go and harass Mike "Tab" Wascisko, their newest manager!  Hehehe, we had a fun night doing a bit o' drinkin' and a lot of story tellin'. 

The next morning I met up with Alex McCabe for breakfast (oh yeah we dragged Tab out of bed too).  Later on that morning, I met up with John Zahara for an hour or so and then headed over to NuMega to see the ol' team.  It was great to see Brian, Chris, Jose, Dave, Victor, Mattie, Ian, Mattie, Harris, Twindo, Steph, Tim and the rest of the crew.  Later on that afternoon, I met up with Craig and then he and I headed up to Port Clyde, ME!

That night, we arrived in ME around 8:00 pm, about an hour ahead of Paul and Jodi, so Craig and I headed over to the local bar (The Harpoon) for a few drinks.  Heheh, me clad in my dragon printed Hawaiian shirt and short, blended very well with the the locals in the bar.  I turned a few heads and caused a few grins, but within a few minutes, we were socializing with the crew.  An hour later, we met up with Paul and Jodi and we all just hung out for the rest of the evening (oh yeah, we did eat this really good apple and pork pie that Jodi brought up... most tasty!).

The next day we did a lot of nothing :-)  Relaxing on the front lawn and sippin' on some tasty beers were the main activities for this relaxing day (and set the tone for the rest of the weekend).  Later on that night, Becky and Lisa came up and then Porky, Jon and Laurie... and so the gang was all here!

Saturday, we all just chilled, caught up and got a lot of sun.  On Saturday night, Becky and Lisa picked up over a dozen lobsters for dinner and I braved the chilly Maine waters to retrieve almost 5 gallons of fresh mussels!  The rest of the crew did some digging on the beach and got a few steamers.  Well, throw in 5 bottles of wine, lots of beer and a fun crowd, cook everything in a pot over a fire on the beach, and you've got a recipe for a GREAT TIME! 

On Sunday, we went out for breakfast at the local inn (GREAT raisin bran muffins) and then chilled out for the rest of the day.  That night we ate everything from smoked trout/salmon to venison burgers on the grill.  Hehehehehe, damn, we ate like royalty!

The next day, Craig, Porky and I took off early to head back to NH.  Upon our arrival, Craig headed out and I hung out with Tab, Patno and Alex for a bit.  Then it was off to my brother's house to meet up with him and my sister for dinner and a movie.  I crashed at his place that night and got up EARLY the next morn.  At 6:00 am I met up with Tucker at the airport.  He got up at 3:00 a.m. just to come down and see me for an hour.  How cool was that!?! (very cool), and then at 7:00 am, I was on my way back to CA.

I had a great time seeing everybody.  Having the opportunity to spend time with Becky and Lisa was awesome, as I've missed the both of them dearly.  Seeing Paul, my brother/sister, and the rest of the gang was most kewl... the best part is that I still felt like I was 'in the loop' due to the fact that I've been keeping in pretty good touch with just about everyone (I know, there are a few that I need to do a better job with) but all in all, it's good.

CA now feels like home.  My transition back here was pleasant and I'm glad I made this move..... the fun part it always moving forwards, and not looking backwards too long....

"Yesterday's over my shoulder, so I can't look backwards too long.  There's just too much to see waiting in front of me, and I know that I just can't go wrong...."  Jimmy Buffett

So, boat drinks my friends!  Catch ya later- Penz

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