March 2009

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March 30, 2009: It was a very nice weekend! On Friday, I went down to Truck after work and put back a few beers and a burger with Matte Zovich. We hung out there for a bit before heading back to my place and chilling on the couch for a bit. A nice relaxing Friday evening :)

On Saturday, I took Clarice down to Fort Funston for a nice 2 hour walk. She enjoyed herself as she got to meet some other dogs and go in a very good walk in that nice salty sea air :) Afterwards, we went home and then I took a walk down to Delores Park where I met up with my old friend Justin Green. I hadn't seen him in a while and we spent about an hour and a half sitting in the sun, enjoying the scenery, and catching up. It was really nice just to hang out!

On Sunday, I was up early and headed up to the Marin Farmers Market. Justin Allen had been working there on Sundays with a friend of his, so I figured it would be fun to check out. I of course, came back with a bag full of fresh produce as well as some packages of lamb and rabbit sausages that I'm looking forward to cooking up. Around 11:00, I met up with Justin Green and we went to the Mission Beach Cafe for brunch. It was delightful! LOL we both started with lattes and then pomegranate/grapefruit mimosas (so yummy!). I had the warm breakfast salad w/poached eggs and he had the breakfast sandwich. Of course, there was a side of carmelized bacon (meat candy!) to enjoy. After that, we hung out at my place for a bit and then he was off. A wee bit later, I got to hang out with Justin Allen for about an hour before he headed off on a business trip to Fresno. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at him with Clarice :)

On Monday, after work, I went over to Oakland and hung out with Ben Daniels. We went and tried out Sidebar, which is walking distance from his house. It's got a great bar, and the food there was pretty good (but the company was better :). Afterwards, it was off to Mezze where Ben enjoyed a manhattan, me a glass of 20 year old tawny port and the two of us split a chocolate bread pudding desert that is a wee bit of heaven on earth. Hehehe, all in all, a very nice night!

March 24, 2009: So today, my phoenix got a tail and the beginning of its color! Next appointment is on April 13!


March 18, 2009: Wow, what a great month this has been!

A week ago on Monday 3/9, my sister Gini flew in from Boston to visit me. I've been looking forward to spending some one-on-one time w/her and I would not be disappointed! That after, we went out and did some serious catching up over a few dirty martinis, beers, a blueberry mojito, and some sushi for dinner. LOL if your stomach just involuntarily churned, that's ok. So did both of our later on that night :)

On Tuesday, we hung out for the day and that evening my friends Ben Daniels, Matt Consola and Matte Zovich all came over for dinner. I grilled up some rib-eye steaks and served them up with some marinated roasted sweet potatoes, beets and parsnips and a few bottles of wine and boy did we all share a nice dinner!

On Wednesday, we did some walking around San Francisco before ending up at the Orpheum Theatre around 1:45 where I surprised Gini with tickets to see Wicked! We had wicked good seats to the show and it was awesome (my second time seeing it). Afterwards, she met up with a couple of friends who happened to be in town as I went to a meeting at the winery. It made for a great day!

On Thursday, the rest of the crew flew in. Gini's friend Leslie arrived that morning. Around noon, I picked up my brother Tim from from the airport. It was so nice to have him around! We' all hang out for a bit at the house and then eventually head down to the Hard Knox Cafe for a tasty gumbo and fried chicken dinner. After that, I dropped them all off at the house and then headed back to the airport to pick up Alex McCabe who flew in from Vegas (he was out there for work). The gang was all here!!

Driving up to Napa!

On Friday morning, we had a light breakfast of pastries from the Mission Beach Cafe before heading up to Napa for a bit. I took them to Beaulieu Vineyard where we had a fantastic tasting experience with Curtis Graham. He spent the better part of two hours providing us with a wonderful sampling of BV's wines, including a tasting of their reserves. At the end of it, I left w/a few bottles to be enjoyed later.

Leslie, Tim, Gini, Alex and Penz doing a little wine tasting at BV

Penz, Leslie, Gini and Alex outside BV

|Penz, Gini and Tim :)

Our next stop was Provenance Winery. We had a nice but short visit there where we got to taste some nice wines, but the best part was getting a picture of Clarice in the tree :)

Clarice having here photo moment up in the blossoms outside of Provenance Winery :) Oh lil geel!

Tim and Gini after a few wine tasting's :)

After leaving Provenance, we were a little hungry, so it was off to the Oakville Grocery Store for some tasty sandwiches and snacks. We got our stash and enjoyed it out in back at the picnic table. It was just was the doctor ordered :)

The crew enjoying lunch out back of the Oakville Grocery

That night, we headed out to Tokyo-Go-Go (2 blocks from my house) for an amazing sushi dinner. Many many tasty fish were consumed and washed down with a few bottles of sake! The group's favorite sushi was the sea trout! Thank you Alex for being so generous and picking up the tab!! Your hard work at the Vegas black jack tables paid off for all of us :)

The crew getting ready to devour a small pond worth of sushi!

On Saturday, Matt Consola met up with us and we started our day with some biscuits, gravy, caramelized bacon aka meat candy, pulled pork hash and eggs, and the best coffee in the city at the Mission Beach Cafe (1/2 a block from my house :)

Matt Consola joining us for brunch at the Mission Beach Cafe

After breakfast, Alex, Leslie and Gini headed downtown towards City Hall where there was a big ol' St. Patty's Day celebration going on (complete with beer tents), while Matt, Tim and I headed towards the Westfield Mall and Union Square to do a little shopping! After a fun few hours of hitting the shops, the three of us headed back to my place and ordered some pizza's from Goat Hill Pizza, and we were joined by Ben Daniels. After eating some za', me and Ben headed down to city hall where we met up with the crew and also Bill "Spidey" Wright who was in town for a quick 36 hour visit! We all headed up to Zeitgeist for a few pitches of beer before heading out to Truck for a few more beers. At Truck we met up with Matte Zovich and few others for a bit, before we finally stumbled back to my place. LOL quite the fun day!

A very happy Penz and Spidey enjoying a pint or three!

Sunday morning! The last day for most of my visitors. We started by heading down town for brunch. Ben drove in and met us at Yank Sing where we enjoyed some killer dim-sum! Tim had never experienced dim-sum before, but amazingly he picked it up really fast :) LOL, we ate our fill and afterwards, all decided to go for a nice hour long walk along the Embarcadero.

Hanging out on the spider after dim-sum!

After that, it was off to the Marin Headlands above the Golden Gate bridge. Though it was a bit foggy out, that just added to the ambiance and we spent about an hour doing a little exploring and taking some great pictures amidst the famous SF fog!

The classic golden gate bridge shot with Gini's friend Wayne who joined us for the weekend

Heheheh, I love this shot :)

Finally, I get a new 'recent picture' for Facebook and my site. Thanks Tim :)

After that, it was back to the house were everyone would start to pack up. I'd grab some burritos around 5 and we'd all goggle them down before I started the runs to the airport. I dropped Gini and Leslie off first and then a few hours later, Alex. Hahah, by the time I got home, Tim was zonked out on the couch with Clarice :)

The next morning, Tim and I would have some coffee and hang out for a bit before I dropped him off at the airport with and yes, I think was choking back a tear or two. It was really great to have been able to spend some quality time together with him!!

All in all, I had a fantastic visit with everyone and they were all the consummate house guests. Thank you all for a wonderful week (and yes, you're all invited to come back soon!)

March 3, 2009: Tattoo time!!!! Yes, the time to start adding some more ink has come! So, here is the beginning of my phoenix which is going on the backside of my arm. This pict is 3 days after the work was done. He still doesn't have a tail yet and of course, there's a lot of coloring to be done.

The phoenix after my first 2 hour session. It's just the beginning :)

And here is my existing ink on the other side of the same arm (I'll get a better picture later)

My next appointment is March 24, so expect another update shortly after that!


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