March 2007

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March 25, 2007: Well March has been a fun month so far! It started with Becky coming out for a visit on March 8th. It was so nice to see her! That Friday I went down to Rob and Susan's where we all met up for dinner. Mmmmm spaghetti and meatballs and a couple bottles of wine made for a tasty meal :) Thanks "Mom"! :)

Susan, Rob and Scott enjoying some wine before dinner!

After the "parents" went to bed, Becky and I spent the a couple of hours sitting around drinking champagne and catching. I can't think of a better way to spend an evening with a cherished friend like her :) We'd end up turning in fairly early (around 11:00) and a good nights rest ensued.

Next morning we got up, grabbed some coffee (and a fountain soda, Becky's morning caffeine fix) and headed South towards the Santa Cruz mountains. It was a gorgeous day out and we figured that instead of heading towards the crowded Napa area, we'd go South and check out some of the smaller wineries. That turned out to be an excellent idea and we had a blast! Going up the windy roads on the mountains made for a lot of fun and it was just great to be spending such a gorgeous day with Becky. We stopped at Ridge Winery, Picchetti Winery,and Cooper-Garrod Estate Winery. Each one was fun and of course, we picked up a few bottles here and there :) Here are a few pictures from our day:

Peacock at Pichetti Winery

Becky in the nook of a large weeping willow tree

Penz and Becky with San Jose Valley in background

That night, we'd end up going out to a party with our friends Matt and Ian. Apparently one of their friends has just passed the Bar exam and had moved into a new apartment. LOL. it was a fun group, a little bit of a strange party (everyone was wearing neon and we didn't get the memo), but of course, we had fun :)

LOL who are these people!?!? :)

On Sunday I took Becky back to Atherton where she'd spend the rest of her visit before heading off onto the next leg of her trip (out to Boston) before heading back to FL. Thanks again for the great time Becky! LOVE YOU!!!! :)

On the 22nd, my sister Gini and her boyfriend Mark came out for a visit. It was her 4th time out here in CA and Mark's first and boy was it a lot of fun :) They came in on a Thursday night, so after getting settled in, we took a walk down to the Castro for some sushi at Gini's favorite place, Osaka Sushi. What made it even more fun was that a couple of her friends from back East were also out here working, so they came up to the city and joined us for dinner. It was a fun night!

On Friday, we got up and headed down to Fisherman's Wharf. We walked around for a couple of hours and checked out the sights and sounds of San Francisco's favorite tourist trap :)

Mark and Gini on Pier 39 with the seals

After visiting Pier 39 it was off to catch the ferry out to Alcatraz. We took the audio tour of the prison (which is great. I highly recommend it!) and enjoyed our visit to "The Rock" :)

"The Rock" (and me playing with the black & white settings on my camera)

Hmm is this your first time behind bars? :)

Well it's always more fun with company :)

Mark on Alcatraz with Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Palm tree with prison guard tower

Upon our return to the dock, we headed off for a late lunch/early dinner and Gini got to try her first Dungeons Crab! Hehehe, it didn't stand a chance :)

And that evening we topped it all off by heading out to Boy Bar (club at the Cafe) where our friend Matt Consola was spinning. LOL it was a hilarious as this was Mark's first visit to a gay bar and he handled it like a trooper. LOL at one point he turned to me and said "every day I like to do one that that scares me" and he walked up to one of the go-go dancers and put a dollar bill into his g-string. LOL too freakin' funny!! Most of our crew would stay there drinking it up until about 2:00 am. LOL it made for a fun night.

On Saturday, we slept in late and eventually headed out onto the town. Matt and Ian joined us and because the weather was kinda crappy, we decided to stick in the city. We took a ride out to the Golden Gate bridge, but it was so foggy you could barely see it! So, we went back into the city and went up Lombard Street and got a few picts there :)

Clarice going "what the hell! you guys get me down from here!" :)

More fun on the B&W setting .Lombard Street with Coit tower in background.

For lunch/late dinner, we head up to North Beach to the Stinking Rose for a garlic feast! LOL we had a great meal there but would pay for it later on the evening (let's just say a lot of garlic can cause gas and we'll leave it at that!). Hahahah lesson learned.

On Sunday afternoon, we headed out towards Alameda and did some wine tasting at Rosenblum Cellars. Hahaha, of course, that was fun :) After that, we headed over to Hanger One (St Georges Spirits) to sample some of their wares That was my first time there and we had a good time (and yes, I picked up a bottle or 5 to take home :) We'd then go back up to San Francisco and for the rest of the afternoon, Gini and Mark hung out and did some walking around the city :)

On Monday, Ian and Justin joined us in the afternoon and we all took BART down to the Westfield Mall. We did a bit of shopping and had lunch before we headed back home. The weather was kinda crappy, so we hung in for the afternoon and watched a movie (Donnie Darko). That evening, Mark and Gini took Muni out to Chinatown and hung out there for a few hours before hitting up Osaka Sushi in the Castro for some more sushi :)

And on their last day here, Mark and Gini took Clarice and headed out for their last day here in SF. It was down to Fisherman's Wharf on the trolley (a first for both Mark and Clarice!).

After a walk along the wharf it was off to In and Out Burger where Gini sucked down a double cheeseburger and fries. For dessert, she found a corn dog stand across the street! LOL a true Penziner :)

After lunch, I drove down and picked them up and we headed up to Twin Peaks for a scenic view of the city. After that, it was back to my place where we hung out together before going out to dinner and finally heading off to the airport. It was a great visit and it was so nice to see Mark and Gini together (they make a great couple!!!!) Thanks for coming out to visit sweetheart! Love you!

Fatty aka Simon chilling on the couch wondering when he gets the house back to himself :P

Lets see, the rest of the week will be jam packed as well. I'll work on Wed/Thur and Friday I head down towards Los Angeles. I'll see Adam and Meredith on Friday night. Saturday I'll be with Alex and Chow for their engagement party (which should be a lot of fun!). On Sunday, I'll head home. The following week, Tucker and Andy will be coming into town and will be staying w/us for 5 days and we'll start the sightseeing all over again! LOL heck, I'm going to need a vacation soon :)

And that's what's going on in my world. Drop a line and say hi and let me know what's going on in yours :)



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