March 2010

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March 28, 2010: So it has been one month since I moved from CA to NH and so far, so good. I truly do miss some of my close friends back on the West Coast (hi Matt, Chris, Matte, Ben, Eric, Thomas, Brian, Kai, Kevin, Noam, Tim, David, Chris-Mimi-Jon-Liz, Ashish & Jill & Crew, Rob and Susan and the rest of ya!), but this change continues to feel right. It's certainly good to be closer to Tim, Gini, Paul & Kara, Tab, Alex, Johnson, and I'm looking forward to catching up w/other friends in the area as well as making new ones. Certainly been an easier transition than when I moved to CA 11 years ago.

Hahah, I don't think I'll ever be bored again, as there always seems to be a project that needs work, once you own a new house. Heheh, I like that a lot, hehehe well for now I do :)

Work was a bear this past week and I had no time to do anything until Sunday. On that day, I was up early and outside by 9 AM working on the yard. With the excpetion of a small break to run to Home Depot with Paul, I worked until about 4. OMG, I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I got a lot of brush cleared out, raking, and pruning done. I could use a crew of landscapers to help out, but I just need to break down what needs to be done and do a little bit at at time :)

Taking a break after a long day working on outside. Much more fun that working on a computer :)

More updates to follow. Just wanted to get a quick update in here and say hi :)

March 15, 2010: Heheh, so my Koi Pond is a Koi Lake :) Gonna have some fun figuring out a good draining situation. Either going to involve a shovel or per my brother, a sump pump! The nice thing is that I have power out there, so it's an option. Happily, the water is slowly draining away from the house (top left in the picture).

March 12, 2010: OK, a few pictures of the project known as my house. Here we go:

Oh, hello! I see you are coming in the front door. Let's look around :)

Looking back at the front door from the inside.

Going down the hallway, which got a fresh coat of new paint! Yes, I'll be replacing those 1978 light fixtures :)

First door on the right, guest bedroom (staging area right now). This room has been painted.

Next door on the right is the master bathroom (wall paper is coming down in here and being replaced with paint. Eventually the tiles will come off, but that's not happening anytime soon!)

End of the hall is my bedroom. 4 big windows. It's a mess right now, cause I need to paint it, which might happen this weekend.

Yep, the angel made it here safely :)

Looking back down the hallway. When we get to the end, we are bearing left into the recessed living room.


Living room. Fresh paint, new awesome couch (corner piece is on back order and will be here by the end of the month (that'll go under the painting).

6 windows, lots of amazing light during the day!

Fireplace looks so much better without the gold faced insert.

Yes, the wall is made out of parquet! You can play basket ball on it :)

Now entering the kitchen. Yes, the fireplace is roaring :)

The sunroom (my dining room) in the background.

The sunroom

My tool shed (and it has electricity running to it)

Lets zoom in on the gazebo (yes, there is power up there). Koi pond is fenced in (more picts of that soon)

Back inside. Going down the hall to the right now.

My office (messy right now, as it's my staging area for tools :)

Bathroom on the left, behind the kitchen.

Basement, which has been gutted (that cedar closet is going to be my wine closet!)

This is being worked on this weekend and will be finished by the end of the month. Contractor is doing all of the work except for painting the walls and putting down a floor, of which I will do (probably tile).

and that's it for now! I love this place!!! A video tour will be posted soon :)

March 8, 2010: This is to confirm that on March 1, 2010 I purchased my first home!!! I'm now living in Dover, NH :)

Tons of updates to follow w/in the next few days, along with pictures. Suffice to say, Clarice and I are doing well :)


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