March 1997

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March 19, 1997: Well, it's a busy time and that's why this journal entry is a bit late ;) Let's see, what did I do this past week. On Friday night, I got together with Macky and cooked dinner at Mike G's house. Cooked up a big ol' oven roaster with all the fixings. That combined with some excellent mixed drinks and terrific music and company, made for a great night. Heheheh, jamming to The Beatles, The Eagles and Elton John all night long.

On Saturday I took it easy for most of the day and just bummed around. Sunday, I met up with Tucker and we spent the day together hanging out in Nashua . I made an excellent chicken/broccoli dish for dinner that night and then we hung out and watched The Simpsons (v. funny), King of the Hill (repeat… already?) and The X-Files (most excellent, but a 'to be continued'… aggghhh!).

And that about sums up the weekend. This coming week, Paul, Dirk and I are heading out to Salt Lake City, UT for a Novell Technical Conference called Brainshare. It's gonna be a long week out there, but it will be a nice change of scenery. The conference ends on Friday the 28th. On Saturday, Paul is heading up to the ski slopes for what will definitely be an awesome time on the slopes. I'll be flying out to Los Angeles, CA to visit some friends of mine, one of which happens to be one of our engineers. I'm staying out there for until Wed. April 2nd.

I'll try and update this page next week and keep ya all posted.

March 10, 1997: What an excellent past few days. On Thursday night, Nashua was graced by a visit from Scott "Birdy" Bartholomew. It was excellent to see him up here. On Thursday night, he, Crenshaw and Macky went out and had a few drinks at the Ground Round and then after a quick stop back at the house for a shot of Glenlivet with me, they were off to Matthews. Around 12:30 I got the call to come down and join them at Denny's, of which I did. Heheheh, as always, a good night out on the town just isn't complete without a stop at Denny's for a "Moon Over My Hammy".

On Friday, after work, Paul and I went out for an awesome sushi dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Midori, on Amhearst Street. Mmmmmm, nothing like sushi, sake, and the company of one of your best friends to make for an excellent dinner.

Later on Friday night, another stranger, Jeremy "J.J." Perusse came down for a visit. I haven't seen him in about 3 months and it was great to hang out with him for a night. After catching up, we all went to Fridays for some excellent Long Island Ice Tea (thanks to Liz, our bartender!). It was really cool, as our group consisted of Macky, Birdy, J.J., Stoop, Perky, Crenshaw, Diane, Duke (also up for a visit) and myself. Quite a fun day.

Sunday was spent with my friend Tucker and we had an awesome day together. After breakfast at the Hollis Country Kitchen, we decided to head into Boston for the day. Took the T to Quincy Market, Museum of Science and Gov't Sq. Did some "Outbound T Surfing on the Red Line Car #1830". It was one of the best days I've had in a long long time.

Just remember folks, the most wonderful gift in the world that we have is LIFE, and unless you are enjoying it to it's fullest potential each day, you are cheating yourself. Carpe Diem! Enjoy each day as it were your last… a day not filled with love and joy is a day not lived…

March 3, 1997: Well, this weekend was awesome and that's all I'm going to say right now. Later on, I will explain why March 2 will always be a special day for me. Ahhh boy. The best things in life are usually kept Tuck'ed away in your heart… this is no exception.

The rest of the weekend was good. Got over my cold, hung out with Porky on Saturday, made dinner for Perky, Crenshaw and Porky Saturday night and then watched TrainSpotting. Hehehehe, now that was a touched movie, and yes, I did like it. Makes me want to run out and try some heroin. NOT! A good movie, none the less.

More to come soon….. <grin>…..


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