March 1998

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March 31, 1998:  Well the end of the month is upon us and here in NH, we are saying good bye to March with 80' degree weather.  How nice is that??  Last weekend I was in Boston with Alex and we were walking down Newburry St. in the middle of a hail/snow storm with 30 mph winds.  Hehehe, you gotta love New England weather. 

Had a pretty nice weekend and for a change, stayed around Nashua for the entire time.  Sat. I just kinda lazed around day until the late afternoon.  Then we had a bunch of people over for a little BBQ.  Ahhh, t'was nice to fire up the grill and be able to enjoy eating outside.  Macky, Wendy, Paul, Porky, Meg, John and I all had a good time just hanging out.  On Sunday, Paul, John, Macky, Stoop, Perky and I all went out to breakfast at IHOP and then spent the rest of the day outside enjoying the 80' weather.  It was hard to believe that it was actually March. 

I got some great news on Sunday, my sister, Gini, called and said that she got accepted to Rivier College, here in Nashua, NH.  She will be attending this fine college this fall, majoring in Art. 

Got dropped a quick note from Eric Larson.  He is now stationed at Point Judith with the USCG and is doing well.  He is very excited about his new job with the USCG and his promotion to Boatswains Mate. 

All in all, life is very good (except for my sinuses.  Damn head is all clogged up!  hehehehe, ahh well.).  Hope everyone is doing well.  Peace!  ~Penz 

March 24, 1998:  The past couple of weeks have been very interesting and intense on the social front.  Suffice to say that I'm just taking some time to step back and see where I am right now.  As a close friend of mine has put it: 

"although the ripples in the pond have faded, the water is forever changed." 

Pretty cool, eh? 

For all of your parrot heads out there, I sadly report that for the first time in 6 years, we did not get get through on the phone lines to get tickets for this years concerts at Great Woods.  Grrr..... I am no too pleased about that, but the gang and I will figure something out. 

Well, not much more to say right now.  ~Penz 

March 10, 1998: Well, I had a very nice and relaxing weekend. Went up to Burlington, VT with Becky to meet up with our friend Jenn on Friday night. The three of us had a great time hanging out in Burlington. We went to a very cool bar called Perl's where we met up with a couple of Jenn's friends (Hello Ray!) and a few interesting and intriguing people (hello Sean... working on your masters in physics!) who I hope drop me a line. 

Saturday involved some lying around on the couch and catching up with some well deserved rest and Sunday am I got together with my brother Tim for some breakfast and shopping down in Peabody, MA. We had a great time hanging out together and it is always nice just to share our lives with each other. Sunday night watched X-Files (excellent episode) and went to bed. 

Today I felt like I was going to look out the window and see Noah in the ark floating by. Wow, how about some rain, eh? Damn El Nino! Heheh.... ah well.... 

For all you parrot heads out there, better keep your eyes and ears open.... it's about that time of the year for tickets to go on sale for Great Woods!!!! Paul and I are checking in daily to see when the sale dates are... <sigh> such worries!! Ha! 

and since it's 1:00am, I'm heading off to bed. `<yawn> ~Penz 

March 3, 1998: Wow, let me tell you, February was an awesome month. Starting out with meeting Marilyn Manson, then onto seeing Jimmy Buffett play at Madison Square Garden in NYC, and then having it end with the 3rd annual New England Parrot Head Conference in Newport, Rhode Island at the DoubleTree Resort. Wow, what a great month. 

Paul Barnes, Jon Godbout, Mark Hamel and I went down to Newport on Friday night where we checked into the convention, picked up our welcome kits, and proceeded off to the nights events. After putting back a few margaritas and Corona's, we went to see the Coral Reefer Band, which for the first time in history, the entire band performed publicly without Jimmy Buffett. Everyone was there, including the backup singers. Scott Kirby was awesome as was Peter Mayor, Michael Utley, Robert Grenidge, and the rest of the band. They all sounded incredible and made one heck of a memorable night for us. At 1:00am the main party ended, but that only led onto the after party party! We headed up to the hospitality suite for more margaritas and Coronas, hung out with all of the parrot heads and the band! It was terrific! We didn't head out until 3:30am and luckily, Mark stayed sober to drive us back to his friend's house in Narragansett (20 min away). 

The next morning, we headed back to the Doubletree Resort for round two. We spent the afternoon at the bar having lunch and hanging out with fellow Parrot Heads. What a great group of people! It never amazes me how many fun people that we meet when we attend these gatherings. Not once did we meet anyone or see anyone sport an attitude or act anything less than friendly. Ahhhh, a great way to be! That night, we attended the Grand Buffett Buffet, which was a smorgasbord of excellent food ranging from calamari to Shrimp kabobs to Caribbean style chicken dishes. The food was wonderful!! After dinner, it was onto a night of dancing with A1A who was joined by Greg "Fingers" Taylor. The did a great job of keeping us entertained until 1:15am when the party had to shut down, but then, we went to the 'after party party' and had a few more rounds. We retired back to Narragansett by 3:30am. 

All in all, we had an absolute blast and would like to thank the Rhode Island Parrot Head club for all of their hard work. It certainly paid off and made for a wonderful weekend! 

Heheheh, now, we are going to rest up for a few weeks and left our livers heal! 

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