March 1999

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March 23, 1999:  Ok, well, I've got a one way plane ticket to San Jose, CA!  My final day here in New Hampshire will be April 12.  On that day, I will board a jet and head West my friends :-) 

In CA, for the first few months, I will be living with Becky's Ayers mother and her husband in Atherton, CA, which is approximately 22 miles from Fremont (where I'll be working and probably living).  They have generously invited me to stay at their house until I get settled in.  It has made the entire move a lot easier and I am grateful for their kind offer.

This week is going to be fun and busy.  Tonight we're off to Paul's Noni's house for dinner.  Tomorrow night, my friend Keving Gray is coming over for dinner.  Thursday it's off to Paul's mothers house for an early Easter dinner (since Paul and I will be in New Orleans on Easter Sunday), on Friday I'm hoping Bill DeMaio will be able to make it up for a visit, on Saturday I'm having a little gathering at my house (Ady Theberge is coming down from Gorham, and Perky may be flying in from OH), and Sunday will be a day of rest :-)

Next week, I finish work at Compuware/NuMega on Wed.  On Thursday, Paul and I are off to New Orleans until Monday the 5th.  April 6-11, I plan on being in NH for most or the entire time.  I'll be working that Tues.-Friday at our office in Acton, MA.  And then, on Monday April 12, I'm outta here...

The BEST way to initially keep in contact with me is via my email account.  This will always be around and I can access it from anywhere.  Soon after my move, I"ll be sending out a snail mail with my new address.  If you don't hear from me, don't take it too personally (I'm gonna be a nut case :-), just drop me a line with your address, and you'll hear back.

Carpe' Diem my friends....


March 14, 1999:  As of mid-April 1999, Penz is moving from Nashua, NH to Silicon Valley, CA!!!!

I have accepted a new job with a company which creates and provides complete call center solutions.  I am extremely excited about my job, for not only does it all me the chance to grow professionaly, but it is going to also allow me to grow personally.  I'm moving.  Packing up my life of 12 years here in Nashua and moving to Northern CA, into the heart of Silicon Valley.  Wow.... you have no idea just how cool this adventure is going to be....   >:-) 

Needless to say, I am going to miss A LOT of people back here in Nashua including (Paul, Tim, Gini,  Porky, Tab,  Macky, Alex, Patno, Dirk 'n Wendy, Lon 'n Joanne, Jon, Hummer <he's moving to AZ in May>, Ray, Ady, J.J., Bruce 'n Erin, Sean, the NuMega team, Lisa 'n Derrik, and all the rest of my family and friends.  I want each of you to remember, no goodbyes...

I will be posting a lot more information up here shortly.  As always, the best way to keep in contact with me (especially durring the move) is via email.  It will always be routed to a mail account I can access anywhere.

All the best - ~Penz

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