May 2003

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May 24, 2003:  

Becky, Lisa and I hit the road around 9 am for Napa Valley. After stops for coffee and snacks we were on the road. 

We arrived in Napa around 11:30 and checked into our hotel. At noon we met our limo driver Darryl and we were off… We had few wineries we wanted to visit but Darryl had his own agenda, which turned out to be a good thing…

We started off at Mums, and their champagne sampler. From there we headed off to a little known winery called Sullivan Vineyards. As luck would have it, they were having their release party. It’s a small family owned vineyard so it gets traffic that some of the more well known names. We had some phenomenal wines…wow, wow and wow! This was definitely one of the top two we visited, the other one was Regusci Winery. This one was our 4th stop with Prager Winery in-between and we finished with Van Der Heyden Vineyards. If you find yourself in Napa Valley I would definitely recommend Sullivan and Regusci as they more than worthy of your time. I know we’ll go back for sure!! After our day of sampling we arrived back to our hotel around 5 were we all took a much needed nap. We enjoyed dinner at River City, which was excellent. Fairly priced, good food. 

On Sunday we started off with breakfast at Denny’s and then headed up the road. Our first stop was Pine Ridge, next was Grgich Hills and lastly St. Supery (a favorite of ours...) From there we headed though a windy mountain road down into Sonoma, through S.F. and home. 

May 23, 2003:  Well I had an awesome trip back East!  Let's see if I can remember all of it :)

5/6:  Arrived in MHT around 7:30.  Spent the evening with Scott Patno and Michael "Tab" Wascisko.  Had a great time hanging out and catching up.

5/7:  Went to work at the office in Concord, MA. Got to see all of my teammates that I work with all the time from CA.  Enjoyed seeing John Z. and the team and would spend the next two weeks working from here.  That night, met up with Paul Barnes for dinner in Manchester.  Had a great meal and of course, awesome company :)

5/8: After work, I can't remember. Brain fart!

5/9:  After work, it was off to dinner with John Zahara and his family.  We had a wonderful time hanging out for the evening and it was great to see Pam, Zack and 'Kenzie :-)

5/10: After work, hung out with my buddy David R. in Boston.  Had a great time catching up in person and sucking down a few drinks at the Rockbottom Bar in the theatre district of the city.

5/11-12:  Down to North Kingston, Rhode Island to see Eric and Crissy Larson.  I had an awesome weekend with the two of them.  Hehehe, we had a great time catching up and enjoying some great food! On Saturday night it was rib-eye steaks on the grill with grilled eggplant and onions and two bottles of E's homemade wine! (quite tasty).  The next day, some big ol' porterhouse steaks and sausages hot off the grill.  Mmmm, mmm, good!

Crissy and Sam

My brother E!  Arrrggghhh.... still a pirate!


5/13-14:  After work, spend the night with my brother Tim and his wife Suzanne.  On Monday night, my sister Gini and her best friend Johnson joined us for an awesome leg of lamb dinner that Tim cooked (it was TASTY!).  On Tuesday night, Tim, Suzanne and I enjoyed a nice night together and Gini and Johnson stopped by again later on in the evening.

5/15:  After work, ended up hanging out with Tab for night, drinking away a couple beers and a bottle of wine :)

5/16:  After work, I can't remember! Brain fart!

5/17:  After a 1/2 day of work, hung out with Josh "Tucker" Smith for the day. Ended up going to see The Matrix Reloaded during the afternoon and then met up with Alex and Junior for dinner.  That night, the 4 of us hung out and played some Trivial Pursuit (and were reminded of just how much trivial information is out there that we don't know :-)

5/18-5/19:  After grabbing breakfast with Alex, met up with Paul and headed out to Pawling, New York to see Tim "Porky" Watkins.  Spent an awesome weekend with him on Sally Jessie Rafael's esate (he is currently the care taker there!). Had the best ribs of my life Saturday night at the Cookhouse Restaurant (more info on that to come), and drank quite a few Jim Beam and Gingers at the local bar afterwards.  That night, we chased the bull under the full moon at 1:00 am while tossing dried cow flops at each other... :P  

Porky and Dubbah on Sally-Jesse Raphael's estate.

Mason the Bull!  Yes, he's an ornery ol' bull!

5/20:  Took the day off and went down to Marshfield, MA.  Stopped by my old High School and said a quick hello to my two favorite teachers Peter Morris and Tom McMahon.  They both remembered me and we had a great time catching up.  

Afterwards it was off to see Adam Arnold's step-dad, Greg Clarke.  We spent a great hour or so together catching up and having a wonder visit together.  Nice zoo Greg!

Then it was off to see Leo Delaney and his fiancé Sara. Leo and I went to high school together and had lost touch over the past couple of years.  Well we made up for lost time and the three of us took his Jeep down to Plymouth, MA for lunch on the water.  We enjoyed some tasty burgers (mine was smothered in gorgonzola cheese, sautéed mushrooms, onions and bacon!!!!! YUMMY!) and drinks by the ocean. We had a great time hanging out and it sure was nice to meet Sara. She's great!  

After that, it back up to New Hampshire where I met up with Tab and Patno.  We went out for dinner/drinks and then back to their place.  The next day, they dropped me off at the airport and I landed back in CA around 10:30 PM. 

Hahahah, now, that was a fun trip!  Thank you once again to Hertz. This trip I took you for 1890 miles on my rental (a new Ford Taurus).  Boy, did I miss my Audi :P

This weekend, Becky and Lisa and I are heading up to Napa!  We are looking forward to drinking lots of wine on Saturday as we're carted around in a Mercedes limo for the afternoon and on Sunday we're meeting up with our friend Carter and his wife for dinner.  More on that after the weekend!

Ok, gotta pack!  I'll review/revise this journal entry later on. Just wanted to get something up here before I totally forget the times :) Oh yeah, pictures coming soon....

All the best,


May 5, 2003:  Check out April's journal.  I just posted some new pictures there!

Tomorrow I'm flying out to New England for a 2 week stay on the East coast.  I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of my friends and family during that trip back. It should be a TON of FUN!

This past week was a lot of fun. On Tuesday night, I went into San Francisco to meet up with my new friend Kevin.  He's a really great guy that I met about a month ago and have slowly been getting to know.  He invited me out to a dinner gathering that one of his friends was having in the Castro so I said "why not!?!" and headed into the city.  It was really fun night.  I got to meet some new and interesting people and eat a really great home cooked meal.  Hahaha, me being the shy guy I am even helped out do the dishes :-) Heheh, oh yeah, do you love the quiet shirt I wore?  Can't take me anywhere.... :P

On Friday night I went back into the city to hang out with my friend David.  We headed into the Lower Haight for a meal at the Indian Oven.  Mmmmm, it was a delicious meal!  I had the lamb madras (spicy) and he had a curry chicken dish.  Plus we had some garlic and goat cheese naan to go along with that tasty meal.  Mmmm, mmm, good!  After that, we walked through the Castro for a bit and then headed back to his place to watch movies and hang out.  Made for a relaxing and fun Friday night.  

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon at Jen (my friend/co-workers) and Dave's house for a nice little dinner party. We drank some very tasty margarita's, ate some delicious food, and gorged ourselves on Jenn's homemade Queen Anne Raspberry Chocolate cake with homemade coco butter frosting.  Yes, you should take a shot of insulin just thinking about this amazingly tasty desert!  It was fantastic!  After the party, I headed into the city to hang out with Kevin.  We went off to one of his friends places for a fun night of playing Balderdash and X-Box!  Hehehehe, that was a lot of fun!

On Sunday, I rested :-)

And today, I'm packing for my 2 week trip back to the East Coast. So with that, I bid you well!!

All the best,


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