May 2005

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May 27, 2005: Well, today I gave my notice to vacate to Emerald Park Apartments. I've had a pretty good stay here over the past four years, but the time has come for me to say "good-bye bitches!" and leave this place. The whole Dublin area is starting to get a not so good feel to it for me. Maybe it's the graffiti that I"m starting to see that looks like gang markings to me. Maybe it's the amount of traffic/congestion/development going on here. Well, whatever it is, I'm done with it. Oh yeah, and the 45 minute commute to work, that'll be a thing of the past soon :)

So, Saturday June 25, I'll be moving to within a short distance of my office down in Milpitas. I'm thinking of the North San Jose, Santa Clara area. There are tons of apartments there and I've been looking around. I've got it down to North Park Apartments (they have 4 commutes there) and Archstone Apartments. I think I'm going to end up at Archstone, just because the apartments are bigger and a little nicer there, though I think the North Park apartments would be interesting to live in just because they are their own micro-town. Hehehe, we'll see.


May 24, 2005:


Today Tim and Suzanne found out that Suzanne will be giving birth to a boy! I am so psyched!! I'm going to be an uncle and I'm going to have a nephew :) I'm pretty sure that the name has been picked out and that this picture is of Seth Rodney Penziner! Hehehehe, how cool is that? (I'll tell ya, it's pretty cool)!

More updates to follow :)

Happy Uncle Scott

May 19, 2005:

Well, it's 3:25 AM and I just got back from seeing the midnight showing of Star Wars III! It was awesome!!

I went with Daniel Romine and his friends (all juniors/seniors in high school). We met up around 9:00 PM and then headed off to the theatre. We got good seats and spent

the next few hours hanging out and being entertained by the various fanatic fans who showed up dressed in their Star Wars garb and brandashing their light sabers. Hehehe, some of them even had the new $150 light sabers which were pretty cool! LOL, not sure they were worth the money, but then again, I sure want one :) Hehehe, all I'm gonna say about the movie is that it was AWESOME! Speilberg redeemed himself with this one :D Go see it!!!


May 17, 2005: Well last week was a good week. Tuesday through Thursday night I was out in Denver, CO for work. I had a really visit out there and has a lot of good experiences that I think are going to work out well for me in the not too distant future. Hehehe, more on that in the near future (I hope).

Friday night I hosted the second poker night of 2005. Seems like we've all be really busy and our gatherings have been far and few between this year, but we fixed that :) Alex, Al, Ryan, Tim, Tony, Simon and I all got together for some cards. We started playing around 7:00 PM and ended sometime around midnight or so (LOL, I was pretty hammered so time was not a big factor in my mind at that point). Hahaha, and neither was my game. I lost about $30 that night, but it was worth it. It was a lot of fun and great to have everyone together :)

Saturday, well, I was pretty much wiped out from the night before, so I didn't get a lot accomplished. I did manage to clean the apartment, clean the grill, and clean my car (so I guess I was cleaning mood :). Oh yeah, I did end up returning the LG surround sound system that I had purchased earlier on in the week. It was working just fine, but was basically too much power/bass for my apartment. In the near future, I think that I'm going to end up going down the route of purchasing a receiver and some decent floor speakers. This way, I get some really nice sound, not a TON of bass, and I'll be working with a system that I can build upon in the future when I need more power (har har har!).

Sunday (feeling much better and rested up), I headed over to San Mateo where I met up with Justin for breakfast. We went to Stacks in Burlingame and had a good meal there. Afterwards, I dropped him off so that he could go to work and I headed out to Half Moon Bay. I would eventually end up in Pacifica where I swung in the Nor-Cal Surf Shop and pick up a couple of t-shirts and then continue my journey along the coast. That night, I watched The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad on FOX. LOL, a good night for TV :)

Monday was Paul Barnes birthday! I wish I was closer so that I could have taken him out for dinner or something, but I had to settle with just talking to him. Hehehe, but that's ok, cause I'll be seeing him in two weeks anyway's! I'm really looking forward to that!

Wednesday night, I'm going to see the midnight showing of Star Wars with Daniel Romine and his friends. Hehehe, should be fun :)

And that's about it for now. Hope all is good in your world :)


May 8, 2005: Well it was a really nice quiet weekend. Just what the doctor ordered :) On Saturday morning, after getting up late and having a walk and a nice breakfast, I went over to Pleasanton to join the Romine family at the local high school to watch Kevin Romine play in the last lacrosse of the season.

Kevin Romine #59

This was my first time watching a lacrosse game and damn it was fun to watch! Heheh, as Rick, Kevin's dad, observed "boys running around throwing a ball at each other and then whacking each other with sticks. What could be more fun?!?" LOL, too funny!

Well, it sure looked like everyone enjoyed themselves and the players certainly get a good work out running around the field.

Though the 'good guys' lost this game, they put up a good fight!

After the game, I took off and ended up at Circuit City where after about 2 hours of testing out surround sound systems I ended up picking up one for home. It's a nice little system from LG electronics and for under $400 it's a nice system (blew away the Sony system, in my opinion, for the price). That afternoon, I set it up and kicked back and watched a movie or two.

Sunday I spent the entire day over at the Parikh family household. Jill, Ashish, Nikhil and I spent the morning together (after enjoying a tasty breakfast) and that afternoon were joined by Jill's mom Irene and her boyfriend David. That night Ashish cooked up some filet mignons and rib eye steaks on the grill and served 'em up with all of the fixings. Irene backed a 'sunken chocolate souffle' that was heavenly. It was a great way to spend the day :)

This week I'll be in Denver Tues-Thursday for work. And that's about it :)


May 7, 2005: Well was offline for about 5 hours last night as I had it transferred to a new UNIX server with lots more storage. My site is hosted by Cedant Web Hosting and I've been using them for a few years now. As a customer, I've been VERY happy with the service I've received from them :)

Last night, I hung out with Alex Hutchenson. He come down from Brentwood so I made up some dinner. I made risotto with asparagus & capers, and did a surf and turf on the grill of salmon (in lemon and dill) and a rib eye steak. We washed all that down with a couple of beers and spent the rest of the evening hanging out and playing cards together. A great way to spend a night :)

Ok, I'm off to take a walk and get some exercise :)

May 6, 2005: Not too much going on. I did some minor updates to the journal entries below (heheh, cleaned up all of those typo's which occurred when I was typing at 1:00 AM). Also added in the set list for the NIN show.

No major plans for this weekend. Hahah, I know, that's not the norm for me, but that may actually be kind of nice. Just chill and take it easy. I do want to catch up on some reading, so this could be a good time to do that.

May 4, 2005: On Monday morning, we headed down to Monterey. After walking around Fisherman's Wharf for a bit and watching the seals, we headed back up North via Route 1 and stopped off at Capitola for about an hour or so. After touring the town and having lunch on the beach side restaurant Zelda's, we continued our journey North via Route 9.

This windy ride through the redwoods was a lot of fun, as I let Porky drive and got to be a passenger as someone else put the GTI to the test. Hehehe, it was a lot of fun and it was a picture perfect day (as noted above) to be driving through the mountains of Santa Cruz.

Eventually, we would end up in San Francisco, cruising around the city. We went up to Twin Peaks where we got an awesome view of the city. LOL, Porky was beginning to worry me as he contemplated the damage a deranged mind with a .50 caliber sniper rifle could inflict from this vantage point. Luckily, he wasn't armed, and we were able to escape without incident :-)

On Tuesday, we ended up back in San Francisco. This time, we visited the Haight Street district and did some shopping. Afterwards, it was off to Fisherman's Wharf for a little taste of 'tourist city' and the we visited The Metreon to check out what new toys Sony had to offer. Hehe, we also took another picture from the Sony store using their webcam demo. You can see our first one which we took back in October 1999 which was when Porky was out here last. <grunt> The quality isn't as good as they have the camera enclosed in a plastic protective dome (probably to keep it from getting stolen). Oh well, still pretty cool :)

Just as we were leaving the Metreon, I got a call from Justin. He was in the city and wanted to see what we were up to. Well, we decided to meet up for a beer right across the street at Chevy's. This was kind of nice since I hadn't seen Justin n about two weeks :) We hung out there for about an hour and after that, Porky and I headed back to Dublin. That night, we put some buffalo wings and rib eye steaks on the grill and had our last meal of the trip together :)

On Wednesday morning, I dropped Porky off at Oakland Airport at 6:30 AM. At 7:00 PM ET, he arrived safe and sound back in New York.

LOL, if you weren't able to figure it out, we had an AWESOME time together!!! Hehehe, total amount of mileage added to my car during his visit = 1350 miles! We certainly covered a lot of territory together and for me, the best part of the whole visit was just having him here in CA with me. I hope that one day soon, he ends up coming back out for another visit that ends up lasting a few years.... we'll see :-)

On Tuesday, my Noni (Sally Penziner) turned 88! Here she is with my brother Tim. Doesn't she look amazing for someone who is 88? I certainly think so :-) For Noni's birthday, Tim, Suzanne, Aunt Berniece, my nephew Michael and his wife all took Noni out to lunch. I certainly wish I could have been there but I look forward to visiting her the next time I'm out East.

Well, that's about it for now. I certainly hope that all is going well in your part of the world :-) Drop me a line and let me know what's up! :D


May 1, 2005: Well, three days and 940 miles later, Porky and I have returned home from quite an awesome adventure!

The adventure started on Thursday night when Porky and I went to see NIN at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco. We got there around 6:30 and waited in line for about 30 minutes before they opened the doors. Happily the rain had stopped earlier in the afternoon and it was really nice out. We got into the theatre and grabbed a couple of $5.50 Foster beers which we sucked down before the show started (unfortunately for us, they don't allow beer on the show floor).

We got to our first set of seats (right next to the sound board on the balcony!) and watched the opening act. The Dresiden Dolls were great! They are a two person

act; one on the drums and one on the keyboard, but the music they produced was excellent! They were a good choice for an opening band. Well, after about an hour, they left the stage and shortly thereafter, Trent Reznor and crew took over. All I can say is that is was a fucking AWESOME show!! They played non-stop for just over two hours and the music was amazing. I couldn't believe just how much energy Trent still has (cause he's been around for a while now), but suffice to say, he's still got it. Here is the set list from the 4/27/05 show at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco:

1. Intro (Besides You In Time/sans voiceover)
2. Love Is Not Enough
3. You Know What You Are
4. March Of The Pigs
5. The Line Begins To Blur
6. Piggy
7. Terrible Lie
8. The Collector
9. Closer/The Only Time
10. Home
11. Burn
12. Gave Up
13. With Teeth
14. Even Deeper
15. Wish
16. Hurt
17. Getting Smaller
18. The Hand That Feeds
19. Starfuckers Inc.
20. Head Like A Hole

After the show, we took the BART back to Dublin and did a midnight BBQ of tri-tip steak on the grill :) Hehehe good way to end the night.

Late Friday morning, we took off and headed down to Southern, CA to meet up with Adam "Skinny Daug" Arnold. Over the last few months, Adam got hired on full time at Nickelodeon (a great opportunity for him) and so he invited us to come down and meet him at the studio so that we could get a tour of the place. This was an opportunity I was looking forward to :-)

We arrive in Burbank, CA around 3:30. We checked in at the front desk and while waiting for Adam to come and get us, we ran into Justin Baker. Justin is a really good friend of Adam's and I've had the pleasure of hanging out with him on a few occasions during my visits to SoCal. Justin was 'the man' who helped Adam get his foot in the door at the studio and he has continue to help Adam learn the ropes (which is great!).

Justin took some time and showed us around his office for a bit. His team does pre-production screen work for just about all of the productions that are created there. We got a sneak peak at a few cartoons that are being worked on and now I'm looking forward to the release of a few new series that are coming out.

After hanging out with Justin for about 30 minutes, we all went searching for Adam and we found him hard at work in his office. Heheh, so I greated him in my usual fashion, snuck up behind him and scared the crap out of him :) Hehehe, I was rewarded with my usual punch in the arm (and then a great big hug! :) He then took us on a great tour of the studio. We got to see the teams who were creating some new cartoons for the studio (which look like they are going to be great) and just about the entire office complex. It was really neat to get a behind the scenes glimpse at the studio. It looks like a great place to work!

After about an hour at the office, we kicked out and headed back to the house. There we met up with Meredith and then we all headed out to dinner at a vegan restaurant named "Follow Your Heart". LOL, I had already warned Porky that we were going there, so he was mentally prepared to try his first vegan meal. Heheh, he did great and although it wasn't quite the same, he ate just about all of his meatless "meatball sub" :-) I thoroughly enjoyed my veggie ruben and I split it with Adam who had the soy cheese burger :-) Hey, it was a healthy dinner!

After dinner, it was off to Doug's house where we would spend the rest of the 'hazy' evening playing darts, drinking beer and having a grand old time! It was really good to be able to spend some time w/Doug, Adam and the crew :)

The next morning, we all went out for breakfast before Porky and I headed off to our next destination, Long Beach. Our destination there was West Coast Choppers.

We got down to the West Coast Choppers shop around 1:00 PM. Waiting for us were a couple of Porky's friends of whom he had met online via the WCC message boards. Christian aka "Biker Diva" and her friend Joanne were really nice and we chatted with them as we walked around the showroom and gawked at the bikes :)

There were about 2 dozen or so bikes on display there and I have to admit that some of them were pretty amazing. The amount of detail and work that goes into designing one of these machines is amazing. They are a far cry from any stock bikes on the road today.

Click on any of the pictures of the bikes to see a larger version.

The detailed engraving on the engines or the custom paint job on the tanks are pretty amazing. Seeing one of these machines in person is really the only way to truly appreciate the work that goes into creating one of these custom rides.

Porky beside one of Jessie Jame's personal bikes

Jesse James in the shop (photo from WCC site)

Well seeing the bikes and being at the shop was pretty cool, but we were in for an amazing treat. Turns out "Biker Diva" is friends with Jessie and was text messaging him while we were in the shop. As we stepped outside, we went across the street to the building which houses Jessie's personal shop. As we were standing outside of the gate pictured below, who should come out riding a custom built chopper bicycle, but Jessie himself!

He talked to the girls for a minute or two as Porky and I respectfully stayed back. After another minute, Porky approached the gate and spoke to Jessie. As they chatted a small crowd of people started to gather and you could tell that Jessie really didn't want to be around a crowd. So what did he do? Well, he cracked open the gate and invited the four of us to go back into his private garage with him and hang out for a bit!!!!!! How fucking cool was that!?!?! (pretty damn fucking cool!). We spent about an hour hanging out with Jessie. He showed us around the shop and we got to see a really cool bike that he is working on. Out of respect of his privacy, I won't post details about the project, suffice to say, it's going to be pretty cool when it's done.

After about an hour of hanging out and watching Jessie work, it was time for us to take off. We thanked him for allowing us this glimpse into his world and then took our leave. This shot of Porky next to the trailer was taken just outside of Jessie's garage :-)

Cisco and Jesse (photo from WCC site)

Well, after that experience, Porky went back to the shop to place an order with Mark who runs the parts department (here's a shot of Mark from just before we went out back with Jessie). Porky is looking to build his own custom chopper and since there was a good sale going on, there was no time like the present to stock up on a part or two.

We stepped into Mark's office and while he and Porky worked on the order, I sat on the floor petting Cisco, the mascot of WCC. LOL, this pup was pretty tired and barely opened his eyes as I pet him. His is a big ol' pit bull and yes, he still has his nuts. I (guess he's been known to breed a few bitches and is the father of a few pups out there :) Well today, he was pretty mellow and just snoozing.

And shortly thereafter, we took our leave of WCC and the Long Beach area. Needless to say, this was one visit that I don't think Porky (or me for that fact) will be forgetting anytime soon :-) Oh yeah, and Diva, thanks again for the awesome "Diva Snacks"! Those cookies were awesome!

After leaving Long Beach, it was about an hour and a half drive down to Vista where we met up with Sean Joyce and Stacey! It was great to see the two of them. I hadn't seen Sean since 2000 and the last time I saw Stacey was in 2002, just before she moved to CA. They are living in a nice condo just outside of Oceanside.

That night, we went out for a really nice dinner at a local Mexican joint. Afterwards, we went back to the house where Sean and I polished off two good bottles of wine that I brought down to share. We just hung out and talked the night away, and that was a great way to spend the evening.

The next morning, we all went out and grabbed some breakfast. Afterwards, we thanked our kind hosts for putting us up for the night and then Porky and I took off and headed North. We'd spent most of the afternoon cruising around Hollywood and the surrounding area (Santa Monica and Sunset Blvd's). Around 5:00 PM, we began our journey back up to Nor Cal and we got back to Dublin around 10:00 PM. Total miles added to the GTI from Friday to Sunday night = 940 miles! :D


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