May 2006

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May 8, 2006: Had a good weekend. On Saturday hung out with Benny and we went down along the coast for the day. He got here around 10 and we headed down to Montery. Neither one of us had been to the aquarium in a while, so that was our destination. We had a good time kicking around the place. Saw some cool sharks and stuff, but my favorite display is still the jellyfish. They are so cool to watch and the way that they have them setup in the tanks w/the black lights is awesome. I'd love to do that in a room in my house one day and who knows, I just might!

After that, we had a killer lunch at one of the local restaurants and afterwards, we cruised up the coast to Capitola where we took a walk on the beach amongst the others who were out enjoy the sunny day. All in all, it made for a really nice day out!

On Sunday, I worked at Rosenblum and afterwards went over to Ashish and Jill's place for dinner where we were joined by their friends Michael and his parter Gene who were in from TX. We had a fanstastic meal and enjoyed a bottle or two of wine together before I took off for home and crashed out.

This week has been a good one. Busy at work and trying to enjoy some of this nice weather afterwards.

May 3, 2006: Hah! I made a journal entry BEFORE the end of the month. What an accomplishment :)

Well looks like the weather in CA has decided to skip spring and go right to summer. LOL, it's awesome! The sun it out and the rain is gone! LOL, not that I don't like the rain, but after 3 months of it, it's good to have the sun back. I look forward to spending a lot more time outdoors! Hehehe, that means a lot less time on the computer.

Hehehe, so for a few months, I became a true gaming geek. Played lots of World of Warcraft and as of last week, finally made it to level 60 with my dwarf paladin Busterian. He's on server Kalecogs and is my first character to reach 60. Heheh, for all of you non-gamers, this is unimportant geek stuff :) LOL it all translates to me spending too much time online. Well, that's going to dwindle down now that the sun is back out :)

So my lease is up at the end of June and I'm contemplating at mover closer or into San Francisco. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I'm pretty sure I want to move closer to SF. Santa Clara is nice, but my rent is going to go up 13% (that's from $1405 to $1575) a month and I figure I might as well look around.

Yes, yes, yes, I know I should by a house instead of renting, but in the SF Bay Area, you can't touch a house for under $525K and condo's aren't much better (matter of fact, condo's in Santa Clara are $500K). Right now, the lifestyle I want to live (be able to travel and eat food other than beans and rice) does not support me buying a house/condo in this area. I also don't think I want to move out of CA (or live 2 hours away from the Bay Area) just to buy a house. IF if was going move out of CA, I'd consider living in Denver, CO or somewhere back in New England, but for right now, I'm staying in CA.

Not too much going on this week, other than work (and a lot of it). My manager is going to be on special assignment outside of the country for about a month and during this time, I'm going to be backfilling his role. So the following announcement went out on Monday:

"Scott Penziner will assume the role of Acting Global Director of Customer Advocacy. Scott is currently working in the capacity of Customer Advocacy Americas Lead, but will now be taking a global lead as the single point of executive contact for high severity customer issues."

LOL, now that's an announcement to come back from vacation too :P Should make for an interesting month at work :)

My nephew is doing fantastic. Hard to believe he had full bypass open heart surgery last week. Check out these cute picts of him!

And that's about it for now. I hope all is going well in your world!


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