May 2007

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May 2007: Sooooooooo, May was a pretty good month.

During the second week of the month, I went out to Kentucky to see Kevin Barnes. He recently moved to KY from FL to take on a new job working with the TV/AV crew at Fort Knox. He's been there for a few weeks now and so far he's enjoying the work. He's rented a nice house about 15 minutes away from work and it's really nice. Has plenty of room, a huge back yard for Gus to run around in, and some nice neighbors! On one of our nights, we took a ride up to Louisville and did a little eating of some BBQ and exploring of the city. It's a nice city. It's mostly dominated by the college and is a mixture of a lot of 'new' with a little bit of 'old'. I think that if you were living in the older 'brownstone' section (which is being slowly renovated) it would be pretty cool, otherwise, I'd probably want to be in one of the more up and coming suburbs just outside of the city.

Towards the end of the visit, William "Spidey" Wright drove down from OH (which was very cool of him) for a day so that we could hang out together and do some exploring of "bourbon country". Our first stop was the Jim Beam distillery. I've got to say, Jim Beam was a bit of a disappointment. Other than a nice gift shop, they really didn't have much to offer. Their tour was a self guided one that was crap. They do show u a 14 minute movie on the history of Jim Beam, but even that was unimpressive. The tasting room consisted of a room in the family house which has a woman behind a card table with two bottles on top of it, pouring tastes of Beam and Basil Hayden's. All in all, a let down....

Our second stop made up for it thought. We went to the Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center. Now this place rocked! They have an amazing setup where you can easily spend an hour learning about the history of bourbon (and yes, it's interesting!). After that, we were taken on a 30 minute tour of the bourbon barns where we received a very informative education on the making and storing of bourbon. After that, it was back to their center where we go to go into the tasting room where we were treated to two tasting's of some very tasty bourbon as an education on how to taste liquor (it does differ from wine folks!). All in all, THIS place provided the experience that I would have expected from Jim Beam. It was very impressive.

All in all, I had a great visit with Kevin. I sure do miss visiting him down in the Virgin Islands (LOL who wouldn't!?!) but he's just an awesome person to hang out with no matter where he is (much like his brother Paul :). I look forward to the next time we are able to get together.

Life here in San Francisco is good. I'm still enjoying the city experience but at the same time realize that I'm probably not going to be here for more than another year. After that I'm either going to move to a quieter part of the city, a different party of the bay area or somewhere all together new! Hahahah maybe I'm getting that 8 year itch. Maybe I just need a boyfriend (and yeah I think I posted this before but Justin and I are no longer an item. We're just two good friends living together now and he's living in the back bedroom). Who knows. Time will tell... but in the mean time, I intend to keep smiling and enjoy what life has to offer.



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