May 2008

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May 26, 2008: Heheh so just just got back from a crazy 5 day trip to FL for Paul "Dubbah" Barnes bachelor party. It was quite the fun trip. I flew out there on Wednesday morning, arriving in FL around 6:30 PM. Once I got there, I drove out to the Barnes' house in Cape Coral (only 30 min from the Fort Myers airport) and met up with Paul, his dad Stan, his dad's friend Mick, and our friends Brian, and Dan. After catching up for a few, it was off to dinner at Hooters! LOL, we were all in the mood for chicken wings 'n beer (and some of the guys were also interested in those pretty waitresses), so we ordered 100 naked 911 all drums and a few pitchers of beer and made a meal out of it :)

Paul and Stan with our waitress. Hmmm, does her shirt look a little small or something? :)

Hahah, Paul's "Life is Good" shirt. Just what is that guy fishing for? Owls? :)

Hahah, well there wasn't a wing or drop of beer left before we left, and afterwards, we kicked it back at the house before finally calling it a night. (I got to bed around 4 am! Woot for being on PT!)

On Thursday, Kevin (Paul's brother) and Chuck (Mick's son), flew in and joined us at the house around noon. For lunch we headed out to Cheeseburger in Paradise in Fort Myer's where we consumed some tasty burgers, margaritas and beers.

Mick, Chuck, Paul, Brian, Dan, Penz, Kevin and Stan! The gangs all here!! :)

After that, we'd spend the afternoon doing some shopping. We headed out to Bass Pro Shop where we all got our fishing licenses as well as a few other goodies. Luckily, we didn't have to buy any gear as Stan and Mick actually drove down from NH and brought all of the tackle, rods, reels, etc. we'd need. After that, it was off to the grocery and liquor store where we'd stock up on food and drink stuff. LOL we didn't quite get enough beer or rum, cause each night we'd be back to get another 3 cases of beer and another 750L bottle of Cruzan rum. Yeah..... we did drink a lot :) That night we grilled up some rib eye steaks and fresh corn on the grill and served it up with some garlic cuscus while we sat around the pool, drinking until the early hours of the morning (I got to bed around 3 am!)

The next morning, we'd hit Dunkin Donuts for some ice coffees with the hopes that they would cut through the fog of the night before. We then saddled up and took Paul for a drive. He didn't know where we were going, or what we were going to do and this was the one 'surprise' event of the grip. After driving for about 45 minutes, we arrived at a small grass field airport out in the middle of nowhere for some skydiving! Hahah, he was definitely caught off guard (which IS the point of a surprise, isn't it!?!), and he was pretty excited! After checking in, we found that there was only one instructor on duty that day (the other called out sick or something), so it was going be an all afternoon event to get those who wanted to/could jump to do so. Paul was the first one to prep and go up for a jump and when he came down, he had that classic huge shit eating grin on his face that just about all who try skydiving have. Hehehe, it's a pretty amazing feeling :) Next up was Brian, and his jump went just as smooth and he came down with the same grin. Kevin was up next, but the winds had picked up so we had about an hour delay. During that time, a couple of us drove into town to pickup a couple of six packs and a sandwich to snack on. When we got back, Kevin was just getting ready to head up. Just when he got up there and they were at altitude, the winds got pretty sketchy and 10 seconds before the jump, the instructor called it off because the winds were too screwy. Suffice to say, Kevin was a bit disappointed, but it's safety first when it comes to jumping out of a perfectly safe aircraft :) And so, that would end our day of skydiving.

Kevin and Paul "suited up" and ready to go!

That night, we'd spend another evening around the grill where we got to enjoy some damn tasty venison and caribou roasts that Mick brought down from NH. Damn, those were tasty. Oh yeah, kiss off another 3 cases of beer and another jug-o-rum! (LOL I got to bed around 11:30 pm. An early night :)

Saturday we headed down to the Four Winds Marina down on Pine Island. We got there at 7:30 am and picked up our two 21' boats. By 8:00 am we were loaded up and and headed out on the bay for a fun day of fishing.

Captain Stan and first mate Paul preparing to shove off!

Though they weren't biting, Paul was fishing right up to the last moment. Yeah, it was a fun day :)

Maybe this is why we weren't catching any fish :)

LOL we were out on the water until 3:30 PM and though we didn't catch many fish, we had a fun time of being out at sea for day. Chuck brought in the best fish of the day which was a nice sized Red Fish. Other than that, we caught a few catfish and couple of small sea trout.

After we returned the boats, we headed back home. I ran to the store with Chuck to pick up the fixin's for dinner, and during that time, Kevin 'acquired' some coconuts from the neighbors tree and fixed up some tasty rum drinks for us to enjoy :)

Paul and Mick enjoying a tasty drink and a cigar by the pool

That night, I grilled up some corn, cheese burgers (each one had blue, sharp cheddar and pepper jack cheese on 'em) and served em up with all the fixin's (tomatoes, grilled onions and lettuce), and french fries. Yep, more beer and rum were consumed in mass quantities, and we'd all hit the hay just before midnight.

On Sunday, we found ourselves back down at the water were where chartered 2 boats and 2 captains to take us out fishing for the day. The goal was to land some Tarpon fish, but sadly, they weren't cooperating too much. Our captains weren't too bad as they were able to put us on the fish a few times, but the fish didn't feel like biting. We would end up catching a few mackerel and catfish, but by 1:30 when we headed back in, all we had were some good tans and slight hint of 'bitterness'. Ahhh well. It was still made for a fun day.

Brian and Penz scanning the waters for the elusive Tarpon. (stupid fish!)

That afternoon we killed a few more hours by the pool before we cleaned up and headed down to the Cape Harbor marina. It was a gorgeous night out and we put down a few drinks (including some tasty rum runners) at an outdoor bar called The Joint. Hahah, happily for the crew, there were a bunch of hot ladies around to gawk at for a bit while we listened to the live band and relaxed.

Back: Mick, Kevin, Dan, Chuck - Front: Brian, Penz, Paul and Stan - Boat Drinks!!

For dinner, we walked over to headed over to Rumrunners. LOL definitely one of the 'funnier' meals, I don't think any of us were on our best behavior. The waitress who took care of us was a little hottie and there was enough drunken testosterone at the table to get us arrested. Heheh, happily, Sarah was a good sport and was easily able to handle us (though we thought Dan was going to get bound and gagged by nights end... not that he wouldn't have liked that). We at well (of course). I had the boneless buffalo wings served in a Gorgonzola creme and the seafood pot pie. Others enjoyed the tuna poke, caribbean bronzed salmon, chicken fettuccini carbonara, seafood paella, rib eye steaks, a couple of deserts and a pluther of tasty drinks before we finally headed out.

The last supper! Are those 'drinks' on the table?!?

We'd make it back home around 10:00 where more beer consumption started. I sadly didn't drink much that night (as I had to drive) or when I got home (since I had to be up at 4:00 AM the next day to catch my 6:30 AM flight out), but I think I had enough alcohol in my system for help me make it though the night :). I bade my farewells and was zonked out on the air mattress by 11:30.

I'd like to give special thanks to Kevin for putting in the time and effort of setting up all of the events for us, Stan for letting us use the house, Mick for bringing the tasty caribou and venison roasts, Stan/Mick for driving all of the fishing gear down from NH, and the rest of the crew for just being a great group of guys. Other than E and Porky who couldn't make it, we had a great crew and I'd be happy to party it up with any/all of them again :) Heheh, now that I think of it, we all will be doing that in about a month when we regroup for the wedding! :)

On Monday morning, I made it to the airport on time and caught my 6:30 AM flight which took me to Houston, TX and then eventually back to San Francisco. I took BART from the airport to SF, and I walked though my front door around 1 PM. Hehehe, I think I was almost as excited to see Clarice as she was too see me :) I ate some lunch, unpacked and threw some laundry into the wash before I camped out on the couch w/Clarice. We'd spend the afternoon on the couch where I did some reading, and watching TV (all while trying not to fall asleep. LOL I was pretty beat!). It was nice to have a little quiet alone time and since Justin in now traveling 4 days a week for work, I'll be getting quite a bit of that. I ended up crawling into my big ol' comfy king sized bed (it is soooo much better than the air mattress I slept on for 5 nights) and was asleep before 9 PM :)

May 15, 2008: Hahah, ok, so I'll be updating May shortly. I just did a huge update to April. Go back and check it out :)


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