May 2010

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May 4, 2010:I got back from my trip to San Francisco on Sunday morning. Let's see what I can remember :)

On Thursday 4/22, after work, I headed down to Wakefield, MA to my brothers house. That night, I took Tim, Suzanne and Seth out to dinner for a really nice sushi dinner. We had a delicious meal and it was a lot of fun watching them try some sushi that they had never had before. I was pretty impressed that they tried everything, included the uni (sea urchin). LOL by the end of the meal, there wasn't a single piece left over and everyone was stuffed :)

The next morning, Tim took me to the airport and after I checked in, I got to see Bill "Spidey" Wright for a about a 1/2 hour. He works for JetBlue and it was nice to be able to hang out w/him before I took off. Shortly thereafter, I flew from BOS to SFO and arrived safe 'n sound in CA around 1:00 PM. I took BART into the city and soon I was at the doorstep of my old building. Hahah, yeah, it was a little bit surreal as I went into my wallet and took out my old key to open the gate and head on in. I was greeted by Chris Land and the pups Odin and Tariff :) A wee bit later, we headed out to lunch to Mission Beach Cafe. Hehehe, it was a fun lunch, as the entire staff came over to say hi and give me a big hug throughout lunch. Such a great group of people; I really do miss them and of course, their tasty delicacies :) I had the pulled pork sandwich with a side of bacon for lunch. An appropriately delicious first meal back in CA :)

After lunch, I hung out with Chris for a few hours and 6 pm, Eric Chamberlain came over and picked me up. We would spend the next few hours hanging out, grabbing some dinner, and catching up and around 9:30,I headed back to 14th St. to crash out.

On Saturday, I made breakfast for the boys and hung out with Matte, Matt, and Chris for a bit. Then Matte and I decided to head to the beach and we went to Baker Beach in the Presidio near the Golden Gate bridge. We walked around and of course, ended up down by the nude section. We then decided what the hell, and did a little nude sun bathing for a hour or so. Heheheh it was a really nice way to spend a few hours and of course being with Matte just made it that much nicer :)

Penz enjoying some sun at Baker Beach

Matte Zovich at Baker Beach

Later on that afternoon, I met up with Eric and hung out w/him for a couple of hours and that evening, it was off to Brian Mayer's new apartment in Oakland for a house warming party. It was a really fun night as I got to see Brian's sweet new apartment as well as most of the "crew". Many beers were consumed and a good time was had by all :)

Matte, Ben, Matt, Tim, Noam, Kevin and Dave - all modeling Brian's ties :)

On Sunday, it was a nice mellow start to the day. For breakfast, it was a pot of coffee along with some tasty homemade cornbread with pancetta in it that Matt made. Hehehe a tasty way to start the day. That afternoon, we all headed down to Gloria (Matt's sister) and Robin's place in Los Altos for an afternoon/evening of feasting with the rest of the Consola clan.

Robin and Gloria have a beautiful house that they had built from the ground up and it's been coming along quite nicely. The backyard is a developing work in progress and Robin has been having a lot of fun doing his gardening. He and Ralph both have an amazing green thumb and they both inspire me to see what I can do once I get back to my place in NH.

The meal that afternoon was simply amazing. Lots of tasty appetizers came out of the kitchen including endive leaves stuffed with blue cheese and raisins with balsamic vinegar - lox and cucumber slices - parmesan cheese crisps - duck wrapped in bacon stuffed with jalapeno's and cream cheese (yeah, these were amazing!). And dinner included 2 seasoned pork tenderloins with lots of tasty fixings on the side. Dessert was an amazing cake from Tartine in San Francisco. Great food, wine and company.... can't ask for a better way to spend a day :)

On Monday, I went and saw the movie "How to Tame Your Dragon" in 3D by myself at the IMAX theatre. It was amazing!!! I can't wait for this to come out on DVD so that I can own it and watch it a few more times :)

Later on that evening, Eric came over and picked me up and I'd end up spending pretty much the rest of the week with him. And yeah, I really enjoyed my time with him :) Highlights of the week together included a coastal trip down to Santa Cruz on Tuesday, a day in the city on Wednesday with the afternoon at Rocket World, and just hanging out in SF on Thursday.

Friday morning I headed back to 14th street and hung out with Chris for the afternoon. That evening, Matte, Ben and I would hang out and have dinner at Espetus - a Brazilian Steak House (so good!). Late that evening Eric picked me up and I'd get to spend my last night in SF with him :)

Saturday morning, headed back to 14th Street and spent most of the day relaxing, doing laundry, running an errand or two. That afternoon, Chris and Mimi came into the city and we'd end up having lunch at Q Restaurant and Wine Bar. It was really nice to see the both of them and we had a nice time hanging out for a few hours. And then, later on that evening, Matt Consola would drop me off at SFO and around 9:30 PM, I took the red-eye flight back to BOS. All in all, a very nice trip back to San Francisco.

Tim picked me up at 6AM and we'd go back to his house for a bit before I took off and headed back up to NH. When I got back to Dover, I went to the grocery store to pick up some fresh food stuffs along with all of the fixings for a tasty breakfast and then headed over to Paul and Kara's to pick up Clarice. I hung out there for about an hour or so and made them a big ol' breakfast as part of my way of saying thank you for watching my lil geel for a week. After that, we headed back to my house :)

Hahah, spring is like Christmas when it comes to seeing what will blossom/bloom around the house. I gotta say, a lot happened in the 9 days I was gone and it was beautiful :)

That afternoon, I spent a few hours w/my neighbors mower cutting the grass and doing a little yard work before I finally was just exhausted and called in quits :)


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