May 1997

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May 27, 1997: Ahhh, well I hope that everyone had a very relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I sure know that I did. On Friday, Mark "Hummer'" Hamel and I drove up to Port Clyde, ME to meet up with Paul, Porky, Dana and Heather for a weekend of R&R. The four hour drive up was uneventful and because we didn't leave until 8:00 pm on Friday night, there was no traffic - nice surprise! The weather on Saturday was perfect. Spent most of the day laying out and getting some sun, drinking, eating, and smokin' (which caused us to go back to the eating stage!). Saturday afternoon, Dana and Heather showed up, and around 7:30 pm, Becky finally was able to make it up to our neck of the woods (she was long overdue to arrive at this port-of-call!). Saturday night was a blast! Paul Porky and Dana built a huge bonfire and thankfully, Heather was there to light it! It was an awesome blaze, and once it died down to a small inferno, we were actually able to break into the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers… that's right, s'mores on the beach! Yummmy! - Sunday was a bit cloudy and overcast, but we didn't let that dampen our fun. As a matter of fact, I think we made our own clouds, of smoke.. hmmm, just can't seem to remember! Heheheh, ok, that aside, Sunday was another great day of relaxing. Monday was again, a picture perfect day. Since I was sleeping out on the front lawn in my tent, I had the ocean and the sun as my alarm clock and was up around 8:00. Ahhh, was a pleasant way to wake up. Unfortunately, since I was snoring so loud that they actually could hear me from inside the house, I slept alone! Heheheh, I inherited that little trait from my father. Well, we spent the remainder of the day sunning ourselves and walking on the beach. Dana and Heather left mid-morning with Becky, Mark and I left around noon, and Paul and Porky left later on that afternoon. All in all, it was an awesome trip.

Well, Bill "Spidey" Wright had rejoined the Nashua clan. He moved in with Paul and Porky on Wednesday. It's great having him back up here and having him around will certainly liven up the summer. BTW, Bill also celebrated his 24th birthday yesterday, so Happy Birthday to ya bro!

Heard from my brother Tim. He's doing very well down on Calvin Klien's yacht as a mate and is having the time of his life. Right now, the motor yacht MoonFire is docked in Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Ahh, what a rough place to work…. Yeah, right! Heheheh, it's good to hear that he is doing well and having fun. No better way to live.

On the WWW front, I should have the opportunity to get some new pictures scanned in over the course of this week. I will post them as soon as this is done. There should be some good shots of the past weekend and also of my recent trip to CA.

And that, in very cloudy hazy way (referring to my memory, of course) is the week in review!

May 19, 1997: Well, first off, let me express my MAJOR disappointment with the season finale of the X-Files last night. I cannot believe that they killed of Fox Moulder with an 'apparent' suicide. I can only hope that this is some cruel joke and that he is not gone. There are too many unanswered questions and loose ends to have it all end up this way… aghhh…..

Ok, that off of my chest, I have a nice visit from my father and sister this weekend. They both came up on Sunday to say hi and have some lunch together. Saturday was mostly spent catching up up on some errands and just kinda kicking back for a bit.

Friday night, Paul celebrated his 24th birthday. Heheheh, the pup is another year older. Happy Birthday bro!

And since I'm really busy right now, that's all I'm gonna write. More soon..

May 15, 1997: I have returned, and what an excellent 11 days it has been. Let's see just how much I can remember of it, shall we?

On Sunday May 4, Paul and I arrived in Las Vegas to attend the Networld+Interop Show (one of the largest networking shows in the world). We stayed at Harrah's Casino (not too bad, but nothing special) and Sunday night we crashed early. Monday was spend setting up the booth and preparing for the show. Tuesday was opening day and it went fairly well for us. Our booth location did not generate a lot of traffic on the first day, but it wasn't too bad. Tuesday night, we attended a party at the Stratosphere. This 108 story building is shaped like a huge tower with a large dome at the top. Kinda looks like a 'space needle'. After drinking many free delicious margaritas, we headed to the roof and rode the world's highest roller coaster (105 stories up) and then got on this wacky ride which basically is the opposite of the free fall ride at great adventure. They strap you into this chair which seats four and then shoot you up 5 stories, outside, in about 1.5 seconds…. Oh boy, did I let out a scream on that one. Heheheheh, but it certainly was fun!

On Wednesday the show went a lot better for us and that night we attended an excellent party hosted by a company called NetSpeed. We received VIP passes to this event, and spent the evening listening to Three Dog Night, eating/drinking some excellent food/alcoholic beverages, and watching this incredible artist who paints portraits of famous people to music. This guy was incredible in how fast he worked, and how realistic his finished portraits were. I'll try and find out his name.

On Thursday, after the show was done, we broke down and were out of the convention center is exactly 50 minutes. A new record for us. That evening we went and saw a really cool 'Vegas show at the MGM Grand called EFX. This 'special effects' show was simply incredible. If you ever get the chance to see it, do it!

Friday, Dirk and Paul went back to NH and I headed out to CA to see one of my best friends, Mike Evans and his brother Keith. The next 5 days were awesome. I had an awesome visit while I was out there and the words satisfying, relaxed and comfortable only begin to describe how much fun I had. Ahhhh, it was very difficult to come home after spending a few days with those guys. As a matter of fact, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing here now! Heheheheh….

Upon my return home, I was picked up at the airport by my close friend Becky, and we spent the entire day just hanging out and catching up. Ahhhhh, it was an awesome way to end up and excellent vacation.

A special congratulations to my friends at Daniel Webster College who graduated this year: Josh "Junior" Nehiley, William "Spidey" Wright, and Blandon "Ceceil Turtle' Ray. Congratulations my friends! Four years of an experience you will never forget have come to an end. But, this is only the beginning of a greater adventure, one which will no doubt, lead to much happiness and success for all of you. I wish you all nothing but the best.

And that, in a tiny little green coconut shell, are the past 11 days in review…

May 1, 1997: Well, it's May already. Wow, is this year flying by or what? Talked to Bill "Spidey" Wright last night. There is a good chance that he may be moving back to this area over the summer. The company he is working for has a branch up here in Nashua and Bill has asked for a transfer. It sure would be cool if he got it.

Spoke with my brother Tim yesterday as well. He arrived safely to Ft. Lauderdale Beach and has begun his training aboard Calvin Klein's motor yacht "The MoonFire". Pretty sweet vessel from what I've seen of it. Hehehe, rough life, Tim. Really rough!

Spoke with Steve "Milkman" Mayo today. He is moving to a new location just outside of Haverhill, MA for a few weeks. He then will return to NY and await his orders to report to the Navy.

This weekend Paul Barnes and I will fly out with the our CEO Dirk Smith to Las Vegas to do the Networld+Interop show. This is the largest networking show in the word and is primarily based around Novell and Microsoft (Novell has the bigger presence here). We will be in Vegas from Sunday until Friday. Dirk and Paul will be home Friday night, where as I will fly out to Sacramento, CA to visit my bro' Mike Evans for 5 days. Rest assured, I will get no rest and while I'm out there and fun factor is going to be HIGH! Heheheh, ahhh it's a dog's life I lead and that sure does make it fun. I will try and post an update from there, but I hope you can forgive me if I don't.

My only regret about this trip is that I'm going to miss graduation at DWC and miss seeing Joshua "Junior" Nehiley walk across the stage. Congratulations Jr.!!


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