May 1998

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May 26, 1998:  Had a good memorial day weekend.  Took my motorcycle up to VT Sat-Sun to see some friends of mine.  Sunday, I came back and decided to do some painting.  Painted the entire 2nd floor of my town house.  Paul and Jon came over and made an awesome garlic and steaktips dinners (heheh, garlic marinated with meat!).  On Monday, I worked for most of the day and then did a little more painting. 

<yech>  I feel kinda drowsy.  Damn allergies! 

May 18, 1998:  Well, I had a really cool weekend.  Friday night, Hummer and I went to see Elton John at the Fleet Center in Boston.  It was AWESOME!  He came out on stage at 8:10 and played straight through until 10:30.  Then he did 2 encores, with the concert ending at 11:00 pm.  It was an incredible show!.  It  Saturday was Paul's birthday and I gathered the crew together for a night out on the town.  It ended up being Paul, Karrie, Dana, Jon, Becky, Dirk, Porky, and myself.  We started by having dinner in Nashua at the Texas BBQ House.  Mmm mm good.  We all had ribs for dinner and we all left with out bellies fat and full.  We then went to Shorty's for a few Jamacan Margarittas and then back to Paul's house for more drinking and smokin.  It was an awesome night! 

May 11, 1998:   Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I've made any entries, so let me bring ya up to speed on what I've been up to >:-).   The week before last, I was out in Los Angeles, CA on vacation.  I had an absolutely incredible time.  I stayed with two wonderful friends of mine, John and Joeseph, who were kind enough to put me up for my weeks stay.  John and I have know each other for about 4 years, having met when he signed on as engineer for Alexander LAN, Inc. (my previous employer).  He and Joeseph have a beautiful home out in Pasadena, which is aboue 25 minutes outside of LA proper. 

During my stay, I spent just about every day with Alexander and we had an awesome time together.  I got out there on Saturday, and he met me and Becky at the airport.  Becky went off on her own adventure with setting up NuMega's latest trade show, while Alex and I headed off to get the rental car and spend the rest of the afternoon together.  On Sunday, he had to work, so I spent some quality time visiting a good friend of mine, Matt who lives in Silverlake.  We spent the day together tooling around LA and eventually headed down to Venice Beach for the afternoon.  Later on that night, we had dinner at John and Joe's and just kinda hung out.  It was really good seeing him. 

Alex took off work Mon-Wed., so we decided to head down to San Diego.  We spent the afternoon in the Gaslight district down by the water as well as in Hillcrest (GayTown San Diego!).  We then went down to La Jolla and watched the sun go down from the beach.  (yes, it was quite a romantic setting :-).  We ended up spending the night in La Jolla.  The next day, we drove back up to LA and spent some time in West Hollywood.  On Wed., I called Pulhman Press Publishing, based out of LA, in order to see if I could get a poster of a print that I found in a book they did on Klaus Gerhart.  Well, when I called, I actaully found myself speaking to Klaus and we got to meet him in person while he was opening up his new gallery in downtown LA that morning!.  He is an incredbly nice person as well as an incredible talanted photographer.  We spent about an hour and a half with him and when I left, I left with an awesome gift in my hands.  A signed/framed original of the print that I wanted as a poster!!  I couldn't (and still) can't belive it! I'll post a picture of it up here soon. 

On Thursday, I just kicked back and relaxed for most of the day and then went down to Burke Williams (The spa Alex works at), got my eyebrows waxed (a first time for everything!) and sat in the hot tub/steam room for an hour.  That night, the two of us went out for a very memorable dinner in Old Town Pasadena at a very good Indian restaurnat. 

On Friday, John and I went down to Laguna Beach for the day and I had a terrific time with him.  We had lunch at a really nice outdoor cafe overlooking the beach.  That night, Alex, John, Becky, her mother and I went out to dinner at an awesome Thai restaraunt in Pasadena.  It was a wonderful last night in LA.  On Sat., I made my tearful goodbyes, and flew back to Boston. 

I had a wonderful time out in CA and certainly look forward to going back and visiting again. 

Over the past week, I have just been catching up with work and all, and my apologies to all of you who I have not kept up with.  Hehehe, I'm now back online and am all caught up :-) 

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