May 1999

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May 24, 1999:  Made a few updates to the poetry section of my web site.  There are two new poems there that I've written as well as a couple of updates to the other sections.  Hope you enjoy!


May 23, 1999:  Hi there!  Hope you are treating life well in you part of the world!  I'm doing so in mine!  Last weekend I had a great time with a new friend of mine Vince.  He and I spent the weekend hanging out together and travelled down to Santa Cruz on Sat. (took old rt. 9, which is a beautiful scenic road through the Santa Cruz hills). He showed me a really cool place to do some hiking, of which I'm going to explore in June.  That afternoon, we went an saw "A Midnight Summer's Night Dream".  This was a really run movie! On Sunday we headed up to the city (San Fran) and hung out at Pier 39 for the day.  Had a nice lunch at Neptunes (right on the water with a gorgeous view of the bay, Alcatraz and a huge group of seals which hang out on the pier.).  All in all a busy weekend!

This past week, I worked during the day (things are going well @ Quintus), and took it easy during the night, as I was feeling a bit under the weather for the first part of the week.  On Friday afternoon, the company had its monthly beer bash and our group, Technical Services, hosted it.  It was a nice way to end up a week and to begin to wind down the month. 

Friday night, Vince came over and after dinner (Lamb steaks w/ginger... mmmm), we watched "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams.  If you haven't seen it, go out tonight and rent this movie.  It was magnificent! Watch it with someone special because you are going to want to hold hands seeing this flick!  On Sat. night I hung ou by myself and rented "Savior" (Dennis Quade).  Good movie.. and then the animated new Batman movie, which was really good!  Can't wait to see move of this next generation of the character.

Next week, I'm heading back to New England for the Memorial Day weekend.  I'll be flying into Boston on Wed., arriving at 4:30.  I'll then head up to Nashua for the night, where I'll hang out with the Nashua crew and crash at Macky's place.  On Thursday, I'm planning on having breakfast with Alex McCabe, lunch with the support team at NuMega, and then Craig, Paul, Jodi and I are heading up to Port Clyde, ME for the weekend.  We'll be joined by Jon and his girlfriend and Becky and Lisa!  I can't wait to see and hang out with everyone.

Over the past two weeks, I've chatted with a bunch of people including Tab, Patno & Joyce (both who graduated last week.  Congrats!!), Macky, Dubbah (daily), Becky, Irene W. (via voice mail), Dirk, Lon, Wendy, Zippy (check out the album for a shot of his new tatoo.  He got Tao, just like me!), Crenshaw (or should we say  Capt. David Creanshaw!), Ady, Lorraine, Ray, Alex, Dustin, the NuMega Support Team :-), and E-.... just to name a few!  I'm making the rounds and trying to keep in touch with everyone!  As always, drop me a line anytime!!

and, that in a tiny coconut shell is what's going on in my part of the world.  Peace- ~Penz

May 10, 1999:  Well, had a pretty nice weekend.  On Saturday morning, I got up early and drove from Atherton to Los Angeles!  It was a pretty nice drive.  I took Rt. 280 S to 85 S to 152 E to 5 S to LA.  The prettiest part of the trip was the approximately 40 miles along Rt. 152.  Very pretty mountains and farm land and the San Louis resevoir is a gorgeous site!

I spent Saturday - Monday at my friend Alex's house in Sherman Oaks (The Valley!).  Alex and I have been friends for about a year and a half now and we had a really nice time hanging out together.  Alex works for Burke Williams, which is a day spa in LA, as an estitician.  Currently, he's working in the wet room.  I got treated to a 1/2 hour reflexology massage (basically an awesome foot & hand massage) which totally made my day.  Hehehe, I could get used to going a spa once a month.  Hmmmm...  I just may have to treat myself to that (but I'm sure I can find one up in this part of the state :-)

On Sunday morning, I took a ride over to Pasadena where I had breakfast with my very good friends John and Joe.  It was great seeing them for a few hours and doing some catching up.  I'm looking forward to seeing the both of them more often.

This week is going to be pretty busy.  On Tuesday I'm going to a job fair and will represent Quintus there.  That should be a lot of fun, as I enjoy meeting new people.  Both Wed. and Thursday evening I have plans and on Friday night, Rob (my housemate) and I are going out to dinner.  I haven't made plans for the weekend yet, but I'm thinking a day trip to Yosemite National Park may be in order for either. Sat. or Sunday.  I'd like to see it before the holiday weekend is upon us (and it gets packed!).

I spoke with my sister, who just finished up her first year at college.  I am so proud of her!  She got all A's and B's on her report card!!!  Congratulations Gini!  I knew that you had it in you!

Hehehe, as a congratulatory gift, I'm going to buy her a ticket to this years Woodstock gathering.  Hehehe, I know that she's going to have a blast :-)

And that, in a tiny little nutshell, is what's up in my  life!  Hope that you are treating life well :-)


May 4, 1999:  Wow, is it me or is this year flying by!?!  May already... unreal...  Well, had a very nice weekend.  On Friday evening, I drop up to Sacramento, CA to visit Mike Evans and his girlfriend Sally.  I spent the weekend with these two and had a great time!  Keith Evans and his girlfriend Olga (from Russia) came over on Friday night (and Keith again on Sat. night).  It was a lot of fun being together again with the Evan's brothers and the lucky ladies in their lives.  Hehehe, and believe you me, the ladies are the lucky ones :-)

On Sunday, Rob Susan and I went to a wonderful auto show where they were celebrating the anniversary of the the Packard.  It was a lot of fun!  After that, we went out for brunch at Viognier, the Restaurant at Drager's Market in San Mateo.  Oh my, this place was incredible (the market and the restaurant!).  For brunch, I had the Rhubard and Fresh Berry Compote, Poached Eggs on Eggplant Marmalade with Shiitake Mushrooms and Bernaise Sauce and Banana Bread Pudding and Brandy Vanilla Sauce w/Fresh Berries.  Hehehehe, not a bad meal, eh?  Unreal!  It is such a treat to be living with Rob and Susan as they are true Epicureans! 

On Monday night, I made my first lasagna here in CA.  Hehehe, although I did not have my 'pan' I made one heck of a good meal.  Rob and Susan invited their friends Kim and Tracy over for dinner along with their newborn son, and their friend Nancy, and we had a blast!  Great food, company, wine and conversation were the ingredients for a wonderful evening!

So, in a nutshell, that is what has been going on. Hope all is well in your world :-)


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