November 2001

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November 21, 2001:  Whoaaa..... hehehe, once again, neglecting my journal! Well, let's see if I can remember what has been happening.

Today, I got into a minor fender bender :(  Happily, no one was hurt and my car is very drivable (minor damage to front grill, hood, driver side quarter panel and front fender skirt).  My insurance will take care of it, so there are no worries! :) 

This past week, on Thursday, I flew back to New Hampshire for a special weekend.  After being picked up at the airport by my sister, we drove to Nashua where we hung out for a bit.  I went to bed early, as I had a busy day on Friday :) 

On Friday, I met up with Tab around 9:00 am and then Paul and Jodi met us at 10:30.  From there it was off to Yonkers, NY (3.5 hour drive) to Tab's parents house.  After hanging out with Jan and Irene for a couple of hours, they dropped us all off at the train station, and off we went to Grand Central Station.  Ahhh, there's nothing like having 400+ people stare at you as you disembark the train dressed in Hawaiin shirts, straw hats, sandels, covered with leighs, US Flags, at all sorts of Jimmy Buffett paraphenalia, cause we were heading to see Jimmy Buffett play at Madison Square Garden!!!! Hahaha, we had a blast!  The show was GREAT and seeing it in in NYC after all that's happened over the last two months made it even more so.  During the show, the crowd broke into chants of USA-USA-USA that gave me goosebumps.  Jimmy donated the entire gate (worth 1 million dollars) to the disaster relief fund!  The show was awesome!!!!! 

On Saturday, after waking up late, we all headed to the Bronx for a visit to Authur Aveue.  There we shopped our asses off buying all sorts of fresh cheeses, meats, pastries (mmmm, pastries) and breads.  It was a blast.  Hehehe, some of them even made it home!  Hahaha, and two boxes of canollis actually made it back to CA (where they were instantly devoured :).  That night, we headed back up to NH, making a quick pit stop at Paul's Noni's house for a nice visit.  That night, I hung out with Porky and we had a good visit.

On Sunday, it was an early breakfast with Tucker :), Becky and Lisa, and Alex :)  Ahhh, how seeing each of them made me smile, as you can see :)  We had a nice meal together and then Tucker and I headed to Logan Airport where I caught my flight back to SFO.  It was a great visit :)

Hahaha, most of the rest of the month is a blur, of which I'm sure I'll remember (or maybe not).  All in all, it was good and here I am, getting ready for Thanksgiving with Rob and Susan tomorrow.  Sadly, Justin has to work :( but he'll be heading over to his friend Adam's house afterwards and I'm sure I'll see him that night or the next day.

"I'll be home for Christmas".... la de dahhh, de la...  Now I just have to start shopping!  Yech.... I'm going to get it all done next week if I can and then ship everything to NH.  I don't want to deal with anything at the airports.  It's gonna be crazy enough.

And that, in a tiny tiny nutshell, has been what's happening with me.  Drop me a line and let me know what's up in your corner of the world :)


November 3, 2001:  And so, we start off the month of November with happy news!  Our friend Jason "Bandit" Stupp is now a DAD!!!!

"Erica gave birth to our daughter Tuesday morning October 30 at 10:47AM. She was 7LBs 14Ozs. She is beautiful. She was crying shortly after birth while the nurses were checking her out. I walked over and said hi to her and she stopped crying, opened her eyes and just stared at me. It was unbelievable. Mom and daughter are doing great. I am off for the next week to spend time with them. Here are some pictures for everyone to check out. I hope everyone is doing well. Please forward these pictures to anyone you might think would want to see them. All I ask is that you send me the addresses so that I can update my address book. 



Contratulations to Mom and Dad!!

In other news, the rest of the week has been going pretty well.  Work was busy as usual and all was status quo until I came in on Friday to find my cube area completely decorated in parrots and a general Hawaiin theme!  Hahah, well, more than ususal!  My Vice President declared it "Scott Appreciation Day" and decided to make a party out of it.  She said since that since I consistantly go above and beyond the call of duty and do what it takes to get things done, she wanted to let me know just how much she and the team appreciated having me around.  I though that was pretty damn cool, even though I told her that I've never felt under appreciated :)  Now, a fun thing is that some of my coworkers decided to "dress like Scott", so there were lots of people wearing Hawaiin shirts and shorts :)  Hehehe, true to form, so was I!  The best one, though, was my director, Rick.  He came in wearing shorts and the worst Hawaiin shirt ever.... it was awesome!  Hahaha, if any of you knew Rick, you'd die to see him in this outfit.  For lunch, McDonalds "cheese burgers in paradise" complete with fries were servced.  Hahahah, nothing but the 'best' for me. Hahaha, since they all know just how much I love food, this was the practical joke part of the day.  For desert, my coworker Tracy (who is an awesome baker), made a dirt cake!  Presented to me in a flower pot, it really looked like a pot of dirt!  What is really was was a chocolate cake, pudding, gummy worm, marshmallow mix that was great!  Hahahaha, too much fun.  Now, this is the reason why I love going to work - it's the people!!! (oh yeah, and I really do like my job :)

On Halloween, Justin and I went to the Castro to see what was to be seen.  It was crazy fun!  There were about 25K people there and it was packed.  The costumes were great and we had a lot of fun kicking around the city.  Hehehee, well, we did learn our lesson when we came back to find my car being towed away!!! Aggggghhhh, parked in a parking lot of a garage that was closed down. Seems like they do tow on Halloween.  Well, thankfully, the driver was kind enough to let us ride along on the 15 minute journey to the tow company.  There, I "happily" paid $150 to get my car back.  Needless to say, I wasn't happy, but I wasn't pissed off or anything.  Shit happens... I'm just glad we were there when we were.  Trying to find this place and getting a ride there would not have been fun.  Hehehe, as a nice gesture, Justin split the tow fee with me :)  That was much appreciated :)

and in a nutshell, that's was going on.  I hope all is well in your part of the world.  Drop me a line!


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