November 2002

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November 22, 2002:  The month of November has FLOWN by!  Let's see if I can remember what happened:

Hahah, well this morning was interesting as I woke up to an earthquake!  Yep, at 6:57 am PT my bed got a good shaking for about 3 seconds and we got hit by a magnitude 3.9 quake out of San Ramon, CA (only 4 miles away from Dublin, CA).  You can check out the details here. from the USGS site.   It was more exciting than anything else :-)

On Saturday the 21st, Justin and I went to the San Francisco International Auto Show.  It was pretty cool.  Got to see a lot of the new cars that are out there and a few that are on the way. By far, THE car at the show was the 2002 Lamborghini Murcielago.  I've never seen a more beautiful automobile.  Let's just say that if I had $250K burning a hole in my pocket for a new car, this is where it would go!  It it an amazing automobile.

Hahaha, of course, my brother Tim and I were chatting about this and though he can't afford a Lamborghini (yet), this is his latest toy, pumping out about 395 HP:

Last weekend (November 17-18), I went down to SoCal to see Adam "Skinny Daug" Arnold.  We had a great visit together.  I took off early from work on Friday and got down there late that afternoon (after driving 4 hours through some crazy fog on I-5).  When I left Dublin, CA it was foggy and 63 degrees.  When I got over the grapevine the temp rose and by the time I was at Adam's house, it was 87' and sunny!  We spent that night catching up, eating pizza, watching movies and drinking some beers.  Hehehe, the perfect way to spend time with one of my best friends :)  The next morning, we got up and headed down to Santa Monica for breakfast.  Along the way, we took a cool detour up through the mountains which gave us an incredible view of Malibu and the ocean. As soon as I get the picts developed, I'll post 'em.  We hung out until the early afternoon and then I headed back up to NorCal.  On Sunday, I washed my car (had to remove about 2" worth of bugs!) and just vegged out for the rest of the day.


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