Penz's Journal 2003
November 24, 2003:  LOL! Ok, I've been keeping VERY busy over the past weeks, and haven't take any time to update my journal. Well, this is going to be a short entry to let you know I'm still alive and kicking! 

This past Friday - today, I was out in Cincinnati, OH where Dave "Old Man" Crenshaw, Matt "Macky" Davis, Josh "Junior" Nehiley, William "Spidey" Wright, Jason "Stoop" Stupp and the family/friends of Scott "Perky" Seidel all gathered for a surprise birthday part for Perky! His wife, Tanya, set it up and in a nutshell, it went off perfectly!  An awesome time was had by all for 3 days, it nothing but a great time shared amongst new and old friends.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Jason "Stoop" Stupp, David "Old Man" Crenshaw, Josh "Junior" Nehiley, Scott "Perky" Seidel, Matt "Macky" Davis all gathered in Perky's kitchen for a beer or two or three... :-)

Junior, Macky and Crenshaw feeling pretty happy about all of the free beer that happened to be around!


Hey Spidey... Where's the ketchup?


Anthony reminding Perky that payback is certainly a bitch! :-)

Perky's father, his brother Eric and his wife Tara enjoying a day of roasting their kin :)

Perky and his Mom, sharing a beer, a moment, and a meow meow meow... LOL!

I just got back into town and am packing my bags for part 2/3 of my vacation! Tomorrow, I leave for Honolulu, HI to go visit Steve "Milkman" Mayou for 8 days.  Steve is in the USN and is stationed out at Pearl Harbor. He's taking 8 days leave so that he can spend some quality time with me! Let's see, I fly out tomorrow morning and arrive there a little afternoon with all of my SCUBA gear! Wed. is his birthday, Thursday is Turkey Day and Friday through the rest of my stay he and I will be SCUBA diving, sailing and enjoy life to the fullest! Hehehe, I fly back on Wednesday night, and will be staying at a hotel just off of the San Francisco airport, cause on Thursday morning, I fly out to Boston! I'll be there until Sunday night, at which time I will return to  the San Francisco Bay Area where I can rest and recuperate from my travels :)

LOL, let's see, other highlights from this month:

Tim "Porky" Watkins aunt was in town earlier this month. Linda and I spent some quality time together the first weekend of this month hanging out and enjoy a few cocktails together. That following Tuesday, we met in San Francisco for dinner at Farallon's in San Francisco (AWESOME RESTAURANT!). The meal and company were both fantastic :)  Our meal consisted of:


Torchon of Hudson Valley Foie Gras with roasted fig jam, watercress, toasted hazelnuts and port reduction.
Grand Tasting of Raw Oysters, one dozen of assorted fresh oysters

Main Course:

Seared Atlantic Skate Wing with crushed Yukon Gold potatoes, whole grain mustard, Romano beans, caper brown butter

Grilled Creeekston Farms Ribeye of Beer with buttermilk onion rings, charred tomato and guajillo chili sauce


Homemade ginger ice cream sandwiches smothered in a caramel and ginger glaze

We also had two very nice bottles of wine for dinner (started with a white, ended with a red and I can't remember what we had, suffice to say that Aunt Linda knows wines and picked two winners :-)

The following weekend, Mike "Tab" Wasicko's parents were in town and we got to spend an awesome day together touring the greater SF Bay area. I took them on a tour of the area that started at 7:00 AM (that's right, early!) in Marin, ended up in Half Moon Bay for breakfast, Capitola for lunch, Gilroy for the afternoon, and back up to San Francisco for an awesome sushi dinner in the Castro!

Ok, so those are some quick highlights of the month. I gotta go and pack my gear, but just wanted to drop a line and say HI!!!

All the best to you!!!!


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