November 24, 2004:  Well tomorrow is Turkey Day. I'm off to Rob and Susan's place for what I'm sure will be another terrific gathering! My friend, Don, Kevin and Jerry will be there as well as a few of Rob and Susan's close friends. We'll be having everything from sushi to turkey! A true Silicon Valley feast :P

Have a GREAT holiday!


November 23, 2004: Today, Justin and  I took some really cool pictures of our new cars!  


Boys and their toys! LOL :)


November 18, 2004: Well, I had a great time back on the East Coast!! A summary of the trip:

11/03:  Arrive in Hartford, CT. Porky picks me up and we return to his place in Pawling, NY (on the estate of James Earl Jones).

11/04: I spend the day working remotely and putting together a big ol' lasagna for dinner. That night, we bring the lasagna over to Aunt Linda's house where Jamie, Stephanie and the rest of us enjoy a really nice evening together! I also brought 2 bottles of wine (2002 Joeseph Swan Cuvee de Trois and the 2002 Rosenblum Annette's Reserve. Both were fantastic!)

11/05: At 7:00 AM Porky and I packed up the truck and headed up to Wilmington, NY to Linda and Jamie's Camp.


We got up  there around 1:00 PM and this place is beautiful! The spring at the right actual is the water supply to the camp and there is plenty of fresh water running all year round. The camp sits on about 250 acres of land which borders a national forest. SWEET!


Well, Paul gets there around 2:00 and the fun begins!  We decide to take the ATVs and do some trail riding up in the woods. We have a blast!  After that, it's back to the house for some dinner which was Paul's awesome homemade venison chili! TASTY!!! The beer of the weekend was a case of Murphy's and that went nicely with dinner. After that, another ride on the ATV's where I have a nasty spill and flip the damn thing ass over tea kettle on top of me! (bad combination of going down a steep slope, slamming on the 4x4 brakes and accidentally down shifting at the same time). I ended up with 4 bruised ribs (which still hurt a bit today!). Hehehe, still was fun!


11/06: Well, if ya got beer, ATV's and are in a cabin up in the woods with 2 of your best friends, you might as well throw some guns into the mix, right? :)

Let's see, all the way to the left is a .22 rifle. From the top, Ithaca 12 gage shotgun, Daewoo DR200 M16 (fires a .223 round), M1 Grand rifle, Ruger .410 shotgun, M1 carbine (by US Carbin), Ruger P98 9 mil. handgun, .306 rifle, 12 gage riot shotgun. 

LOL, lots of fun to be had, for those of you who enjoy some target practice! We had a 100 yard range set up in the trees, and fun was had by all!

Porky posing as the poster child for the NRA :D

Having fun!?!? :)

Hmmmm, this picture better not end up hanging in the Post Office!

Captain Safety drinking the 10th beer of the morning...!

After a hour or so of target practice (which sounded like the start of a small war), we packed up the guns and took off for some more 4x4'in on the ATVs.

Dinner that night consisted of some damn tasty rib eye steaks w/grilled portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers and mushrooms all done on the grill. We washed it down with a 2001 St. Supery Dollarhide Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon (oh  yes, a nice bottle of wine!)

11/07:  Another fun day. We all hung out for the most of the day, went on a few trail rides, and later that afternoon, Paul took off and headed back home. Porky and I hung out for the rest of the day.

11/08: We clean up and head out around 10 AM. On the way back to NY, we make a detour to Sheffield, MA where we stop in and surprise my grandmother with a visit. We stayed about and hour and had a nice time with Noni. We get back to NY around 3:00 PM and hang out and relax that evening with Linda, Jamie and Stephanie.

11/09:  Porky takes me to Hertz to pick up my car and I bid my good friend a farewell as I head up to MA. I go to my office in Concord, MA where I spend the rest of the day working. That night, I go to my brother's house in Wakefield, MA and Tim and I go out for a killer sushi dinner. My sister Gini and our good friend Johnson show up and hang out for a few hours :)

11/10: Work another day in the Concord office. That night, I hang out with Tim and his wife Suzanne.

11/11: After working a 1/2 day, I head down to Marshfield, MA to visit my good friend Leo Delaney. Leo and I have been friends since high school and have gotten back in touch w/each other over the past few years. We kill the day by getting absolutely hammered and staying up until the wee hours in the morning talking/hanging out. It was a FUN night!!

11/12: After a few cups of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, I head down to Clinton, CT to see Jim Hynek and his family. Jim aka Rico and I went to college together and have managed to keep in touch over the years. I got to see his wife and two beautiful sons during this visit and it was great to see them all!

11/13: I'm off to Portmsouth, RI to visit my friend/co-worker David Simpson and and meet his family. We spend a fun afternoon together talking and playing RISK on the computer with his daughter and her friend. The two 14 year old's kicked our butts (twice!). That night, we went to dinner at the Red Parrot in Newport, RI.

11/14: Off to Warwick, RI to see Eric and Crissy Larson! It was so nice to see them!!!! I missed them tons! I'm hoping they are going to make it out to CA before the end of the year (otherwise, I'm heading back to RI to see them again soon!)

11/15: I fly home to CA!


November 4, 2004:  Well, I'm back on the East Coast! I flew into Hartford, CT (BDL) yesterday and was picked up by Tim "Porky" Watkins. I'll be spending time w/him Wednesday through Monday in NY. The first two days will be in Pawling, NY and then we're going up to the Lake Placid, NY area from Friday through Monday. Tuesday & Wednesday I'm going to be in MA where I'll work during the day from our Concord, MA office and spend the evenings with my brother. 

More updates to follow. Just wanted to note that I got to the East Coast ok :)

BTW, tonight had dinner with Tim's aunt Linda. I made a KILLER lasagna (weighed 16.5 pounds and was one of the best ones yet). I shared 2 of the 5 bottles of wine I brought out. One was the 2002 Couve des Trois from Pinot Noir from Joseph Swan Winery and the other was the 2002 Annette's Reserve Zinfandel from Rosemblum Winery. Heheh, life's good :)

And yes, I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE ELECTION RESULTS. And that's all I'm going to say about that (except @!%#*()!($@) to all of you who voted Bush back into office!!!!) :-)

All the best,


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