November 2005

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November 30, 2005: Well as usual, I was running around for the past week or so :) Ahhhh, dust doesn't settle of this dog, eh?

"T'was the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even the Mows. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Adam, Merideth, and two dogs (no reindeers!)." Heheheh, yeah, so around 11:30 PM, the crew from SoCal showed up for a short but sweet visit. They were on their way to see Merideth's Mom in Berkeley for the holiday and the plan was to stop at my place for Wed night. Well, due to a bit of a late start and traffic, they didn't end up arriving to late that evening, which was fine. We had a nice visit before everyone crashed out and the next morning, they were up and on the road by 10! Heheh, yep,a short visit.

Thanksgiving day was spent up in Marin with Ashish, Jill, Ajay, Nikhil, Irene, David, Daniel, Julie, Russett, Cathy and Jack. We had all had a wonderful day together and drank a little too much wine and ate a little too much turkey. But hey, that's what this holiday is all about, right!?! :)

The next day, around 10:00 AM I was on an airplane and off to visit James Canders in Kalamzoo, MI. LOL, yeah, of all the places he had to settle down in, it had to be a non-tropical destination :) Well, none the less, I had a great time visiting him. I hadn't seen him in about 3 years as he was over in Iraq, managing the Baghdad International Airport. Let me tell you, he's gone some crazy stories (and great pictures) of stuff that happened and some of the adventures he was on while he was over there. Hopefully, he'll document some of these so that I can post them up there :)

I stayed out in MI until Tuesday the 29th and then I flew back home to CA.

November 16, 2005: Well, it was an awesome trip back East!

I arrived back in Boston Saturday Sept 5 in the afternoon. After picking up my rental car, it off to Wakefield to see Tim, Suzanne, Seth (and Tyler and Zach!). I would spend that night and all day Sunday with them and it was great to finally see Seth out of the hospital!! He's looking great and is doing pretty damn well. Mom and Dad LOVE having their baby boy at home and it's wonderful to see them so happy :) On Sunday night, Aunt Gini came over for a visit and as you can see, she and Uncle Scott were quite happy to be spending time with their nephew:)

On Monday, I went to work at Avaya's office in Chelmsford, MA. It was great as I got to see my manager and long time friend, John Zahara. For the next three days, I'd spend most of my days working from his office and it was great to be there and share that time with him. I miss having that personal day-to-day contact with him and though we talk often, nothing beats face to face meetings.

That night, I had dinner with Becky who was in town from Florida! It was an unexpected treat to have us both in the Boston area at the same time and we took full advantage of it. It was a treat just to spend some one-on-one time with her and do some catching up. Once again, another wonderful person in my life who happens to live about 3k miles away :)

On Tuesday I worked during the day and that night had dinner over and John Z's house. It was great seeing his wife Pam and his kids Zach and Kenzie. I couldn't believe how big the two of them have gotten. I think Zach is actually taller than me and Kenzie is almost as tall! After enjoying a wonderful meal that Pam cooked, I ended up crashing out at their place, which was nice as it saved me a 45 minute drive back home that I really didn't want to do (cause I know I would have got lost! :)

The next morning, Z and I headed into the office. At the end of the day, I went back to Tim and Suzanne's and spent the evening with them :)

On Thursday, I headed up to Portsmouth, NH and met up with Paul and Brian. We packed up the car and by 1:00 PM we were on the road up to Wilimington, NY (near Lake Placid) for our second annual "Drink Guns and Shoot Beer" weekend! LOL, well, here are a few pictures from the trip:

Brian, enjoying a morning cup of coffee (or is that a beer in that mug!?!?)

Paul, cooking up 2 pounds of bacon for our morning breakfast (1.5 pounds for him, the rest for us!)

So, one layer bacon grease, one layer potatoes, 9 eggs and some cheese....

bake it up and you get Paul's "Taste So Good It'll Make Your Heart Stop" breakfast pie!

Marian and Porky holding down the couch :)

And our toys for the weekend were (top to bottom): M-1 Grand, M-1 Carbine, Russian AK-47, Springfield 30-6, Mossberg 12 GA, Ithaca 12 GA, Ruger .22, Mossberg .410 GA, Stoner AR-15, Ruger P90 9mm pistol.

The Porkinator firing off the AR-15

Porky and the M1-Grand (oh yeah, it kicks like a mule!)

Brian and the AR-15

Brian and the AK-47

Brian enjoying the AK-47!

"Son, this is a rifle.... let's see if you know how to use this thing..."

"Oh, don't worry Pa.... I can shoot real good!" :-)

Penz and the AK-47

Penz enjoying the AK-47 (I liked the AR-15 better)

Oh yeah baby.... this is FUN!

Brian having a TON of FUN on the quad! (we had to drag him off of it at the end of the day!)

Hmmmm, I wonder if I should go for a ride on the quad. It's only 30' outside... warm enough....

Too much beer and food make Penz a sleepy dog :)

Chief Wompabitch

Ok, well, at least I was staying warm! Not fashionable, but warm!
(and I got a recruitment offer from the Canadian Special Forces! LOL!)

Hehehehe, suffice to say, it was a fun filled weekend! We also spend some time breaking through 3 beaver dams so as to save the field from being flooded and rode the ATV's up a super steep muddy hill that proved to be a hell of a lot of fun!!!!!! We sadly left the camp on Sunday afternoon and all of us made it home safe and sound that night.

On Monday, I worked and then spent the evening with Tim, Seth, Suzanne and the pups.

On Tuesday, I flew home to CA!

What can I say..... other than life is good :)

November 3, 2005: 21 days until Thanksgiving and 52 days until XMas. Geeze, 2005 is almost yesterday's news! Unreal just how quickly this year has flown by.

Last night was a fun night! Rusty took CalTrain down from the city and we went into San Jose for dinner. We ended up having dinner at the Good Karma Vegan House for dinner. LOL, yeah, if I haven't mentioned it before, Rusty is a vegan (or an "Orthodox Vegitarian" as I like to think of him). Hehehe, yeah, for those of you who know me, your jaws must be dropping, cause you know just how much I love foods of all types. Well this has actually been a positive experience for me as I've been exposed to some really great dishes that I hadn't tried before (and I'm learning more than I ever wanted to know about seiten and tofu :) It's all good and don't worry, this dog is still a carnivore :)

After dinner, it was off to the HP Pavillion where I got to see my first San Jose Sharks hockey game! Rusty's a big hockey fan and wanted to take me to the game and I was psyched to go. Turns out it was more fun than I expected! The Pavillion is a great venue, the crowd was energetic, and the game was fun to watch! I look forward to doing this again sometime in the near future :)

This Saturday I'm flying back to the Boston area so spend some time with my family and friends! I can't wait to see Seth, Tim and Suzanne. It's going to be great to see my nephew at home!!! Heheh, I can't wait! I'm going to be spending Saturday - Wednesday in Wakefield (Mon-Wed I'm going to work out Avaya's Chelmsford, MA office) and then Thursday - Sunday I'll be in upstate NY taking a few days of vacation with Porky, Marian, Paul and Brian. I'm really looking forward to that!!

Hope all is well in your world :)


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