November 2006

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November 14, 2006: Hahahahah, talk about a fun way to start of the month. On Nov. 2 I flew from SFO to BOS and after landing and picking up my rental car, headed up to Dover, NH to meet up with Paul, Tab and Brian so that we could all head out to Wilmington, NY (near Lake Placid) for our annual "Drink Guns and Shoot Beer Weekend"! Hahaha, I got to Paul's place around 7 pm and got the tour of his new house. It's really great! He and Kara have been hard at work to turn the house into a home and they've done a wonderful job so far. It already feels like a well lived in home, and they've only just begun. After the tour, we packed up the car, headed to Concord, NH to pick up Tab and then the four of us were on our way! We got to the camp around 12:30 AM and Porky was waiting up for us. After unpacking and shooting the breeze for a bit, we crashed out around 3:30 AM.

Next morning, we got up to Paul cooking his famous "if this doesn't kill ya, I'll try better next time" breakfast!

Chef Paul hard at work :)

The bacon is done and the eggs are ready to cooked. WARNING: This breakfast is not endorsed by the American Heart Association :P

After breakfast, it was time to head outside and let the cool fall air stimulate our senses (and prevent us from going into a food coma!)

Brian, Paul, Tim and Mike (aka "The Rooster", "Dubbah", "Porky" and "Tab")

And of course, the guns!
(top to bottom): Sniper Rifle, M-1 Carbine, Bushmaster AR-15 (built by Porky), Mossberg .410 bolt action shotgun, Mossberg 12 GA shotgun, Ithaca 12 GA shotgun, Ruger P90 9mm pistol, 35 Lever action rifle, Springfield 30-6 rifle.

Porky trying a standing shot with the sniper rifle

Tab with the Bushmaster AR-15 (built by Porky)

Oh yeah..... I must throw myself under the bus on this one. Here is what happens when you aren't thinking and hold a .35 caliber short barrel rifle too close to your eye when you fire it. The kick slammed the scope right back into my face and left me with two pretty nice lacerations. <sigh> Not my brightest moment :P Hahaha, well happily, 10 days later, you can barely see the mark, but for the duration of the weekend, the lads got a good chuckle every time they looked at me :-)

First (and only) blood drawn all weekend :P

Penz w/the sniper rifle (minus the scope, thank you very much, and yes, those are band aids)

We have about 250 acres to target practice on. Here is a view of one of the fields below the house. Yeah, pretty freakin' beautiful, eh? :)

Hahaha! Hmmm, what's more fun than trying to shoot a beer can off Tab's head?

Stringing him up by his ankles and hanging him like a dead deer!

Porky and Brian posing with our catch of the day :)

Penz and Tab on the quad. By the end of the trip, Tab was tearing up the trails on his own!

Tab "Blair Witch" style :)

Hahaha "smile"!

Tab by the river

A view of the lake, from the town of Lake Placid, NY

We had a fantastic time and how could you not when you combine some fantastic people with an amazing setting, 4 quads, a gaggle of guns, lots of amazing food, wine, rum and beer.... ahhhh yes :) We stayed up at the camp until Sunday around noon before we headed back home. A great time was had by all and we're all very appreciative that Aunt Linda, Jamie, and Porky allow us to enjoy this bit of paradise year after year :)

On Monday I headed down to Wakefield, MA where I met up with my brother Tim, Suzanne, Seth and the pups! My sister Gini came over that night and we all had a big ol' Chinese dinner which hit the spot! Seth is looking/doing great! He's drinking from a bottle now and he's also drinking from a straw/sippy cup! He has got to be one of the happiest kids I know and Mom and Dad surely are to thank for that :)

Tim, Suzanne, Seth and the 110 pound lap dog Tyler :)

On Tuesday, I headed over to Gini's place for a day packed full of fun. LOL we always have a great time hanging out with each other and I do love her free spirit (though every once in a while I'd like to reign her in a bit!). Hahaha, anyway, we spent the day hanging out with each other and doing some errands around town. That night we headed out to Gloucester with a bunch of her friends to celebrate a birthday and then head to one of the local bars named the Rhumb Line where we enjoyed the music of a group called the Boston Horns. They were great! We listened to them until about 12:30 AM before we finally headed home.

On Wednesday I headed up to New Durham, NH to see Ady! I hadn't seen him in a dogs age and it was great to do so.He's living in house he bought earlier in the year which is pretty sweet! He's put a lot of work into it and turned it into a very nice home. To add the decor, his beautiful girlfriend Sarah :)

Ady Theberge

Ady's girlfriend Sarah :)

Wednesday night was spent in the company of Alex and Johnson in Medford, MA. Johnson cooked an amazing dinner for us (thank you again Johnson!) and to add to the ambiance, Jason Stupp and his finance dropped by for a bit to eat as well! Hahaha, made for a really fun night!

Alex McCabe looking all "metro" :)

Only to be outdone by Johnson! LOL :)

Jason "Bandit" Stupp and his finance

On Thursday I headed up to Manchester, NH to meet up with Tab for lunch. After that, it was back to Wakefield where Suzanne, Seth and I took the dogs for a 3 mile walk around the lake. When we got home, Tim had calzones waiting for us for dinner :)

Friday night I spent with my cousin Eric and his wife Toni. They had me over for a wonderful dinner and were wonderful company! I got to see Eric's new studio that he's building behind his house. It's almost done and will be open for business in a couple weeks. Here's a couple of shots of Eric and some of his masks that he's done. They are pretty amazing!

Eric Bornstien and a few of his creations!

I'm actually commissioning Eric to do a mask for me! If all goes well, it'll be ready by years end. More details on the to follow :)

I left Eric and Toni's place around 10:30 PM and headed back over to Alex's place. He was just getting back from the airport where he picked up Bill and Kathy Wright. They flew in for a couple of days to escape Kentucky (I mean who wouldn't want to escape from there!?!?!) and hang out with 'the crew'.

Bill "Spidey" Wright :-)

Alex enjoying a glass of wine in the 'comfy' chair :)

The next morning, we met up Stupp and I finally got to meet his daughter Katie. She's hella cute and a real spitfire. LOL her dad is going to have his hands full when she get a little older :)

Jason and his daughter Katie

Kathy and Bill Wright

After brunch I bid my farewells to all and headed off to the airport. By the early evening, I was back in CA. Hahah, well for a 9 day trip back East, I don't think I could have packed much more into my schedule. Of course, I wish I could have seen everyone back East (E, Crissy, Crenshaw, Rico and the rest) but I'll catch ya next time!!

On Sunday morning, I was up early and off to work at Rosenblum Cellars to work the open house. That was a lot of fun. My friends Matt, Ian, Ben, Chad, Alex and Chow all showed up and had a great time.


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