November 1999

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November 24, 1999:  Well, all's well on the home front here.  Yesterday, I picked up the keys to my new apt in Fremont, CA!  It's a pretty cool place.  2 bedroom, good size master, small/office second br, v. good kitchen (gas range, microwave, fridge, garbage disposal), v. close to laundry room (about 10 feet away!), nice back private patio.  It's about 10 min. from work and 20 min. from Palo Alto.  Not a bad location.  I've already got almost all of my 'stuff' moved over there, though I'll be living in Atherton until the end of the year.  Needless to say, I'm pretty psyched.

This past weekend was a lot of fun, as I did a pre-Turkey day party for 9 of my friends on Sunday.  Let's see there was Chris M aka Scooby. (whose birthday we also celebrated), Chris M. aka Hellpup, Chris aka Coyote (see a theme here?!?), Chris W. aka "Deputy", Vince, Kevin, Sergio and John.  For starters, I made 3 different appetizer platters (cheese, veggie, & shrimp).  The main course was a classic Thanksgiving day dinner: 

  • 21 lb.. fresh turkey that was perfect! (basted in rosemary, nutmeg, olive oil, fresh pepper,
  • garlic and cooked in wine and orange juice), 
  • stuffing (apples, raisons, & orange juice), 
  • sweet potato casserole (yes, w/marshmellows)
  • garlic/rosemary mashed potatoes, 
  • asparagus in garlic/butter, 
  • peas
  • 5 bottles of Johannesburg Riesling
  • and fresh biscuits.
For desert (which was served many hours later), from the Draeger's bakery a chocolate birthday cake w/cream cheese frosting and Bryers vanilla ice cream! 

Hahah, after that meal, we adjourned to the couches to lounge and watch Beautiful Thing.  It was a great day filled with excellent company and food :-)

This week has been pretty cool at work.  Keeping busy and getting ready for the Y2K rollover.  Jeepers, you'd think the world was gonna end (not, it's not...).  Otherwise, nothing too much.

Well, I hope that you all have a pleasant and wonderful Turkey Day!  For all of you on the East coast (especially my father, Tim, Gini, Paul, Becky, Lisa, Ma & Pa Barnes and Family, Tab, Macky, Lisa & Family, Ray, Craig, Dustin, Alex, the DeMaio clan and the rest of the 'crew'), I really will miss you over the next few days.

Be well, keep smiling and remember, the things that we all should be thankful for will never have a price tag on them.... look into your heart and you'll find what's really important.

All the best to you.

With love,


November 16, 1999:  Well, today is an exciting day as Quintus Corporation goes public!!!  That's right, you can now find us on online on all of the stock quote sites.  Our ticker is QNTS .  Pretty darn cool :-)

I had a fun weekend. On Saturday, I hung out with Rob and Susan all day.  Did some errands around town during the day and that night I made a killer dinner.  I started with fresh toasted rolls that I cut in half and topped with olive oil, sun dried tomatoes w/garlic, marinated peppers and artichoke hearts, topped w/goat cheese! mMMMmmm, we could have just made a meal out of that.  The main course consisted of bow tie pasta w/capers, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, marinated 'spicy' shrimp and balsamic vinegar.  Hahahaha, it was quite good!  Add a couple bottles of nice merlot into the picture and we were all set.

On Sunday, I went shopping at Cost Plus (kinda like a Pier 1 Imports) with my co-worker Tracy.  We had a blast!  I bought everything from a dining room set to stuff for the kitchen sink. Hehehehe, we were shopping for 3 hours!  Hahaha, it was fun.  That evening, Don, Deputy Chris, Scooby Chris, Vince and Kevin all came over for dinner.  I made up some lamb and pork chops, along with a 'white trash' green been casserole, and some portabello mushrooms w/brocolli.  It was a great night with good food and great company.  After dinner, we watched "The Blair Witch Project".  Wow, that movie was kinda creepy.  Good, but creepy.... Hehehehehehe... anyway, after the movie we had dessert (lemon cake w/vanilla ice cream and hot fudge rum raison topping :-).

Today was a busy but good day at work. My manager John Zahara flew in from the West coast to spend some time out here.  It was good to see him today.

This week, from Wed-Fri. I'll be in Austin, TX on business, but I'll be back on Friday night.

And that's what's been going on here!  I hope all is well in your world.


November 12, 1999:  YAWN!  Well, I began writing this journal entry late last night with my friend Vince looking over (and sometimes massaging) my shoulders (almost put me to sleep!).  It's now Thursday night and I'm finishing up this entry.

During my tired stupor last night, I decided to change the home page and the main page of the back porch, on PENZ.COM.  What do you think?  I'm kinda liking it.  For you Parrot Heads and Cellar Dwellars, you'll find new links to these sections in my Kibbles and Bits and Favorite Links pages.

Probably the most profound change is the image of the two daugs.  Pretty awesome eh?  They have actually been around for quite a while but this is the first time I've shared them with the rest of the world.  Created by Adam "Skinny Daug" Arnold, for me,  I figured it was about time these two pups come out and say hi :-)  I intend to continue to work on and update this site, but as you'll soon find out, I've been keeping pretty busy in the 'non virtual' world :-)

So, where the hell was I last week?

Well, I spent the last week back on the East coast and it was one heck of a trip.  I spent the weekdays working at the Quintus office in Acton, MA and the nights zipping around all over the place trying to see as many people as I could.  Hahaha, I put over 1300 miles on the rental car, if that gives you any idea.  My apologies to those of whom I was not able to see, but visiting with my Dad was a priority on this trip.  His health is not getting much better, so I was really glad that he and were able to get in some quality time together. 

I plan on making another trip out East during the mid-February time frame.  For those of you of who I missed on this trip, you'll be at the top of the list on the next trip (yes, Lisa you're #1 and I'll be down in Danvers, MA so you can kick my ass and Brian and Alyssa, you're #2 on the ass kicking list).

I had a great time visiting with Dad on Sunday as I was able to spend some quality time with Tim and Gini (my younger brother and sister.  hehehehe, I can say younger 'cause I'm the oldest :-)  We spent the entire day together and drove out to Western, MA to visit Dad.  During our visit with Dad, we also got to see our grandmother aka Noni.  It's amazing how good she looks for being 83 years old.  She definitely has the spirit of a young lady :-) 

Tim is doing very well.  He's working for a company called Rhythms NetConections, installing DSL boxes and working on network switches.  I was pretty impressed to learn that he was writing scripts and has the technical ability to break down a huge network switch and work on it.  Hehehe, once again, my little brother never ceases to amaze me :-)

Gini is doing very well in her second year in college.  Though she is currently without a car (which may be a blessing in disguise) she's doing well and focusing on her school work.  I'm hoping that she continues to work hard and do well in her classes.  I'm very proud of her :-)

It was really nice seeing the crew back in NH.  On my first night back, I was treated to one of my favorite dishes by one of my favorite 'chef's'.  Hehehe, Paul made me his famous Chicken Scaloppini.  Mmmmm, it was awesome and as always, it was good to spend some time with my bro'.

Special thanks to Dustin and Alex who let me crash on their couch during the week.  I greatly appreciated their hospitality :-) 

Another highlight of the trip was that I was able to meet up with Tucker and his boyfriend Andy for lunch.  God, it makes me so happy to see the two of them together.  I'm really psyched that the two of them have found each other... :-)  Hopefully, I'll have some pictures of the happy couple up here in a week or so.

I also got to see Becky and Lisa, which was awesome!  These are two lassies of whom I miss A LOT!  I'm hoping that I'll be able to convince them to come out here after the first of the year for a nice long visit.  Hahahah, I don't think I'll have to try too hard to get them out here.

Along with Becky and Lisa we also had the pleasure of sharing dinner with Craig and Justin.  I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to see Craig about 2 weeks ago when he was out here on business, an it was really cool to seem him again on this trip.  Justin is a friend of Craig's (and now of mine) and it was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet him on this trip...

Another nice stop during the week was to visit Adam and Gini down in North Eaton, MA.  After Gini served up some excellent Mexican food that she prepared for us, Adam and I spent the rest of that Tuesday night going through some of his new artwork and songs.  Wow, he never ceases to amaze me with his incredible artistic talents.  I truly hope that one day, a large portion of the world has the opportunity to experience what he has created.

And of course, dinner with my manager and friend, John Zahara and his family was terrific.  His wife Pam cooked up an excellent beef stew dinner and I got to share it with Zack and 'Kenzie (John and Pam's children).  <sigh>, I always enjoy spending time with the Zahara's, as I always feel so conformable and relaxed when I'm around them.  That's a very special quality to enjoy from some very special people :-)

So, as you can see, I didn't get a hell of a lot of sleep during this trip!  Though I tried to get to see as many people as I could, I know I failed to see everyone.  My next trip out East will hopefully be a non-business one, so I'll have more time to see those that I missed on this trip.

Let's see.... next week, I just found out I'll be flying out to Austin, TX.  Quintus acquired Acuity Corp. and I'll be going out there to meet some of my support counterparts. It should be a fun trip and I'm looking forward to meeting these new members of the Quintus family.

This weekend, I'll begin shopping around for some new furniture for my apartment (I begin moving in on the 23rd of this month).  Hehehehe, it's pretty exciting!  My own place.... pretty cool... kinda weird... :-)

Oh yeah, for you Parrot Heads out there, Jimmy Buffett has just released a new album:  Buffett Live:  Tuesdays, Thursday's and Saturday's!  You can get it right now on  Mine should be here any day now :-)

and so that, in a tiny little coconut shell, is a summary what's going on in my life.  Drop me a line and tell me what's up in your corner of the world :-)


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