October 2002

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October 21, 2002:  Well, last weekend was a lot of fun. On Saturday I went to the local Renaissance Faire with my friends Don and Kevin and a couple of their friends.  We had a really fun day hanging out at the event and taking in the sites.  Of course I had to blend in, so by days end I was buzzed off drinking mead (that's honey wine) and ended outfitting myself in some breaches, a buccaneer shirt and some nice leather sandals.  Hehehe, it made for a fun day.

On Sunday October 13, Justin and I flew to Las Vegas for his birthday.  Since he was turning the big 21, I figured we'd go someplace kinda fun and different and he wanted to go to Vegas.  I got airfare and hotel for 2 for under $300!  Heheh, since he isn't my boyfriend, we didn't have go first class :P.   The first night, we stayed at the Tropicana.  The place was OK, but it's kind of old and run down, so I figured we'd check out my favorite place, the Mirage as the day went by.  That Sunday we rode the roller coaster on top of the New York New York (which was really cool), ate some good pizza and just hung out.  We walked the main strip all the way down to the Mirage we I ended up getting us a room for the next night for only $10 more than we were paying at the Tropicana.  We ended up staying up until midnight and going to one of the local bars for his first legal drink.  Hehehe, 21....

The next morning, we left the Tropicana, had a good breakfast and cabbed it down to the Mirage.  As we were checking in, the hostess said we could upgrade to a penthouse suite for only $100 more.  Well, if things were different I would have paid for it, but I said no.  Justin said, what the heck you only live once and HE paid for the upgrade :)  Hehehe, the room was freaking incredible and all things said and done, it was well worth it (and even better since I didn't have to pay for it!). We had "the view" of the strip in "the place to stay!".  Hehehe, awesome.  That night, I took him out for his birthday dinner.  We went across the street to the Venetian and had dinner at the Delmonico Steak House owned by Emeril Lagasse!  The atmosphere, service, food and wine were all fantastic!  We both started with the Foie Gras of the Day and the oked Shrimp Cakes with a bottle of Zinfandel and then had the bone in rib steaks.  They were so good!!!!  We ended the meal with coffee and chocolate soufflés.  Hehehe it was excellent!

After that, we hit the casino's again and played some more slots and roulette.  All in all, we only lost/spent about $100 between the two of us and we had a lot of fun doing it.

The next day we flew home.  All in all, it was a lot of fun and good way for Justin to remember his 21st BDay.

October 12, 2002:  October..... yep, the year is flying by!!! :-)  Ok, so once again, I haven't been quite keeping up with my journal.  Heheh, oh well.  Ok, so what have I been up to?  Let's see...

On Thursday September 26 it was partying it up at the Shoreline Amphitheater with my good friend Mr. Green as we went to see Mr. Buffett!!  Hahahah, it was a kick ass time and considering it was Mr. Green's first show, well that just made it that much more special. The parking lot was pretty hopping (as much as it can be since they open the gates around 3:30 in the afternoon.... unlike back East where they are open at 8:00 AM!) and of course we met a lot of interesting people.  Hell, it's hard not to at a Buffett show!  So, with margarita's in hand, we toured the parking lot greeting our fellow parrot heads and getting to hear some great stories :)

Some of the more interesting characters included a group of 6 guys from Berkeley who parked next to us.  They had a pretty neat way of making their margarita's, which included using liquid nitrogen to chill the tequila down to negative something or another!  Hehehe, it was pretty funny, and damn, those margarita's were tasty (considering the tequila was so cold, you couldn't even taste it and they were mixing it to a ration of 4:1.  A few cars down from us was a father, daughter and her boyfriend.  Father and daughter drove down from Alaska for this show!!! How cool was that!?!  That's my idea of a parrot head :)  Hehehe, we met tons more people, but of course, as the after went on and on, and the margarita's kept going down, my memory got a bit blurry.... ahhhh well :-)

So, around 7:40 we headed into Shoreline and found a kick ass place to sit on the lawn, right up front by the railing, almost dead center. It was perfect.  Within 2 minutes, the show began :-)

Hot Hot Hot 

1. Stars on the Water 
2. Blue Guitar 
3. The Weather Is Here 
4. Come Monday 
5. Boat Drinks (Appalachian Style) 
6. Why Don't We Get Drunk 
7. Cheeseburger 
8. Last Man Standing 
9. Son of a Son of a Sailor 
10. Everybody's Got A Cousin In Miami 
11. Margaritaville 
12. One Particular Harbour 


13. Everyone's Talkin 
14. Autor Du Rocher 
15. Volcano 
16. Far Side Of The World 
17. Savannah Fare You Well 
18. Cultural Infidel 
19. What If The Hokey Pokey Is All It Really Is About? 
20. Pirate Looks at Forty 
21. I Love the Now 
22. Fins 
23. Southern Cross 
24. Brown Eyed Girl 


25. Changes in Latitudes 
26. USS Zydecoldsmobile 
27. Margaritaville - Lost Verse 
28. Someday I Will 

A classic Buffett show!  Thanks again Jimmy for providing the music for me and Mr. Green that helped make a truly wonderful night... awesome :-)

The following weekend, if I remember correctly, I took my first trip to Tahoe with my good friends Deb and Ike.  It was a beautiful 3 hour drive from Dublin to South Tahoe, up through Gold Country into and over the mountains.  Perfect roads to open up the A4 on :)  Heheheh.... when we arrived in Tahoe we went straight to a great bar/restaurant on the lake call The Beacon.  For the next few hours, we'd spend some time drinking some very tasty rum runners, eating some good food, and listening to some music as we sat on the deck overlooking the lake.  After lunch, it was off for a tour around the West and South Eastern parts of the lake, and then around 5:00ish, we left the area and started heading towards home.  About 40 minutes later, we arrived in Kirkwood, where after doing some sightseeing, we had an awesome dinner at the local watering hole.  After our fill of ribs, burgers, cocktails, conversation and good company, we left and meandered back home.  It was a great day :-)

On Sunday, I headed up to Sacramento to see my good friend Keith Evans.  We had a great time together hanging out for the day.  We took a nice walk in downtown Sacramento and ended seeing a play at the B Street theater by the name off "Off the Map". The play was good and of course, the company better :)  We had a really fun day together and I'm looking forward to more in the future.  It's good to be hanging out with my little bro once again.

On Friday October 4, I headed into San Francisco for the night by myself, just to out.  It had been a LONG week at work, and I was sick w/a cold for the first part of it, which sucked!  So, into the Castro I went and ended up at Badlands for a drink or two.  While there I met this gent by the name of Erik and we ended up talking for quite a bit that night.  It was kind of cool to talk with somebody new in the city!  Hehehe, imagine that.

The following Sunday, I spent the day at Shannon and Michael's house for their son, Gabrielle's, first bday party.  Hehehehe, it was a lot of fun.  He's such a good "boy-boy!"  I had a lot of fun :)

So, let's see, that brings me up to this week. 

Monday was a tough day. After spending the last 8 weeks with Oscar (Justin's puppy), Justin finally decided that it just wasn't the right time to have a puppy in his life..... so, I took Oscar back to the animal shelter for a very tearful good-bye.  Even though I couldn't stand having a puppy in our apartment (just one of the many reasons why not having a puppy was the right decision), I still grew very attached to this wonderful pup.  On a happy note, he got adopted within 3 hours of him being there by a very nice couple I got to meet.

On Monday night I started feeling crappy again and had a sore throat.  I was guessing it was time for my annual bout with strep throat and a trip to the doctors office on Tuesday proved that to be true :(  So, Tuesday/Wednesday I worked half days and slept the other half, with a fever, but thankfully, Wednesday night the antibiotics (penicillin) kicked in, the fever broke and on Thursday I was feeling really good.  By Friday, I was back to feeling 100%.

Today, I'm meeting up with Don and Kevin over in Palo Alto for brunch and then we're all heading down to the Renaissance Faire just outside of Gilroy for the afternoon. That should make for a fun day :-)

And tomorrow, it's off to Vegas for a few days!  Yep, Justin's 21st Birthday is on Monday, so being the good/dumb <grin> friend I am, I'm taking him to Vegas for a couple of days.  It was HELLAH cheap to get airfare/hotel (about $300 for the two of us for everything), and I figured I could use a couple of day away from the Bay area for a little R&R.  It should hopefully be a really fun time!!

Let's see, what else...  At the end of this month Justin's brother Chris and sister Heather are coming out for a week long visit.  That should be fun.

In November, I'm still planning moving out of my apt. in Dublin and moving back in with Rob and Susan out in Atherton. That should be a fun/interesting time.... Justin's still trying to figure out what he's gonna do (either stay in CA or go back East... I bet he stays in CA....).

oh yeah, a BIG HELLO and HUG goes out to MOOKY out on the EAST coast.  I miss you!!!!!!!!! :-)

and that.... in a tiny coconut shell, it's what's going on in my world. Hope you're having fun!


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