October 2006

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October 28, 2006: So this is the new painting in my kitchen. I picked it up when I was in New Orleans a few weeks ago. It's called "Jazzy Balconies" and I love it! Heheh, yeah, lots of colors :)

Was a busy week this week. For work I was out in TX Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday night I flew to Denver which was great cause my brother Tim was there as well! We got to hang out with some of our fellow co-workers that night for drinks and dinner. That was really cool. I'm so proud of him and so happy to see him doing well at Avaya (and in life in general!) :)

On Wednesday I was able to finish up the business I needed to do early and flew out that night to beat the snow storm that was coming in.

This weekend, just hanging out. Working at the winery on Sunday. Next Thursday I fly back to the East coast for a week of vacation. I'm really looking forward to that. Going to be a blast!!!

October 15, 2006: Well yesterday was Justin's 25th birthday and we had a fun day together. His brother Christopher and I went out to West Portal Valley for brunch at Squat and Gobble. After that, it was next door to a local shop where all three of us ended up getting pedicures and manicures (LOL that was unplanned but a little pampering is always fun)! After that, it was back to our place for a few minutes before we were joined by Matt Consola and then headed out to the new Westfield Mall to check it out.

A very happy Matt Consola :)

Christopher trying on his soon to be new sweatshirt (yes, white is his color!)

Justin trying on a pair of $360 sunglasses and dreaming of buying them :P

After our trip to the mall, it was back to our place to change (I put on my suit) and then head out to dinner to one of the top 5 rated restaurants in San Francisco, Gary Danko's. We had an absolutely amazing dining experience there that consisted of 5 delicious courses paired with wine. I'll post the menu shortly, but suffice to say, it was quite the treat! Dinner took about 3 hours after which we went home and crashed out for the rest of the night. All in all, quite the fun day!

October 12, 2006: Ok, at long last, here are some pictures of the new place! I live in a 3 story Victorian house which was built in 1906. I have the ground floor of the building and I love this place!

The front entrance to our building on 14th Street

Inside the front door looking down the hallway

The living room (42" LCD TV is to the right, out of the picture)

The bedroom

The 'water closet' :)

And the bathroom...

This is the dining room but I've turned it into a large den or as it's know 'the cellar'
(a.k.a. the wine room!)

and there be the wine!

The kitchen (to the right is the eat in area... table and chairs coming soon!)

And the hallway nook (the kitchen is to the right and the laundry room is to the left)

Hahaha, I'll put a picture of my office up here shortly. Right now, it's still a work in progress :)

October 11, 2006: Well just spend the last week in New Orleans for Avaya's 2007 Global Sales and Services Kickoff event. It was great to be back in New Orleans since my last trip there with Paul back in 1999 (the week before I moved to CA!). I stayed at the Sheraton in the French Quarter which was right across the street from the Marriott we had stayed at. Most of my time outside of the work events was spent roaming the French Quarter. There was still some damage left over from Katrina but all in all it wasn't too bad. Bourbon Street still had the stink of vomit, stale beer and debauchery so it appears that no amount of rain will ever take that away :) I got to enjoy a few meals at some local establishments including Mothers, ACME Oyster House, The Two Sisters and Coop's.

Most of the work stuff is 'confidential' but I'll say that I'm looking forward to 2007 with Avaya. We are going to be working hard to make this a great year!

Oh yeah, during the event I received an Avaya Services Leadership Award from our Services President, Fran Scircco. That was really cool and totally unexpected. My former manager Ajay had nominated me for that and the recognition (and cash bonus) were both appreciated :) I also received a promotion and a new position. I'm now reporting directly to Fran as his Customer Advocacy Director. It's a great opportunity for me and I'm looking forward to working with executive team at Avaya.

On the night of the 10th, I was back in CA and got to see Roger Waters at the Shoreline Amphitheater. Christopher Allen ended up going with me and we had an awesome time at the show!

October 1, 2006: On Saturday Sept 30, Becky flew in from FL to attend a surprise birthday party that Rob had planned for Susan. She got in around 6:00 PM and took BART up from SFO to San Francisco so that she could see my new place. It was great that were were able to spend a few quality hours together catching up and hanging out and that was really nice :) After a spicy thai dinner, it was off to Rob and Susan's place to begin the surprise! We arrived at the house after I had called ahead saying that I was in the area and just wanted to stop by for a hug and a hello. Becky snuck up the back stairs and after I was inside and talking to Rob and Susan for a few minutes, I excused myself under the premise to use the bathroom. I went up back and let Becky in and the two of us came downstairs together. LOL the look on Susan's face was priceless! She was in shock that her daughter was standing there in front of here. Well, with the cat out of the bag, we spent the next two hours catching up before heading off to bed.

The next morning we were up early and the three of us were at the doors of Costco when the opened at 10:00 AM. We did our shopping (expecting 40 people) and got back home in about an hour. Becky and I did all of our prep work and we were ready to go by 1:30 (with guest arriving at 2:00). Hehehe we are professionals :) The party was a total success due to Rob's great job in coordinating the surprise party and the fact that Susan had no idea it was going to happen until we wanted her to! Here are a few picts:

The cake! LOL we couldn't get 60 candles on there ;)

A very happy birthday girl giving thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with her!

Blowing out the candles!

The ring master Rob! He coordinated the entire event flawlessly :)

Roberta and Becky :)

The birthday girl :)


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