October 2009

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Oh yes, you will also find me blogging away on Facebook too!

October 2009: So I'm taking some time to go back through Facebook and update my real journal. I'm going to be doing this for Sept-November and will try to really just post my status's here. Facebook is fun, but it's not the same.

In October, work would continue to keep me very busy. 10-12 hour work days became the norm and sometimes, the weekends were included. One of my escalations took me out to NYC for a whirlwind 3 day trip. I would fly in on a Thursday night, spend all day Friday and Saturday morning with the customer and then fly back home Sunday. It was a very productive trip work wise, but also a lot of fun. On Friday night, I got to take the customer to dinner at Del Frisco's where I got to drink some very nice wine and eat some amazing steak (filet mignon bone on). On that Saturday, I got to meet Yuri Federov from Moscow and he and I would get to spend an amazing 10 hours together. Suffice to say, a great trip :)

A milestone from my days back at Daniel Webster was reached today, when they demolished my old dorm, Lincoln Hall. Some of the most amazing moments during those years of my life took place in that dorm and I've got the friends to this day to prove it: :)

Oh yeah, bacon bloody mary's at Thieves Tavern, located just a few doors down from me. Yum. Nuf said :)

And on October 29, PENZ.COM celebrated it's 13 year anniversary!!!













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