October 2010

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October 4, 2010: October is here already!!?!? Really!??!?! ......

Last week was crazy busy for work and I was really glad when Friday night came along and it looked like I'd have a pretty work free weekend ahead (which thankfully did happen :). On Saturday Tab, Julie, Paul, Kara, Trisa, Trish, Ann Mary, Jerome and Beth came over for a chili potluck. Me, Paul, Tab and Beth each brought a crock of chili to share and each one was unique and very tasty! Paul's was more of a chilli verde, Beth's a white chicken chili, Tab's was a red garlic chili and mine a dark red meat/beans chili. Eric made fresh jalepeno corn bread and there were plenty of beers to around. It made for a very fun day!

On Sunday, Eric and I went down into Boston for the day. We had a really good time and it was nice to get out of Dover for a bit. We spent most of the morning/early part of the afternoon walking around Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall, Chinatown and the surrounding areas. It was a really nice way to spend the day and I think it was really good for Eric to get a 'taste' of the the city life/energy.

After Boston, we headed back up North, stopping by at Trader Joe's in Saugus to stock up on some staples. Once home, we'd have some dinner and spend some time on the couch w/the dogs watching season 4 of Dexter before heading to bed :)

This week will be a busy week for work. I'm also heading up to Toronto, Canada for Thur/Friday for a customer meeting.


October 14, 2010: Trip up to Canada went well, though it was a hellish travel day. In the end, it was worth the trip and I'll probably be going back up there again for another customer visit in a few months. It's a beautiful city and I'd really like to go back up there with Eric to do some exploring.

This past week has been good. Weather has been sunny and cool so far, but we're supposed to get some rain for a few days starting tomorrow.

LOL in preperation for winter, I got Eric and early Christmas present. LOL as you can see, he is thrilled :)

LOL, oh the comments...... :)

October 31, 2010: This month flew by, but it was a lot of fun! Things have been going really well between me and Eric and though he may not be the biggest fan of living in NH, he's certainly happy to be with me (and me with him!). So for right now, we call NH home, but ya never know what will happen in a couple of years :)

This past week, we had the pleasant surprise to find that Eric's friend Kethayne Trader was visiting Dover! Of all the places, he was here visiting friends and had no idea that Eric was now living here. LOL through the magic of Grindr, Eric and Kethayne saw that there were w/in a few miles from each other and so we ended up getting together. Kethayne is a great guy, bursting with lots of positive engergy and a personality to match. He ended up staying w/us for a few days and we had a great time!

Kethayne and Eric


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