October 1998

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October 30, 1998:  Apologies for not keeping up to date with the journal, but life has been a bit hectic.  Let's see, where to begin:

Family:  My fathers health is not very good right now and that has caused me (not to mention him) a lot of stress lately.  His kidney's are failing due to his diabetes and the stroke he suffered about 2 years ago.  Right now he will be going on dialysys.  We are also exploring the possibility of a kidney transplant.... so are you can imagine, there is a lot going on in this department.

Work:  Work going very.  I'm keepin' busy and loving just about every minute of it :-)

The rest of life... is going well.  I had a great weekend last weekend.  Ended up having dinner with Dave and Steve in Machester.  It was a great night. I got to meet some of their wonderful friends and enjoy an excellent meal.  We all ended up at the Frontrunner in Machester.  It was the first time I had been there in 5 months.  I had a great time there and made a really nice new friend (Hi Jimmy!!).

This past week, I've just been keeping busy with mostly work related projects.  As of now, it looks like that I will be heading up to Toronto on Sunday through Monday on business.  Next month, CA!  YEAH!.

Travis Nelsen is now stationed over in Saudia Arabia.  He will be there for 6 more weeks until he returns home to TX.  Hehehe, poor guy, NO BEER for 6 weeks.  Yech!

Not too much else to report now.  I'll try to keep you posted as events occurr.

All the best.  ~Penz

October 12, 1998:  Had a really nice past week.

At work, for the past two weeks,  I have been really busy and I'm loving every minute of it!  I really enjoy working for NuMega Lab.  Each day offers a new challenge and the people/atmoshphere of the lab make it a great place to work.

Friday night, after having a few drinks with the lads, I went home and watched a movie named "Beautiful Thing".  It was an excellent film, made in the UK, about two teenage British boys who fall in love with each other.  It is a very real story and was extremely heartwarming.  I highly recommend it.

On Saturday, Eric Larson came up for the weekend to spend some time up here in Nashua.  He's doing very well.  Currently Eric is station at Point Judith, RI in the USCG.  He is currently a Petty Officer 3rd class.  On Sat. night Jon "Scooby" Burns, Tim aka "Mate", Paul, Jon, Eric and myself all had dinner at my place.  I made a huge feast of steak on the girll.  Tim made some awesome veggies including Chola greens, peppers, garlic, onions, brocolli and more garlic!  Hehehe, it was awesome.  After dinner, we went and visited my neighbores, brining a jug of Irish whisky straight from Ireland to sip off of.  Well, we ended up empting 2 jugs and getting pretty shit housed!  Hehehehe, made for a very fun evening. 

Sunday, had lunch with Tim and Jon.  Tim cooked up an excellent pork roast.  Hehehe, made for some very good eating!  Sunday night I hung out with Matt Davis, just chillin'.

Jason Stoop has finished basic training with the USCG and will be back this week for a visit.  He is going to be station in Key West, FL!!  The lucky SOB!  Congrats Jason!

James Canders stopped by last week.  James in in the US Army and is stationed in Gremany.  He cam back for a few days to attend a wedding.  He and his girlfriend flew in for a few days.  I got to see James for about an hour before he left.  Next time, we'll make that visit a bit longer!

Travis "Shoebox" Nelsen will be shipping out to Saudi Arabia for 2-4 months.  With the USAF, Travis will be in SA working on a new constuction project on base.

In theory, Scott "Birdy" Bartholomew will be coming up this weekend to pay us a visit.  We haven't seen Birdy up in Nashua for almost 2 years!!

Well, that's about it for now.  Hope everyone is doing well. ~Penz

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