October 1999

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Oct. 18, 1999:  Well, I know that I've been slackin' with my journal updates, but hey, it's more fun hanging out in the real world :-)  Last week was quite excellent.  On Tuesday night, one of my best friends, Craig Hodgkin flew into town on business.  We ended up getting together on Tuesday night along with Brian and spent the evening chillin' in Montero. 

On Thursday night, Craig, Chris W., Chris M. and I all headed out to dinner at a wonderful Italien restaurant in Mt. View.  Then it was off to The Bank in San Jose for coffee.  On Friday night, we headed up into San Francisco to show Craig some of the night sites.  We ended up crashing at Chris's place that night and then heading into the Castro for breakfast the next morning.  Hehehe, always an interesting place, the Castro, of course, was entertaining :-)  For the rest of the day, Craig and I just hung ou and relaxed and did some catching up.  It was quite nice to do!  On Sunday, I took Craig and Chris M. to the airport, as they were both flying back East w/in one hour of each other.  On Sunday night,  I was in bed by 8:00 pm!

Hehehehe, it's been a crazy fun filled couple of weeks.  It's been awesome having so many of my friends from the East coast come out here and for me to be able to spend some time with them.  I must say thought, it's time for me to take a few days and just chill :-)

I hope all is well in your neck of the world.  Drop a line and say hi!


Oct. 13, 1999:  Well, I had an absolutely awesome time last week with both Tab and Porky being out here.  On Sunday, Oct. 3, Mike aka Tab flew out here.  For the rest of that day, we hung out and toured the local area.  Hehehe, that evening, we had watched a classic movie "Ferris Bueler's Day Off"... and yeah, there's a private joke hidden in there somewhere ;-)

On Monday, Tab, Porky, Vince, Deputy Chris, and I all headed up to Napa for an awesome day!  Our first stop was at Sterling Vineyard, owned by Seagram's Estate and Chateu.  It is a gorgeous place, and we couldn't have picked a better time for a visit as it was right in the middle of their harvest time.  About halfway through the tour, we met up with Kevin and his two friends Olivia and Wendy.  Their timing was just right, for soon there after, we began tasting some lovely wines!  After putting down a couple of glasses, we were off to a private VIP lunch....  

Then it was off to the Mum Cuvee' vineyard to taste some wonderful champagne and then it was off to a local restaurant to for a wonderful dinner.  Hehehe, what a crazy fun day it was!

On Wednesday morning, I sadly had to drop Porky off at the airport and on Wed. and Thursday, Tab got to hang around the pool all day and just chill.  Heheheh, he was in heavan!

On Friday, we headed down to Capitola for the day.  We ended up at Margaritaville (of course) to put down a few drinks.  Well, more than a few drinks later, we found ourselves on the beach taking a 2 hour nap in the sun!  It was great :-)

On Saturday, I had a little dinner party over at the house and it was excellent!  It was so cool having some of the old friends meet the new friends.  Keith Evans came down for the night and it was awesome seeing him!  

On Sunday morning, I had to take Mike to the airport and sadly bid him farewell.  It was quite aweome having him our for this visit.  After having a nice breakfast with Keith and Vince, I took the rest of the day to RELAX for a bit...


October 2, 1999:  Well, Tim "Porky" Watkins has made his first coast-to-coast journey!  He arrived late last night into SJC airport and I'm wicked psyched he's here!  Today, was a cool first day in CA.  We started off by going to breakfast at Buck's in Woodside.  Then we journeyed up to San Francisco.  Our first stop was at the Sony Metreon.  We toured this very cool high tech complex and had a blast checking out the latest toys from Sony & Microsoft.  Here's a picture of us that we took and sent on one of their cool new laptops. After the Metreon, we headed off the the Haight district.  We had a blast touring the area and taking in all the sites.  Heheheh, it was pretty cool! After there, we headed up to Marin County and toured the Headlands.  Then, it was back into the city for an early dinner at Mel's Drive In Diner (mmm, cheeseburgers and chili fries!).  Then, we headed down to Fremont where I showed him Quintus HQ and we also stopped in at Streetwise.  Hehehe, wow, I didn't realize I could do so much to my car.  Hahaha, Tim is going to show me all the ways I can trick on my Civic SI.  After all that, it was off to Palo Alto for a walk down University Avenue and then a quick visit with Don, to share some coffee and conversation.

WHEW!  A pretty busy day (and it's only 9:00 pm).  Where to next?  Stay tuned.... :-)


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