September 2000

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September 20, 2000:    A lot has been happening over the past month...

Things at Quintus are changing a bit.  They have hired a manager for the support team that I work for.  Well, the interesting thing about that, is that was the position I was being groomed for, so as you can imagine, things are a bit stirred up in my world.  Long story short, they were looking to hire a senior manager for that position and I'm not considered to be at that level.  While I understand their decision not to give me the position, that doesn't mean that I have to like it :)  For now, things are status quo, but I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that another opportunity will be presented to me when the time is right (hehehe, of course, I can hurry that along now, can't I?).  Stay tuned for more details.

Along with that,  I just got back from a week and a half long trip out to New England.  The main purpose of the trip was to spend some time with my father and the rest of my family, and I certainly accomplished that.  I don't think I've spent so much time w/my family in the past 2 years, as I did over the last couple of weeks.  Here's a very brief re-cap of the trip:

Wed. (Sept. 6):  Flew United Airlines from SJC to MHT.  At the airport, I was greeted by Tucker, who as usual, arrived to welcome me back to New England.  Hehehe, I love it when he does that.  After catching up for about a half hour, he took off and I picked up my rental and headed off to Nashua.  That night, I hung out with Paul, Alex and Dustin and we went out for dinner at The Silo in Merrimack.  We had a great dinner, and afterwards, it was time to hit the hay.

Thursday:  After picking up my sister from college, we headed out to the Berkshires to see my father.  We had a great time together, and enjoyed the opportunity to do some catching up.  We took Dad out for lunch, met up with Noni and spent the entire day out in Great Barrington, Around 5:00, we headed back to NH, where I dropped Gini off at school and then met up with Tucker for a quick, but enjoyable dinner.  

Friday:  Spent the day bumming around with Tab and Patno.  Saw the movie "The Way of the Gun" (wait for the video) and that night hung out at Dustin and Alex's place.  Junior, Sam, Trevor, Missy and Porky joined us for some pizza and brews, and it was a good night of just hanging out and catching up.

Saturday:  Went down to RI with Paul to meet up with Eric Larson.  Upon doing so, we headed into Newport for an awesome day of drinking at the local watering holes and having a crazy time together, which lasted until the wee hours of the morning.  Hahahahah, this was a great way to spend the weekend, with my two best friends!  It was really great to hang out with them again.

Sunday:  Headed back to NH in the morning, did breakfast with Dustin and Alex, and chilled out for the rest of the day.

Monday:  Took a ride up to "God's Country" Vermont to see Ray, had breakfast and then hung out for the afternoon.  Later on, I headed back down to Nashua, and crashed at Dustin 'n Alex's.

Tuesday:  Met up with my brother Tim and headed out to the Berkshires to see Dad again.  This was a great day as the two of us spent some quality time together catching up (and making up).   We had a nice day with Dad, though it was short since he wasn't feeling well.  That night, I crashed at Tim's place.

Wednesday:  Spent the first part of the day with Lisa Cragan in Danvers.  We headed out to Rockport where we had a great lunch together and then spent the afternoon chatting and catching up.  As always, it was wonderful spending time together. 

That night, Alex, Dustin and I went to see Zebrahead in Boston.  Kick ass concert (and Dustin got to drive :)!

Thursday:  Kicked around Nashua for the day and that night headed over to Dirk's place for a fun night of eating with Paul, Scott, Wendy, and Maggie.

Friday:  Off to CT where I saw Scott "Birdy" Bartholomew!  Yes folks, he is still alive and doing well!!

Saturday:  Off to see Dad one last time, and then back to the Boston area where I got together with my brother, Becky and Lisa for a wonderful dinner.  

Sunday:  Flew back to CA where I was met by my boyfriend Justin.  We spent the rest of the afternoon together just hanging out at my apartment (which by the way, he decorated with 3 vases full of gorgeous fresh flowers, including sun flowers, roses, and gladiolas).  

Mon-Wed (that's today):  It was back to work and I've left the office around 6:30-7:00pm each night (oh yeah, I get there at 7:00 am).  <sigh> some long days, but that's ok too.

Well, I'm really tired right now, so it's off to bed.  I just wanted to post what's been up, while I still remembered.  I'll probably update this page in a few days w/some more info on the trip, but if I don't.... oh well :)

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