September 2005

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I've created a separate journal for all updates pertaining to Seth. This will help keep a focused view on what's going on with him.

September 26, 2005: Hehehe, yesterday was A LOT OF FUN! My friends Don, Jerry and I all headed into San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair. This would be our 3rd time attending this event since I moved to CA and each year it's always proven to be a lot of fun. LOL, this year was no exception. We started by meeting up at my friend Matt Consola and his husband Ian's house in San Francisco. They have a beautiful place that they have been remodeling and you can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into remodeling the place. It's filled with some wonderful art and decorated very tastefully (definitely has an Italian & Irish flair to it). About 20 or so people showed up for a bit of a pre-party party and in the few hours we were there, we had a lot of fun hanging out with them and their friends. After that it was off to the fair and the day was filled with much debauchery! LOL, I think I'll leave it at that for now :)

Around 5:00 we headed back to San Mateo where Don, Jerry and I went our separate way and then I headed over to Justin's place. Justin was all packed and ready to go, so after hanging out for a few hours, I took him to SFO where he caught his flight to JFK and then off to Heathrow (yeah, that's in London!). He'll be spending a week in London and then another week in Paris. He's taken this trip by himself and I'm sure it's going to be quite the adventure! I got a call from him today confirming that he arrived safe and sound. I'm sure he's going to have a blast!

After dropping him off, it was back into the city where I met up with Matt, Matt and Sam at Sanctuary (dance club). I got there early and got to hang out and watch DJ Matt Consola and Sam get everything setup for the show. It was really interesting to watch all of the preparation that has to be done to setup the DJ booth before a show. Well they are a couple of pros (well Sam is a pro-in-training :) and at 10:00, they were all set. The music was awesome and house was rocking! I stayed there until about 1:00 AM before I had to take off (had to work the next day, damn it!) but the party really started after 2:00 AM and ran to 6:00 AM! Hehehe, well, next time I'm taking the following day off and will see if I can drink enough Red Bull's to keep me awake!

Scott (Super Star Pup), Sam (Super Star dj Mix Mutt), Matt (Super Star Graphic designer to the stars) and the man himself Super Star DJ Matt Consola! WOOF!!

Hehehe, awwww, isn't he handsome!?! WOOF!!!

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun :D

I hope all is well in your world!


September 21, 2005: So I forgot to mention that on September 13 I got to see Kirk LePelley. I haven't seen Kirk since I left Daniel Webster College. He lives about 10 minutes from my brothers house so he came over that night for a visit and hung out for a few hours. It was great to see him and do some catching up. It's amazing just how HUGE he's gotten over the last 10 years. Lots of hard work and dedication have paid off and he's got an amazing body! This coming weekend he'll participate in his first professional body building contest and I'm sure he's going to do well!


September 20, 2005: Last night at 9:50 PM PT, I landed in CA. Almost to the minute, at the same time one week ago, I was boarding a jet to take me out to Boston.

September 19, 2005: Today I plan on spending most of the day at the hospital with Tim and Suzanne.

Tonight, I fly back to CA. I asked Tim and Suzanne if they'd like me to stay (and I'm more than willing to do so), but they appreciatively said it was fine for me to go. They certainly need their space, and I'm only a phone call away.

I'll be back in CA around 10:30 PM tonight.


September 18, 2005:

Yesterday I took a little time to visit with Eric and Crissy Larson (and Sam Dog!) down in Warwick, RI (about 1 hour 20 minutes from Tim and Suzanne's house). I had a great visit with them and spent most of the afternoon at their place. They fed me, listened to me and were just "there" for me and that was exactly what I needed :) LOL, and as you can see, Sam was there to give his support as well (and yes, that IS a big rottweiler! :-)

After returning from RI, I had dinner with my sister Gini and our good friend Alex McCabe. That was a great way to end the day

September 13, 2005:


Proud father Tim Penziner and his son Seth.

Father Tim and Aunt Gini :-)

Aunt Gini and Uncle Scott

Suzanne and Tim, the very happy and amazed parents!

Seth holding on to Mom's hand...

And of course, holding onto Dad too :-)

Suzanne, Seth, Gini and Tim :-)

Mother and Son

Father and Son

Well is a picture can say a thousand words, I'm not sure how many words these can convey. Simply amazing!!

Mother and son are both doing well and recovering from their very full day yesterday. Seth was brought into the world via an emergency c-section. This was done because he was not getting enough nutrients from the placenta and was not gaining weight at a fast enough rate (a first for a Penziner boy!). Well, the c-section was a perfect success. Seth is doing very well. His heart, lungs, brain and all major organs are well developed. In the pictures above, you can see he's hooked up to a lot of monitors and an IV for feeding (he'll be on breast milk as soon as he can). Though he's not out of the woods yet, he's off to an excellent start and he's at one of the best medical facilities in the world!

Mother, son, and father are all hanging out together at the Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston, MA. Suzanne will remain in the hospital for a few days (probably until about Saturday). Seth will remain there for about 2 weeks or so before being transferred to a local hospital for another period of time before finally coming home.

I will remain here in the Boston area until Monday the 19th before I return back to CA.

Thank you to everyone who has sent their heart felt wishes via phone and email. They are all much appreciated!!

All the best,

~Uncle Penz (boy that just has such a great ring to it! :-)

September 12, 2005:


About 20 minutes ago around 9:30 PM ET on 9/12/05 Seth Rodney Penziner was born via an emergency c-section at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA. Yep, he's about two months early, but initial reports from Tim and Suzanne (Dad and Mom) are:

"He came out crying. He's got all of his fingers and toes, and he opened up his eyes! He looks adorable and he looks really really small!"

They only got to spend a few minutes with him before the doctors and nurses took him away. I'm on a red-eye flight from SFO to BOS tonight. I'll try and keep you posted throughout the week! :-)

~Uncle Penz

5:00 PM PT: I just got off of the phone with my brother Tim. Apparently there are some complications with his wife's pregnancy and she has been admitted to Tufts Medical Center (critical care prenatel unit). I have just booked myself on a red-eye flight out of SFO tonight getting into BOS tomorrow morning so that I can be there with them.


September 11, 2005: It's been 4 years since my friends and I lost Graham Berkeley. No matter how much I try, it's hard not to feel more than just a little sad knowing that he's no physically with us anymore. I miss his smile, his personality, his amazing charm and his sometimes brash wit. I miss talking with him, vicariously living some of life's adventures through him, and the way he made Becky, Lisa and so many around him so very happy.....

I did my best today not watch the TV or listen to radio today... it hurts to do so. I can imagine the press had to play at least once the scene of one of planes hitting the WTC, or the Pentagon or the crash site in PA... all I have to do is see a moment of that and I'm transported back to that fateful morning where I spent way too many hours in front of the TV.. having those images burned into my mind. And then all of that sadness wells up inside of me... and that sucks...

But it's ok. This day shall pass. Life will continue on. The memory of my friend will return to being a happy one...

I miss you Graham.... and my heart goes out to all of those who are left behind... all the people whose lives you touched in such a wonderful way.... I suppose I should leave on a happy note, so here's a shot of a group of us who still love you oh so much. Here's smiling at you :)

Penz, Susan, Rob and Becky

Penz and Becky (Rob and Susan's BBQ in July 05)

September 10, 2005: Had a really fun day today hanging out with some good 'pups' in San Francisco. It was Sam (the birthday boy), Nathan, Justin G., Matt Consola, Matt, and JP. Once we were all gathered, it was off to a BBQ at someone's house (hehehe, I just don't know who's house it was, but there was free beer and food, so that worked!). After that, a stop at the grocery store to pick up some Guinness, lighter fluid and a box of wood and then it was off to the beach for a bonfire! After that, to the Metreon to see the Exorcism of Emily Rose (pretty good). And to think I was home and in bed by 12:30 am :) It was a fun day!!

September 8, 2005:

Hehehe, one week in the making. What do you think of me w/a beard!?!? :-) I'm going to give it another week to fill in. We'll see :)


September 5, 2005: Was a good weekend! On Friday night, hung out with Justin and his brother Christopher for the evening, which was nice. Just a laid back night of doing a whole lot of nothing (heheh, a change for me). On Saturday, I did some grocery shopping in the morning and then gave the apartment a much needed cleaning. Then I did some reading for a couple of hours. Around 6, my friends Don and Jerry arrived and I cooked up some dinner on the grill as we drank a bottle of 02 Unti Zinfandel. We spent a really nice evening together just hanging out and catching up. Around 9:30, Ben arrived. After meeting Don and Jerry (who were on their way home), we decided to check out the local bars in the San Jose area. LOL, we drove by this one bar called Renegades (which we decided looked a bit too sketch for our taste), so we ended up going to the King of Clubs, which is a local gay bar (more of a lounge at times). LOL, it just happened to be Latino Lesbian night, so we were one of a handful of guys surrounded by some pretty hot latino lesbians. LOL, we had a few drinks, listened to the music and then kicked out.

On Sunday, I picked up Ben in Pleasanton around 9:30 and we went and grabbed some breakfast at the Copper Skillet in Dublin. After getting our daily allowance of grease and carbs, we headed off to Livermore and met up with Sandra and Mark Rosenberg, Michael and Shannon Tanner and a whole bunch of their friends. What a FUN group! After downing a few bottles of wine, we all boarded our chartered motor coach and spent the rest of the day hitting wineries who were part of the Livermore Valley Wine Festival. LOL, what a fantastic day! We had a great crew of about 20 people and we had a blast together :-)

Around 7:00 Ben and I kicked out and I dropped him off at his place. I was really psyched that he came along as it made the entire experience more fun having him there :)

As I drove home, I got a call from my friend Justin Green who was up in SF with a bunch of his friends, so I took the long way and met up with them for a couple of hours. We ended up grabbing dinner at the CA Pizza Kitchen and before I finally headed home. LOL, I don't think I could have packed any more fun into one day!

Today, I think I'm just going to rest (but we'll see how that goes :)


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