September 2006

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September 11, 2006:

5 years have passed since Graham left this earth. It's amazing to think just how many lives he touched while he was here and how people still react so strongly to the mention of his name. I love it when I speak with Becky, Lisa and others who when Graham's name is mentioned, break out into a smile and invariably tell some story of how he made them laugh, or feel good or how he enriched their lives. And it always ends with "I sure do miss him".

Yep, I sure do......

So from the UK, Germany, NH, MA, FL, CA and the many other places around the world where you touched our lives, we raise our glasses to you tonight my friend!! Thank you for everthing :)

Shari Zedek shared this this udpate with me today: a remembrance ceremony held in Nashua, NH on 9/11/2006 for Graham (and Myra Aronson, a colleague at Compuware who was also lost on 9/11). Thank you Shari for sharing this!

Donations were collected from current and former employees of Compuware, and from Compuware itself, to have a stone placed on a walkway in Manchester, New Hampshire in Graham’s memory. The monies donated will be used to support an organization known as Families in Transition which supports homeless women and children.

Bob O'Brien, collegue and friend of Graham's, speaking at the rememberance ceremony


September 9, 2006: Well it has been a busy/fun last couple of weeks! Let's see what I can remember... :)

San Francisco Update: Well I'm all moved into my new place in San Francisco and I'm loving it here. For those of you who don't know, I have a roommate :P Hahaha yes, Justin has moved in with me and yes, we are going out again (OK, ok, enough groaning out there!) Hahaha, it's been 3 years since we last lived together/went out and enough has changed during that time to warrant giving it another shot. I'll keep you posted :)

Had a fantastic trip out to FL! On Thursday I flew into Fort Meyers, FL and Kevin Barnes picked me up at the airport. We headed back to his place for a few and then went out to dinner at the Bonefish Grill. We had an awesome dinner there!! (hehehe it was so good that we'd go there again before I'd leave town). On Friday we tooled around town, went and caught a movie (Crank - it was OK) and then just took it easy for the night. Kevin made a tasty dinner of chicken roti after which I vaguely remember falling asleep on the couch around 7:00 PM. Heheh damn jet lag!

Saturday afternoon we headed out to East coast of FL and around 4:00 PM arrived at the Green Turtle (cool little gourmet grocery store where Becky and Lisa work). Lisa was taking care of the wine department so Kevin and I hung out with her while Becky was finishing up some work out back. During the next couple of hours, Lisa would open up some nice wines for us to try and by the time Becky came out, we were doing quite well :) After work, it was a 5 minute drive over to their friends house where we would spend the evening eating, drinking and having an absolute blast!

Scott and Becky wearing the magic breathe right strips! LOL!

A very happy Lisa! :)

I'm not even going to try and explain this picture..... :P

I think Kevin was enjoying himself that night... :)

On Sunday, after having a wonderful breakfast made by our gracious hosts, we took off and headed back to Becky and Lisa's place. Upon our arrival it was off to their back yard, which just happens to be the beach/Atlantic Ocean! Oh yes... quite nice :)

Becky, Kevin, Lisa and Mere enjoying some drinks under the sun!

After the beach, we took a dip in the pool and then headed inside. After a shower, we had a fantastic dinner (tri-tip on the grill cooked to perfection, thank you Lisa!) and we opened up some kick ass bottles of wine including the 99 Couer De Vigne and 02 Cabernet Sauvignon from Sullivan Vineyards, 1997 and 1999 Cabs from St. Supery and an 2002 Cab from Ridge! LOL DAMN GOOD DRINKING!

The happy crew sitting on the deck, enjoying some tasty grapes! :)

Oh yeah, I was enjoying some too! LOL!

Kinda says it all, don't it?

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention it was Kevin's 30th Birthday as well!!

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

and on Monday, Kevin and I would sadly say farewell to our magnificent hosts and head back to the West coast of FL. We stopped for lunch on the way at a cuban sandwich shop and damn, that was tasty. Here is the definition of a Cuban sandwich (it's exactly what we had):

A traditional Cuban sandwich is made with Cuban bread. The bread is cut in half and buttered on both sides. Dill pickles, roast pork, ham, and Swiss cheese are cold, added in layers and thinly sliced. The pork is an essential ingredient and it needs to be slow roasted with Cuban spices, giving the pork a distinct garlic and citrus flavor. The sandwich is then lightly toasted in a sandwich press called a "plancha" until the bread is crisp and the cheese is melted. The press both heats and compresses the sandwich.

On Tuesday, we hung out for the day together, enjoying the good weather and for dinner, we re-visited the Bonefish Grill for another yummy dinner! (mmmm, pomegranate martinis!). It was a great way to end the night/trip.

On Wednesday I'd make my farewells and then fly back to CA! I'd spend the next day or two getting settled back in and yes, it was good to be home again :)

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