September 2009

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Oh yes, you will also find me blogging away on Facebook too!

September 2009: So I'm taking some time to go back through Facebook and update my real journal. I'm going to be doing this for Sept-November and will try to really just post my status's here. Facebook is fun, but it's not the same.

In September, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for Netflix. What a great service! My first bunch of disks were the Dexter series. OMG, great show. I went through the first three seasons and can't wait to for more! I may actually have to get Showtime :P Heheh probably not.

Work really kept me busy this month. The average work day was somewhere between 10-12 hours and after a while, that starts to take its toll, no matter how much coffee you drink :) All of the major escalations I've been working on have been based out of the East coast, which means I end up starting my work day around 6:00 AM and finishing up around 5 or 6 PM. Yeah, long days, LOL, but that's ok. It's a good time to be busy, considering the alternative.

I did get to have some fun though :) On Labor Day, I attended a party in Oakland over at Ben Daniel's place. I brought nine pounds of bacon as an appetizer for the pot luck lunch. LOL that lasted all of about 15 minutes before the crowd devoured it :) Later on that week, I'd visit Oakland again to visit Christopher Allen and Mimi over at their new apartment, which is really nice. The weekend after that, I attended the monthly Goaldiggers beer bust at Truck, which was a lot of fun (LOL when isn't it?). I'd hang out with friends, make a trip up to Napa, and all in all, just enjoy the free time I had.

Food wise, it was another good month :) I got to enjoy an amazing meal down at Gloria Consola's house, which included a game or two of bacci ball. Ryan Crowley and I also took a day trip up to Napa and while in Younteville, had brunch as Ad-Hoc. I also starting working on replicating the lamb daube recipe from "Chez Papa" in Protreo Hill. First attempt was pretty damn good, but I still need to work on it.

Clarice is doing great. Heheh, this dog is truly the love of my life. Her moment this month is when I had dinner with my friend Jp Meteigner, and she found the 8 oz. container of butter that I left on the dining room table. While the two of us were snuggled up on the couch watching Avatar the Last Airbender, Clarice came into the room holding the empty container in her mouth. LOL suffice to say, her coat was extra shiny for a few days (and nope, she didn't get sick!).










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