September 1997

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September 29, 1997: Well it was an awesome weekend! On Saturday morning Macky, J.J. and I piled into JJ's car and headed off to The Grand Old Portsmouth Fall Brewers Festival at the Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, NH.

The day started with the Chili festival. We sampled about 6 different types of chili and most were very good. I think we all agreed that the best one we sampled was from TNT Subs (off all places, a sub shop!) Their chili was the spiciest and chunkiest. So after we woofed that down, we promptly headed over to the best part of the event: The Beer Tent! All of the companies who exhibited were micro breweries. Sam Adams, Red Hook, Harpoon, Smuttynose, were just some of the ones there. So, after we drank down our 8 beers it was about 3:30 which left us plenty of time to head to the RedHook Brewery! Oh boy.

Our tour guide, Chris, was a cool dude and zipped us through the plant for about 30 minutes. The brewery was really cool and it's brand spanking new! Kind of a weird design as far as the building itself goes. Looks more like a ski lodge than a brewery, but that only adds to the ambiance of the place. Of course, the best part was the end of the tour where we got to sample some of the beers! We tried the IPA (v. good), the Double Black Stout (my favorite), and a few others (ok, I forget!). We even managed to weasel a few extra samples out Chris before we headed to… the Red Hook bar! There we chugged down another pitcher of IPA, acquired a couple of t-shirts and then finally headed back towards home.

The drive home was quite humorous. J.J. had been smart enough not to drink too much so he was fine driving. Now, me and Macky had no such limits so when we stopped to gas up, Macky grabbed a pack of cigars and a 12 pack for the rest of the trip home. Heheheh, the humor was off the scale as we topped off our evening by going out to dinner at….. TACO BELL! Oi vey. Let's just say that our intestines were not very impressed with us by the end of the night and errrrr… well, most of the windows in the house were left open! Hehehehe, it was pretty funny. All in all, it was an excellent time.

Sunday was a day of rest and included watching "The Saint" and Howard Stern's "Private Parts" (really funny movie!). For dinner, J.J. and I each devoured a pound of buffalo wings and a pint of IPA at the Newbridge Café.

Next weekend, I'm off to New Mexico for a couple of days. The weekend following, Adam Arnold's bachelor party, the weekend after that is his wedding, and the weekend after that, maybe Florida. We'll see…..

So, all in all, with the exception that I'm not getting paid enough, life is very good and a lot of fun!

(Oh yeah, can you believe that the end of September is upon us already??? Only 87 more shopping days until Christmas and Chanukah folks!

Catch ya later (or you can try and catch me!) ~ Penz

September 22, 1997:

Its a girl!

At 7:42 p.m. on Sunday September 21, Dana and Heather Johnson became the proud parents of:

Kaitlin Ella Johnson
6 lbs. 14 oz.

She is an absolutely beautiful child. She has Heather's dark hair and Dana's blue eyes, cheeks and ears. Congratulations and best wishes to Dana and Heather!

The rest of the weekend was very relaxing and pleasant. Got the opportunity to get away Sunday night with a good friend of mine and just kick back and relax.

More to come, later on. ~penz

September 16, 1997: Top of the day to you. Hope you had a pleasant weekend. I spent mine in Nashua, hanging out and relaxing. Played a little soccer on Sunday with Barnes and Macky. Felt good to get out and run around. Saturday night spent at DWC hanging out with Tab, Joyce, Patno, Trevor, Spidey and Junior. Saturday… what did I do on Saturday? Oh yeah, just hung out and did errands.

Friday night was cool. A large group of us went over to my boss's house for an impromptu dinner party. We rounded up about a dozen people for a night of good wine, lamb, salmon, rice, veggies, fresh bread, fresh tomatoes with balsamic vinegar/basil and olive oil…mmmm, for desert, it was home made cupcakes with Gheridelli chocolate frosting. Top this off with an excellent group of people engaging in animated conversation, and you've got the recipe for one hell of a fun night!

Spoke with Jamie Godbout last night. He's out in MT drinking his ass off wondering if there are any pretty women in the state. I say, forget the women, find a nice sheep! It's not that baaaaaaaaad! Heheheheh. Hopefully, I'll get to see him when he come back to NH for Christmas.

Oh yeah, hi Tucker… :>

On the site, I've updated a few pages here and there. You'll also find a new memorial section, dedicated to those who's souls have touched my life.

More to come… stay tuned! ~penz

September 8, 1997: Arrrgghhhh… heheheh, well, that's what my back and feet would say if they could talk. Eric Larson and I embarked on a 12+ mile hike up Mt. Carrigan, located in the SW portion of the White Mts. National Forest. We had a great time and the weather was pretty nice. Heheheh, although, we were reminded on the way down that we are nowhere near 'peak physical' shape. As we hobbled to the car, we dropped our packs and jumped into the refreshing 50' waters of Sawyer River and cooled off.

I am currently working on a new section of the site dedicated to the Cellar Dwellars. Click here to check it out.

Paul just got back some of the pictures from last weeks Jimmy Buffett concert. Oh boy, did they come out great! I hope to have some posted on the site by the end of the week.

Last week was a sad week in that we lost two great women of our time, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. The two people were symbols and supporters of many worthy causes. Kindness, charity and goodwill are but a few of their many traits which endure them to many of our hearts for a lifetime. My best wishes and prayers go to Diana's two sons, William and Harry. I hope that they live their lives as their mother intended them to; as people, not as "royals". As a small tribute, my home page has been changed for this week.

And that's all for today. ~ penz

September 4, 1997: As of today, I have finally caught up on all of my sleep and I think my liver may eventually forgive me! My apologies to all who caught me in a miserable mood yesterday, hehehehe, arggghhh..

Both Macky and JJ have successfully moved in and all pretty much back to normal at our town house.

For all your Cellar Dwellars out there, stay tuned for a new Cellar Dwellar section on my WWW site. It's a coming! ~penz

September 2, 1997: Oooooh boy, talk about one hell of an incredible week!!! It all started last Tuesday when we headed up to Concord, NH to see "Club Trini". This band is comprised of all the Coral Reefer's with the exception of Jimmy Buffett and James "Fingers" Taylor. They were awesome. We got to meet and get autographs from Michael Utley, Robert Grennich, James and Peter Mayor and the rest of the band after the concert. They certainly set the mood for the rest of the week: FUN!

On Thursday we arrived at Great Woods at 11:00am sharp for our 6th consecutive year to see Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer's (all three shows each year). On Thursday, we were the 4th car in the parking lot and the same went for Saturday. On Sunday, Mark "Hummer" Hamel and I were the very first ones in the lot at 10:30am! Hehehe, we beat everyone (20,000 parrot heads!) that morning!!

If you went to the concert each day, our crew was parked in the first lot behind the limo's, and had:

a 8' x 12' Caribbean sunset mural set up with our table and umbrella,
a scorpion bowl full of rum soaked cherries/apples,
John Godbout dressed in a parrot costume,
Paul Barnes thumping away on this steel drum
and me (on Sunday) perched upon a 7' lifeguard chair for 6 hours!

Each night, Jimmy changed a few of his songs to keep the play list fresh. The Cuban stage settings were awesome, and the show itself, well, until you go, you will never fully appreciate just how awesome it was. Fins up to Jimmy and the band for an awesome performance. We can't wait for next year's show (hopefully we will be out of the Betty Ford clinic by then.).

I will be posting pictures on my parrot head home page as soon as Paul and the rest of the crew get their film developed.

On Monday, after waking up and trying to remember who I was and why I didn't have a margarita in my hand, I found the my two new roommates, Jeremey "JJ" Perusse, and Matt "Macky" Davis, had pretty much got all of the stuff moved into the house. Arrrgghhhh, I think it's gonna take a week or so to get used to having everyone around again, but all in all, it should be a lot of fun. Monday night we all went over to Jason "Stoop" Stupp and Scott "Perky" Seidel's house for a really nice BBQ. It was an excellent way to end up an awesome weekend.

For now, in a very large, but unfortunately empty margarita glass, that's all! ~ Penz


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