September 1998

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September 30:  And so another month passes, and we move into fall.  Wow, time sure does fly when you're living life, eh?  :-) 

Last week I went to the Korn Family Values Tour with Paul,. Porky (it was his Birthday - Happy BDay Bro!, Twindo and Tim Paradiso, a friend of mine from work).  We had a kick ass time, litterally, since we were in the mosh pits on the floor!  Wow, talk about crazy.  It took me about 4 days to recover from the beating I took.  Hehehe, no worries, it was a lot of fun and I'm sure a few people will be a bit sore from slammin' into this old dog :-)

Had a very pleasant weekend and spent most of it relaxing by a lake with a friend of mine.  It was cool just to relax and take it easy.

Keepin' busy this week. Last night went up to Paul's parents house for dinner.  Tonight I'm having dinner with Jon "Scooby" Burns before he takes for for Ireland to see his girlfirend for a week.  Tomorrow night, I'll be at work until late.  Teaching a seminar on one of our products.  As for the weekend, I'm just taking those plans day by day right now.

Hope everyone is doing well. 

Peace - Penz

September 22, 1998:  Well, this month has been crazy and busy, but hey, that's not a bad way to be :-)  On Sept. 15, I flew up to Toronoto, Canada for a day on a business trip.  That was pretty cool.  The following week, I spent Tues.-Wed. out in Farmington Hills, MI at our corporate HQ teaching a two day seminar on one of our products.   It was a good trip and I met some very cool people at our corp. HQ.  I returned on Friday and Friday night, Paul and I took off for Port Clyde, ME where we met up with the old crew from Alexander LAN, Inc.  It was a very fun and a very relaxing weekend.  It is so gorgeous up there...ahhhh, a nice way to get away from it all. 

I got an nice email from Todd "Squirrel" Lizzotte.  He is doing well up in Manchester, NH.  He provided me with some good updates on some of the Cellar Dwellar Alumni crew.  I will be posting this information by weeks end.

More to tell, but gotta run.  Drop me a line if you like! - Penz

September 9, 1998:  Well, I am back from my trip and yeah, I did have some fun!  It was a crazy first week in September.  It all started with a weekend of Jimmy Buffett at Great Woods, MA. Then, the following Monday, Paul, Tab and I went up to Concord to see the Coral Refer band perform at the Island Fest 98 show.  It was excellent!  The music and the crowd were a lot of fun.  Hehehe, I think most of us were still drunk from the weekend!!  Aftert the show, we met the band, hung out and then went back home.  I got to bed around 12:15 am.

At 5:00 am on Tuesday, I got up and at 5:30 my good friend Jon Jesse picked me up and too me to the Manchester Airport.  At 1:00, after a bunch of transfers, I landed in Albuquerque, NM where I was greated by one of my best friends, Ric Dagenais.  We spent most of the day together catching up and that evening, I had dinner with his wife, my friend, Jill.  We had a terrific time together catching up and having some great conversations.  It was really great seeing her and Ric so happily married together. They are truly wonderful together.

Wednesday morning, Ric and I went for a drive and a short hike up into the Sandias Mts.  Some beautiful country up there.  We then met Jill for lunch in "Old Town".  Later on that afternoon, Ric went to work and I met up with my friend Zippy.  We hung out for most of the night and I crashed at his place at Kirtland AFB. 

Thursday morning, Zippy took off for work, I spent the rest of the day with Ric and then I caught a flight to Dallas, TX to go to Travis "Shoebox" Nelsen.

I arrived at Dallas at 6:00 pm and by 6:30 was in my rented Grand Am speeding 3 hours East to Abeline, TX.  Unfortunately, I got to see my first armadillo up close and personal when I pegged it at 80 MPH while travelling in the interstate.  Oh Fluffy, forgive me!!!!!  Heheheh, well I arrived well and safe to Ableine around 9:30 and got to meet Stpanie Wolfe <ahem> NOW, Stephanie Nelsen and her parents.  A few minutes later, Travis showed up.  We hung out for most of the night and did a little catching up.

On Friday, we got our Tux's, and I got to meet two really great guys, John and Brett, two great friends of Travis's (also ushers in the wedding party).  We had the rehersal that afternoon on Dyess, AFB and then went back to Trav and Stephanie's place for the rehersal dinner.  Mmmmm, some good ol' TX BBQ.  That night, Travis, Joe, Brettt and I all hung out drinking some beers.  Travis took us on a time warp back to The Cellar, Daniel Webster College, 1992-94, via some awesome music.  I swear, it was like being back at a good ol' Friday night party.  The music was there and so were some great people.  I swear I could close my eyes, and see the whole crew..... made for a GREAT night (Nothing Else Matters..... Southern Cross.. Pearl Jam.... Billy Joel's Piano Man and Goodnight Saigon....<sigh>)

On Saturday, Travis and Stephanie got married.  She was a beautiful bride and site to see.  The wedding went off without a hitch (I could almost swear that they had done this before.....).  The reception/dinner was held at the officers club on base.  We parties into the evening, and took it back to their house.  When I left there at 2:30 am to drive back to Dallas to catch my 7:00 am flight, the party was still going.  I had a great time.  It was awesome to finally meet Travis's wife and his friends John and Brett.  It was an honor to be the best man at my brothers wedding...  Congratulations the both of them!

I arrived back in Manchester, NH on Sunday at 12:30 pm.  As I deplaned, my buddy Shane greeted me with the keys to Spideys truck so I couuld get home, Josh "Junior" Nehiley, brought me my bag, while Spidey unloaded the plane.  I felt like I just stepped off my own private jet!

Sunday night I hung out with Matt Davis and had a fun and memorable night hanging out. 

Monday, I just took it easy, trying desperately to catch up on my sleep (didn't work too well).  Tuesday I was back at work as I am today (Wednesday). 

So, it was one hell of a fun packed week!  Hehehe, not exactly a relaxing vacation but fun none the less. Penz

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