September 1999

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September 27, 1999:  Heheh, not too much tonight, as I'm beat.  I had an awesome weekend.  On Sunday, I went to the Folsom Street Fair.  Oh boy, let's just say that this dog had a blast!  I went with some really great people out here of whom I'm really having a fun time getting to know.  Thank Don, Chris, & 'Scooby' for an awesome time :-) Yeah, I got picts... whether I put them up on  my site or not after I get 'em developed... well, that's a different subject :-)

Hung out with my brother Tim this weekend.  It's really cool having him out here.  I think he's a bit homesick though and I know that he'll be happy to get back to MA at the end of this week.

Anyway, I'm beat.  I'll write more later on this week


September 20, 1999:  I've updated the photo album.  More to come shortly.

September 19, 1999:  Well, I hope everyone had a good week!  On Friday morning, I found out that my brother Tim is going to out in San Jose, CA for 2 weeks starting... tomorrow!!  What a surprise.  It looks like he's found himself a new job and he's out here for some training.  I'm looking forward to seeing him and being able to show him around 'my new home' here in CA.

On Friday night, I had a nice dinner with my friend Dave Schumaker, of whom I used to work with at NuMega.  He, Rob, Susan and I had a wonderful night together, drinking some tasty wine and eating Susan's awesome lemon grass Thai soup and some spicy sausages and veggies that I did up on the grill. 

On Saturday, I got up, and after a cup of java, stained the 4 decks on the house.  It was a good morning to be outside working!  Then I headed over to see Brian and Sean in Half Moon Bay for the afternoon.  We hung out for a few hours, and then I was off to San Jose where I met up with my buddy Chris and we headed to the Shorline Amphitheater where we saw Collective Soul and the Cranberries.  It was a great concert!  Very energetic performers and some kick ass music. 

Today, I slept in late (yeah!), and met up with Kevin and a good friend of his in SF for brunch.  Mmmmm, nothing like Canton Dim Sum to start your day :-)  After brunch, I headed back home for a few hours and the I went to the SF Airport where I met up with Kevin Barnes.  He's on his way to the Marshall Islands and had a one hour lay over.  So, we put back a couple of Corona's at the bar, had a nice talk, and then he was on his way.  He's a little nervous now, but I know he's gonna be just fine once he gets settled in.

All in all, I'm treating lief well here in my part of the world.  I hope you are doing the same :-)


September 14, 1999:  Well, one of the cool things I brought back from Tucson, AZ were my box of photo albums and journals from high school and college!  I'm going to start putting up some treasures from my past up here on my site.  The first ones are a few poems by Dano Mastropietro, of whom I met way back in 1988... ok my dark brother from long ago... a few of your poems are now up!

And finally, Adam "Skinny Daug" Arnold and Scot "Slap" Servis, become part of my album.

September 13, 1999:  Well, first off, my apologies for slacking off on my journal!  Heheheh, I guess I've been spending a little too much time in the 'real world' over the past couple of weeks :-)  Heheheh, ahh well.

Ok, this past couple of weeks were really cool.  On Labor Day weekend, I spent most of it with Kevin up in Marin County, where he lives.  Ahhhh, it is such a beautiful area.  Great restaurants, beautiful scenery, great little shops, walking along the canal... it's a sweet area to live in.  Saturday night, we headed back here to Atherton where we helped Rob and Susan setup for their annual Labor Day weekend party.  It was a really nice day and we topped it off in just the right fashion, by sampling some of the wine that we bought for the party.  Hehehehe, well, 2.5 hours after we cracked the first bottle, 6 bottles of Clos du Bois Chardonay found themselves 'in a better place'.  Hahahahaha, the conversations that were flying between the four of us were priceless and the laughter and good company made for a fun time.  Of course we had to eat, and what better food to have than Susan's homemade 5 alarm chili!  Let's just say 4 days later, a few of us were still trying to recover from the dinner and drinks that night :-)

On Sunday, Kevin, Rob and I went to do a little pre-party shopping and what better vehicle to take on a sunny Sunday, than the '57 convertible Chevy.  With the top down and the Beach Boys blarin' on the stereo, we cruised around town picking up last minute items for the party.  Hehehe, it was pretty cool.  The party, went off without a hitch (of course!) and a good time was had by all.  I did all the cookin' on the grill and I don't think any of the 40 people left hungry!  There were high level executives from Oki present, as well as the founders of a new startup, Corvia.  Quite the interesting group of Silicon business men and woman.

The rest of week was uneventful.  Work was pretty intense.  It seemed like every customer was having a critical issue and with our engineering team about 3 weeks away from a new release, the stress factor was up a bit.  But, no worries, the Quintus support, engineering and customer services teams stuck together pulled off another productive week! 

On Thursday night, Kevin and I went and saw the Sixth Sense.  It was a really good flick (surprisingly good, considering Bruce Willis was the star).  On Friday, at 10:00 am, I was off to Tucson, AZ to see Mark "Hummer" Hamel!

Mark moved to Tucson in May of this year, taking a new job position with Raytheon.   He's loving the area and the new position and from my brief visit, I can see why.  We spent most of our time either kicking around a few of the local shops, eating, or up in the Catalina Mts (Mt. Lemmin to be exact).  It was a gorgeous area and I'm going to have some pictures available on my site by the weeks end.  On Sunday, Mark, myself and his roommate Nigel went hiking off of Mt. Lemmin.  Hehehe, wait until you see some of the photo's.  Simply beautiful! 

It was really great seeing Mark again.  Though it's only been 4 months since we last saw each other and we keep in contact via email/phone, nothing beat putting back a few margarita's at Joe's Crab House on Friday night and catching up with each other in person.  I also had the pleasure of speaking with his girlfriend Jessica!  She's doing well out in Alabama.  Hehehe, after seeing how much time these two spend on the phone, I'm buying more stock in AT&T :-)

On Saturday morning, I had an awesome surprise, I got a call from Travis "Shoebox" Nelsen.  He's very much alive and doing well over in Korea.  He's having a blast hanging out with the locals and from the sounds of it, doing some good ol' fashioned drinkin' and partyin'.  We talked for about an hour and it was really great to catch up with my little 'hairy toed troll' brother :-)  Hehehe, love you too Box!

I also got a big ol' BARK hello from Becky and Lisa.  They've moved from Haverhill, MA to Cambridge!  Uh oh, I think Harvard Square is in trouble!  Hehehehe, I can't wait until I get the chance to head back East to see their new place.  I bet it is swwwwwwwweeet!

My brother Tim had an interesting week last week.  He got into a nasty car accident in which his very cherry 300 ZX got totaled!  Most importantly, Tim was not hurt, but now, after being helped out by a very good friend of his, he's got himself a new set of wheels; an Audi Quattro A4.  Hehehe, little bastard :-)  You gotta love him and appreciate his good taste in vehicles :-)

I also heard from James Canders.  He's doing pretty well overseas, though there is still a chance he could be heading to Kosovo.  I certainly hope that he doesn't end up going there, and if he does, we'll all just have to keep praying for his and the rest of the soldiers station there, safe return.
Kevin Barnes (Paul's brother), is heading out to Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands to work for Raytheon for a year!  You gotta check out this place.  It is a 'spec' in the middle of the ocean, but a beautiful one at that.  In this shot, you can see just how small the island is.  The darn runway takes up about 1/3 of it! 

and that's about it for now.  I hope that all of your are doing well.  Drop a line when you get a chance :-)  ~Penz

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