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"Amongst a sea of impersonal personas,
a personality stands here"
Herman Melville "Moby Dick"

Well hello there! The next few pages are a brief snapshot of me. In no way or form can I represent the true depth of who I am here, but for those of you who don't know me, this is a decent way to get acquainted with me. Of course, meeting someone in person and spending time with them is truly the best way to accomplish that!

My name is Scott Penziner a.k.a. Penz. I acquired the nickname back in high school and it's stuck with me throughout the years.

So, where did I come from? Well I was born in 1970. My fathers side of the the family are Russian jews and my mothers side of the family are Italian catholics (LOL so I know all about guilt trips, good eating and how to have a heated discussion :). I was raised out in Berkshire County Massachusetts in the tiny town of Alford. The center of town was and still is the town hall, a one room schoolhouse (where I attended kindergarten) and a church. I grew up next to a dairy farm surrounded by rolling hills and had a brook/river which ran by my house. My brother Tim (who's about 2 years my junior) and I spent countless days exploring the country around us. No matter what the season, there was always something to do and all in all, it was a great place to grow up. In 1980 my sister joined the world and made it that much better :)

In 1984, my parents split up and my mother, sister and I moved to Marshfield, MA (South Shore Boston) and that's where I'd spend the next 4 years of my life. During that time, my brother and father spent about a year down in Florida before moving back to MA (North Shore Boston).

After graduating high school in 1988, I moved in with my dad and brother for a couple of years and lived with them in Peabody, MA. In 1990, I'd move to Nashua, NH to attend Daniel Webster College. I'd spend the better part of the next 3 years there majoring in Computer Science and Business Management and making some of the best friends of my life.

In 1993, I'd end up leaving college early and getting my first high tech job a job at a startup software company in Nashua, NH named Alexander LAN Five years later I'd go to work at NuMega Technologies (which was acquired by Compuware Corp.) for 18 months before finally moving out to CA in April of 1999 to join Quintus Corporation, which was acquired by Avaya Inc. in May 2001 and I am still with them.

Since I moved to San Francisco Bay Area, I've lived in the cities of Atherton, Fremont, Dublin, and Santa Clara. In July of 2006, I moved to San Francisco and lived on the edge of the Mission District (about a 15 min walk to the Castro). Figured if I were ever going to live in a city, SF is the one I'd give it a shot in and it was a great experience! And then in March of 2010, I decided to become a first time homeowner and moved from CA to Dover, New Hampshire! Yup, I know, crazy huh, and the adventure continues :)

Ok, so that's the nutshell version of where I've lived and what took me there. Ready to learn some more? Here we go!


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